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Three Generations

Janice was thirteen years old when she was initiated into sex. The initiator was her father and it was a consensual act. Her introduction to sex was the culmination of more than a year of ‘jabbing and dodging’ around the issue by both of them.

Janice and her father lived together in their rural home since her mother had tired of being a lonely housewife with no neighbors within a mile. One fall afternoon, when she got home from school, Janice found a note from her mother, saying she was gone and would never be back. It wasn’t until several months later that they learned that her mother had taken up with a carnival worker and was touring the southwestern states in the passenger’s seat of an eighteen wheeler.

Janice had always been a ‘Daddy’s’ girl. After her mother abandoned them, she began sleeping with her father. As she grew older, the natural changes that maturing girls experience, did not go un-noticed by her father. The changes in her curiosity about her own developing body and the mature body of her father, did not go un-noticed by Janice.

Finally, one warm summer morning, what started out as innocent playfulness, ended up with the culmination of Janice’s introduction to sex. Contrary to all of the stories and old wives tales, she did not experience any pain or bloodshed. Instead, she experienced indescribable pleasure. Although she did not orgasm that first time, she thoroughly enjoyed the experience and looked forward to many more.

Her father, on the other hand, experienced the worst imaginable guilt and anguished terribly over the incident. At Janice’s urging, he continued to have sex with her. When they discovered she was pregnant, at the age of fourteen, her father could not handle the guilt, shame and fear, so he committed suicide. Janice moved in with her Aunt, her father’s sister, and eventually delivered a healthy baby boy.

That was fourteen years ago and the memories flooded through Janice’s head as she watched her fourteen year old son, Brian, masturbate while sniffing a pair of her panties. She stood at the door of their laundry room, unable to move as her unsuspecting son rubbed the panties over his face while he frantically stroked his very hard cock and finally ejaculated into the air not more than five feet from where she was standing.

When Brian came back to earth and saw his mother standing there, he burst into tears from humiliation and shame. Janice quickly stepped to where the boy was crying and gently held him close, assuring him that his behavior was perfectly normal. After much consoling and assuring, Janice finally managed to quiet her distraught son.

After she eventually had her son smiling again, she told him that she had known for months that he was doing something with her panties because they were always at the top of the hamper. She had even gone so far as to partially cover one pair to discover it fully on top once again, later that evening. She said she didn’t know what it was he was doing and didn’t care. Whatever it was, it was harmless and just a natural part of his growing sexual maturity.

“Did you deliberately spy on me just now, Mom?” he asked.

“No, Honey. I was going to put a load into the machine and there you were, just about to put a load into the air,” she responded, laughing heartily at her own joke.

“Mom!” he demanded.

“Relax, Honey. You were beautiful. If I had known what you were doing, I would have spied. God, you were sexy,” she teased.

“Mom, give me a break, okay?”

“Hmmm, maybe. Then again, maybe not,” she said sexily.

“C’mon, Mom. Please?” Brian begged.

“Well, let me see. Should I or shouldn’t I?” she said, wrinkling her brow in feigned concentration. “Should, Mom. Definitely, should,” Brian immediately responded, getting into the game.

“Hmmmm. Tell me, Honey, what do you like most about my panties? The smell or the feel?

“Mommmm…” he pleaded.

“No, really. What do you really like about them, Honey?” she asked seriously.

“Ummm…uh…the smell,” Brian muttered softly.

“God, that is so cool, Brian,” she said excitedly.

“Really, Mom?” he asked.

“Ummm hmmm. Really. Do I have any panties that are your favorites, Honey?” she asked.

“Yeah, just one. The black shinny ones.” He replied Immediately.

“Really? Wow, that’s what I’m wearing right now,” Janice declared.

“God, Mom. It’s a good thing I didn’t know that. I might have wanted to smell them while you were still wearing them,” Brian said as he began to tease his mother in return.

“It’s not too late, Honey,” she said, looking him square in the eyes.

“Well…uh…you know…uh…I uh…” he stammered.

“Would you like to smell them while they’re still fresh? I’ll take them off for you, Honey.”

“I’d rather smell them while you’re still wearing them,” Brian said, red faced but boldly.

“Okay, I’ll make a deal with you. You can smell them while I’m wearing them if I get to watch you masturbate again. Deal?” Janice propositioned.

“Uhhh…yeah, deal!” her son replied apprehensively.

“Hmmm, I didn’t expect you to agree, but I’m glad you did,” Janice confessed. “Let’s go into your bedroom. It would be a lot more comfortable than here.”

“Can we go to your bedroom, Mom?” Brian asked. “I’ve always wanted to jack…uh…masturbate in your bedroom,” the boy said with a bright red face.

“Jack off, is what you started to say. I like that a lot more than masturbate. Masturbate seems so…sanitized, so…sterile. Jack off sounds so…manly,” she said.

“I didn’t know you knew what jack off meant, Mom,” Brian said.

“Oh yes, I know. We don’t have a cool description like that for girls masturbating,” Janice replied.

“Do girls masturbate, too?” Brian asked, wide eyed.

“Of course, Silly. Masturbation is normal behavior, Honey. Everyone does it at one time or another.”

“But…how? You don’t have a…I mean…how do you do it?” Brian asked in amazement.

“Wow. This is getting more interesting by the minute,” his mother replied, with a gleam in her eye. “Let’s leave that for another time, Honey. C’mon, we have a date, in my bedroom.”

Once in the bedroom, Brian was at a loss for what to do next. Janice, once she had committed herself to their escapade, had no reservations. She had been down a road very similar to this one, before. “Okay Honey, I’m going to strip to my undies. I think it would only be fair if you did the same,” she said and began to deliberately tease her son by slowly removing first her blouse, then her jeans, after kicking off her shoes. The effect was not lost on Brian. Janice could see that he was fully erect by the bulge in his jeans. “Come on Honey, fair is fair,” She teased.

Brian clumsily removed his clothing, trying desperately to hide his hard cock from his mother. When he was standing before her in just his jockey shorts, he protested, “You said fair is fair, Mom. You’ve got more clothes on than I do.” His mother was standing in her socks, panties and bra.

Janice reached out and placed one hand on her son’s shoulder to brace herself and raised one foot at a time to remove her socks. Having done that, she reached behind her back with both hands and unsnapped her bra. With a smile and a wink, she slowly allowed the bra to uncover her breasts while her son watched, awestruck.

Brian was mesmerized by the sight of his mother’s breasts. They were not large, at least, not as large as the women who’s pictures adorned the pages of the occasional Playboy magazine that he had the opportunity to see. They were firm and retained their conical shape without the support of the bra, however. Brian thought they were more beautiful than any of those he had seen in the magazines.

“Are you ready, Honey?” Janice asked her son, who’s stare never deviated from her breasts.

“Umm…uh…what do I do now, Mom?” he asked, still looking at her breasts.

“Don’t you want to smell my panties?” she asked.

Brian’s eyes snapped to focus on her own, “Yes!” he said boldly.

Janice sat on the edge of her bed and spread her legs wide. She could feel the coolness as her damp, warm panties were exposed to the air, and her son’s gaze. She beckoned to her son, “Come here, Honey. Come and smell your favorite panties.”

Brian slowly sank to his knees, his eyes riveted to his mother’s crotch. He could see where her pubic hair raised the fabric in little ripples. Below the ripples, the fabric was indented in a shallow cleft that extended downward for about two inches. The panties at the lower end of the cleft was obviously wet. “Come on, Honey. Smell my panties. Smell them the way you always do when you jack off.”

Brian gently touched his nose to the panties midway between the waistband and the area lifted by hair. Janice slipped her fingers into her son’s hair and pressed his face against herself. She pulled his head harder to her when his chin made contact with the cleft. Slightly gyrating her pelvis, Janice threw her head back and moaned softly. “Ohhhh, Honey! Yessssss! Rub your face against my pussy. Oh god, Honey, don’t ever stop,” she crooned.

Brian began to shake is head from side to side as he slipped lower down the black satin panties. His chin, then his lips became wet from his mother’s juices. When his nose was buried in the wet cleft, he inhaled deeply, savoring the pungent aroma of a sexually excited woman.

Janice was out of control. She held her son’s head tightly to her pussy and bucked wildly, drenching his face with the moisture of her womanhood. Finally, she moaned loudly and collapsed backward onto the bed. Brian was at first, alarmed by her half closed and glassy eyes but the smile of obvious pleasure calmed his fears.

“Are you okay, Mom?” he asked. In answer, Janice pulled his face to her own and kissed him passionately. Although it was his first kiss, Brian quickly responded and returned her kiss with equal passion. Soon both of their faces were wet and shinny, from the juices of her pussy and their combined saliva.

“Mmmmm, I don’t think you know what you did for me, Honey,” Janice finally murmured.

“Did you, ah, cum, Mom?” he asked.

“God, did I ever,” she replied. “It’s never been better than that, Honey. You were perfect.”

“Ummm, I didn’t do anything, Mom,” Brian answered. “All I did was try to keep from being smothered. You were wild, Mom. Are you always like that?”

“No! Only when I’ve got a real man. You are the best, Honey.”

“Do you really think I’m a man, Mom?” he asked, wide eyed.

“Yes, yes, yes! You are a real man. I want you to be my man. Will you do that for me, Honey?”

“Can I? Can I really be your man, Mom? Really?” her son asked excitedly.

“Um hm. You can start by jacking off for me. We made a deal, remember?”

“Yeah, I remember. I want you to watch me, Mom. I’ve dreamed about you watching me ever since I started using your panties.”

Brian stood up and Janice followed. “Get these off,” she said and pulled his shorts to his ankles. Brian stepped out of his shorts with his mother kneeling at his side. He proudly began stroking his hard cock as his mother watched from about two feet away. “You have a lot to be proud of, Honey. Half of the men I’ve known don’t have what you do. Jack off that beautiful cock for me, Honey. Jack off for your woman,” Janice said in encouragement.

In just a few minutes Brian let another load fly into the air as his mother watched. Janice wiped the cum from the carpet with a sock as her son milked the last few drops from his cock and came back down from the sexual high of cumming.

When her son sighed after catching his breath again, Janice moved in front of him and took his waning cock into her mouth. Within thirty seconds, her expert ministrations had her astonished son as hard as he had ever been.

Janice removed her mouth from Brian’s once again hard cock and admired it. Since her first opportunity to see a hard cock, the day she lost her virginity to her father, she was enamored by them. Nothing could compare to the beauty of a fully hard cock, in her eyes. To her, it was a work of art.

She squeezed it firmly, allowing her own saliva that wetted it to provide lubrication as she slowly stroked it’s full length. The way the skin slipped along it’s shaft until the slack was taken up, fascinated her. She squeezed it, twisted it, pulled it, moved it about in circular motions in alternate directions and just simply marveled at the feel of it.

Brian looked down at her in wide eyed surprise and disbelief. The pleasure he experienced from the touch of his mother’s hands was beyond anything he had ever imagined. The thrill of jacking himself off was pale in comparison.

Janice looked up at her son and locked eyes with him. Smiling, she slowly brought her mouth back to his cock and teased it with kisses, licks, caresses and gentle sucks, all the while looking at him with sparkling eyes. After a couple of minutes of this, she began to give him the classic, deep throat blow job.

When Brian closed his eyes in pleasure, she stopped, stood and peeled off her panties and handed them to her son. Again, he was staring in wide eyed fascination as he saw his first real live woman, naked. A real live woman’s pussy. His own mother’s pussy. His cock was gently bobbing up and down with each beat of his heart.

Her pubic hair was more dense than his own but not much greater in area. Below her hair, he saw two puffy ridges and the cleft between them, the cleft he had seen that he had seen under her panties.

Janice looked again at her son’s cock, anticipating the feel of it inside her. She laid out in the middle of the bed and spread her legs wide. She beckoned to her son with one finger, urging him to join her on the bed.

Brian moved as though in a trance, unable to tear his gaze away from the glistening pussy of his mother. When he was close enough, she grasped his head and pulled his lips to her own for another passionate kiss.

“Come on, Honey,” she purred. “There is a little more that I need from my man.”

Brian didn’t know exactly what to do but he knew what he wanted. He quickly climbed between his mother’s legs and lowered his cock to her pussy. Janice took it in her hand and guided it to the entrance to her anxious womanhood. She expected her son to orgasm as soon as he penetrated her but it was she who wailed in pleasure when his hard cock slipped deeply inside her. It took Brian a couple of minutes to adjust to this new activity but after that, he was a sexual dynamo. For twenty minutes he pounded into her as she moaned with unbelievable pleasure.

Janice finally collapsed in sexual gratification but Brian, dripping with sweat, continued to hammer away for several more minutes before shooting his third load that day. He shouted out once and grunted three or four times before collapsing onto his exhausted mother.

Later, while Janice laid on her son and covered him with soft kisses, he asked, “Mom, how come you never talk about my father?”

“Oh, Brother, I knew this day would come sooner or later,” she said. “Your father and I were very close. As close as we are. Give me a little more time, Honey, then I’ll tell you everything.”

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