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The visit

It was 3:00 in the afternoon.
I had just got off work and was relaxing on the couch drinking my 6th beer. I had a bad day at work.
!About 10 minutes later there was a knock on my door. Great I thought. Just what I need is a pesky salesman. I got up and threw the door open ready to cus out the salesman but almost fell into my sister Sara.
“Sorry” I said, “I thought you were a salesman–I have been bugged by them eveyday this week.”
“Do I look like a salesman?” she asked jokingly.
“No, you look better then a sales man.” I said.
“I didn’t say what i think I just said, did I?”
“Yes you did” she replied.
“Sorry ” I said “I think I drank too much. I had a bad day at work, I don’t want to bore you with the details..Come in”
“Can I have a beer?” she asks
I went to get 2 more When i returned she had the tv on watchin a porno movie.
I said “Lets watch something else.” handing her a beer.
She said “No this is interesting.”
“Sit down beside me and watch it.”
So I did. As the guy started to go down on the woman in the movie i felt my manhood start to grow. I tried to move so sara wouldn’t see me.
I told her I was going to go and get another beer for us.
While I was gone I stoped in the bathroom to relieve myself. Then I started to rub my stiff cock.
I didn’t here the door open. Just as I was about to cum she said are you thinking of me
Startled I turned around and gasped “Ah what are are are you doing?” Yes sorry I thought I loked the door.”
She said “Thats ok.I came over because I was horney. It has been a long time since I was with a man.”
I have played with myself thinking about you ever since I broke I broke up with Mike.”
I said nothing just let go of my hard on and kissed her.
I helped her get her shirt and bra off. Wow what a sight.
I slowly kissed my way down her neck to her DD chest. Kissing and sucking on them till the nipples were sticking out .
She let out soft moans. Then pulled back and dropped to her knees.
She pulled my shorts the rest of the way down and sucked on the tip of my rock hard shaft.
mmmmmm she moaned licking up the precum that oozed out.
Isaid “My legs are getting week, lets go to the bedroom to finish what we started.”
She reluctatly removeed me from her mouth and lead the way to my bedroom.
As soon as we got there she fell on her back into bed.
I wasted no time and started to suck and lick her honey pot.
She was moaning and squirming as I was going to town lapping up her sweat juices as she came– “dont stop yessssss ahhhhhhhh
Then it was my turn. I raised up and slid my 7” shaft into her hot wet slit.
She pumped up and down to my rythem faster and faster. Soon I said “Do you want me to cum in you or should I pull out. You will have to hurry and tell mee because I am about to cum.!!!!!”
She said “Dont even think of pulling out”
With that we both pumped faster and exploded at the same time spraying my juices deep in her hot snatch.
we fell asleep in each others arms after that.
PS this is my first try at writing a story pleas let me know how it is .

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