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Stepdaughter Graduates

My friend John had a hot wife. She was the thin flirtatious air head type that always makes you think she wants you, but in reality I think it is more like an atention grabber. She is cute as hell, small tits, thin waste, long black hair, and just very fuckable. Johnny was a bad boy. Loved pussy, anyone and especially my wife. last week we stopped at my house after visiting ther bar and my stepdaughter was there. 16, puerto rican, definitely a 10. Lage breasts for a young girl and she is a good looking kid. little did Johnny know that her and I have done just about everything together. She needs a favor, I need my cock sucked and it has worked out well for sometime now, with noone knowing a thing. This day, maybe because I took some pain pills for a bad tooth and mixed it with Vodka, I was horny as hell and mama was gone with Johnny’s wife to the movies and then coffee. When we got in my house,Johnny stayed in the car and I ran in for some cigarrettes I left there. My stepdaughter asked if she could go to the movies and I got a brainstorm. She wanted to go with one of her girlfriends. She didn’t know Johnny was outside so I told her to go up in my bed and wait for me, that this was going to cost her. She had no problem and went upstairs. I went up and told her I wanted to play a little different and took 4 ties and tied her up on my bed. being she had just taken a shower, all she had on was a towel. I took a pair of boxers and blinfolded her and then put on TV to muffle noise.

At this point, I told her I wanted to check on kids and I went downstairs and got Johhnny.I told him I would let him play with little Tiff if he returned the favor and gave me his wife forfa w while when the time was right. He laughed and said sure, thinking it was a joke and feeling the drinks. I told him to come up stairs with me but dont make a sound. he followed real quiet and couldn’t believe she was there, tied up, and covered in a towel. he was dying insode and I could tell. I gectured him to come to edge of bed as she started to tell me to hurry. I opened the towel and there were her tits. A decent 36b or c, and thin waste. I went further and showed him her shaved cunt, and he was amazed that a 16 year old could look like that and even more amazed she was there leting me do this to her. I put his hand on her tit and he started to squeeze it. I took the other and matched whatever he did. She had no idea. I opened her pussy and motioned him to get in there and eat her and he did only putting his tongue in so she woulnt know the face difference. We were having a ball and all the while I knew he had to pay up and I was going to fuck maureen one day in the future.

He licked her while shge squirmed for a bit and then I took my cock out. I put it on her lips and she sucked me. I watched him while she did it and he just stood there shocked. I stopped and motioned him to go ahead and get his cocked sucked. He had a little thicker cock than mine but she didn’t notice and she sucked him off. When he was ready to cum, I motioned for him to cum on her tits. I put every bit from her tit into her mouth as she sucked it all down.

It was now time to step it up. I put her more on her side than back and climbed on the bed besode her, afce to face. I put it in her and we started to fuck. I motioned him to get behind her and he did. I pulled it out and put it in her mouth and gestured him to stick it in. as he did, she was shocked. I guess she didnt know how I was in her mouth and pussy at the same time. She asked what was going on and I told her shhh, that she should let him have his fun and she would never know who it was so she wouldnt ever have to know. I then put the cock back in her mouth and droped my load in it. he fucked her ewasy, hard wiggly, until he was ready to cum, and I made him take it out and he also came in her motuh. That was 3 loads she drank and thats enough. I told him to go in the car, and when he left I untied her. I hugged her and told her don’t worry, he wouldnt ever say anything and her and I never talked about the things we do anyway.

Whe I got into the car, I asked what he thought and he said it was great. I told him he owed me and he said anytime I wanted to do anything I wanted to his wife it was ok. I am seeing them tonight and will let you know the results cause I want that cunt so bad….

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