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My Sweetheart

Leena was perfect. She was a bright, gorgeous girl, and to my knowledge, one of the most popular girls in school. As her father, I was quite proud, to say the least. When she turned fourteen, she bloomed like a flower. Her shapely body was a treat for any man’s eyes, to my great pride and fear. AS you would guess, I had to be strict with her, making her wear modest clothes to school, enforcing her curfew, and keeping Leena’s gentleman callers at bay.
One day I walked into her bedroom, catching her off guard. I should have knocked, as I realized immediately when I saw her standing in front of the bedroom oval mirror in a pair of blue bikini panties and a mini tank-top. I blushed harder than I ever have before, and after an apology I quickly departed. Leena did not say anything, she just stood there, looking at my reflection in the mirror.
Downstairs in the kitchen I caught my breath and realized that my hard penis was as hard as a rock. The image of Leena in her undies refused to leave my mind. I felt ashamed, especially when that same evening I masturbated in the shower, thinking of my sweet little daughter. Since that day, something had changed between us. It was heaven and hell for me at the same time. Leena was no longer a little girl that I was used to, but a sexy growing woman. Leena, as if on purpose, began wearing sexy outfits around the house, which got skimpier by the minute. I tried to ignore her drastic actions, but my eyes always returned to her tanned shapely legs, her perfect round buttocks, shapes of her full breasts, etc. My breath always quickened, and my cock would be painfully hard every time I laid my eyes on her.
On a Saturday morning I returned home from work, finding the house surprisingly empty. I walked outside to smoke a cigarette and spotted Leena by the pool on a beach chair. Shey lay on her tummy,her head resting on her arms. Morning sunlight caressed her back, which glistened time to time from pool water. I sat next to her, holding my breath for some reason. She flinched slightly when my fingers touched her short blond hair, then she turned her face towards me and smiled. “Hi Daddy.” Her radiant smile touched my heart as always. “Hi pumpkin.” I continued to caress her hair, just like I always did when she was a little girl. She brushed her cheek against my hand and kissed it, softly. I picked up a bottle of sun lotion and spread the cool liquid across her back. When my hands pressed on her back and began massaging the lotion on her smooth skin, I realized Leena wasn’t wearing a top. My cock was hard in an instant, throbbing in my jeans. I took my time, spreading the lotion in circles. I watched her perfect ass, covered only by a sexy pair of red bikini bottoms. Leena moaned quietly when my hand accidentally brushed against them. I thought I sensed warm wetness emanating from her for that instant, but I wasn’t sure. Just touching her strong, smooth legs almost gave me an orgasm with a heart attack. Leena’s soft moans became more audible. I finished at those pretty ankles, kissing them one at a time when I was done. I sat back and looked over her. Leena had raised her buttocks slightly with her legs slightly spread as if asking me to slip my fingers between them and rub her there. It was an image for me to last for a long time. “I will be inside, sweetie.” I was standing up, facing away from her when I heard Leena’s voice. “Daddy, you are not done yet.”
I turned around and gasped. Leena was turned over now, her full breasts exposed, each dark nipple hardened and erect. Our eyes met. I never felt so much lust before in my life. When I looked into her eyes, I saw the same thing I felt. I sat down next to her, sweating. Leena reached up and hugged me, her exposed body pressing hard against me. I held her in my arms, overcome by a thousand feelings. I felt her lips at my neck. She kissed me soft, then harder until our lips met in a long erotic kiss. “Daddy,” she moaned as she guided my hand to her panties. My fingers trembled as they pressed against the thin material, this time wet and real. I raised Leena’s legs, slipping the bottoms off. She giggled, holding her knees up to her chest, as my tounge tickled her tummy before plunging between her smooth pussy lips. Leena was wet, extremely wet. I lapped at her sweet juices, smelling, taking in her sweet smell of arousal, as Leena grabbed and pulled at my hair in ecstasy. Her body convulsed violently, Leena thrusting her pussy into my face, as an orgasm took over her. I held my daughter in my arms, as she sobbed against me, shaking uncontrollably. Then I felt her fingers working on the belt and zipper of my jeans. I closed my eyes and bit my lips as I felt my throbbing shaft exposed in morning air. Wet sensual lips wrapped around it, sliding down around the pulsating skin. Leena sucked softly as my hips moved, slowly fucking her warm mouth. When she looked up at me and stared while sucking harder and harder, I knew it was too much for me. I groaned as I came, violently flooding Leena’s mouth, then spraying her face, neck and hair with fresh cum. “I love you Daddy,” was all she whispered as I carried her inside the house.

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