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The Secret Hole

The Secret Hole

Erik Always had a thing for his younger sister Sarah’s friends. But they always thought of him as the annoying older brother always creeping them out, and scaring them at night. See, Erik’s room is right next door to Sarah’s, One day while Sarah was at school Erik Drilled a hole in the wall too see over into Sarah’s room, then he covered the hole in her room with a poster of a boyband she liked, and poked a hole in the poster where a black circle was………..
“So Steph wanna come over I’m having a huge sleep over” says Sarah on the phone.
The girl must have accepted because Sarah had a big Grin on her face, Erik of course did too,
“Its time to see if my lil buddy The hole really works” he thought
“Okay Steph my mom will pick you and the others up around 7pm..k?” said Sarah
Then she hung up the phone and went to her room.
Erik decided he was going to go up to his room also, he waited for Sarah to get in her room before he went up behind her so it didn’t look suspicious. Erik Jumps on his bed.
“ahhhhhh.. nice and comfy”
He looks down at his hard pecker..
“your gonna have alot of fun tonight boy” he says.
“I wonder what Sarah is doing” he thinks to himself.
Erik gets up from his bed, and locks his door, then walks over to his wall and looks through the hole….. to his suprise, Sarah was laying on her bed, with a vibrator Imbeween her legs!!!!
Erik Jumps back shocked..
“Damn, I never thought my sister would be such a hot ass babe naked” he said quietly
And to his suprise he looks in the hole again. She lay there with her long blonde hair let down, Her top and bra off laying on the floor next to her, her nipples as soft pink and he sheets under her, she had her skirt pulled up to her thighs, and her long legs spread apart. To Erik’s Suprise his dick was hard as ever. Sarah sitting there with her long silver vibrator on, and her holding her hot pink pussy lips apart as she teases her clit, she moans softly…
“DAMN” Erik Thought
And he reached down and started stroking his long throbbing cock.
“nice and easy” he says slowly
Then Sarah stops and looked around…
” SHIT! she might have heard me moving on the wall” Erik said to himself
But Sarah laid back down spreads her pussy lips apart and entered the Vibrator in her pussy, deeper and deeper till all he saw was her fingers. She jerks it in and out of her, then slides it up and down her pussy.
Erik stands there his cock in hand stroking his cock faster and faster watching his sluty acting sister get herself off, Then all of a sudden she moans so loud,
“fuck me,Fuck me hard Master” Sarah Moans out.
Erik Imagines himself fucking her, her tied up to his bed, him inbetween her legs slamming his cock in her tight pussy, and he himself shoots a load he shoots cum so much, its all over the wall, he feels as if he could just collapse onto the floor, but instead he looks through the hole again, there was Sarah her face a soft pink color, getting back her bra on, and her white tube top, putting on her thong and pulling her skirt down to normal.
“Ding,Dong” Shit its the doorbell” Erik thinks, he walks over to his bed and lays across it, thinking what he just did,Talking to himself….
“Man you just watched your sister get off.. and you liked it” he thought.
Then the sound of Giggles filled the hallways, as Sarah and The Girls went to Sarahs room.
“Is your Brother home Sarah?” ask one of the girls
“no, I dont think so. I think he went for a drive after I got off the phone with Steph” says Sarah.
“Man this can be good” Erik thought
“I always wondered what Girls did when they were together and Alone”
” Hey Sarah whats this?” A Girl said
Erik Jumps up and walks over to his wall and looks through the hole.
Sarah looks up and Blushes..
“Sorry Steph., he he, thats Mr. Vibrator, I was playing with him just before you guys arrived” Says Sarah
“MmMmMmM…Sounds good Sarah.. your such a tease” says Steph
They all giggle, there must have been about 7 girls in her room, Erik felt like he was in heaven, All the girls in Sarahs room were about 17 and he being 21, he felt kinda bad watching there teen bodies move the way he did, But hey, a guys gotta do what a guys gotta do right?
Sarah steps in the middle of the room…
“Hey guys, since noone is home, and noone is due home for a while, lets play Truth or Dare”
Everyone agrees……..
“Okay,Steph Truth Or Dare” Sarah asks……
“Truth” Steph replies
“Okay, Have you ever had any sexual Fantasy about any other female?” Asks Sarah
All the other girls kinda giggle, and Steph looks kinda embarrassed…
“Yes, Actually about you Sarah, Its kinda embarrassing really, whenever Im playing around with myself, I think about you and I laying in bed and you licking my hot cunt, and saying
” your so sweet, cum for me bitch so i can drink you up”
he he… I Know its kinda dumb.. says Steph.
“WoW” Says Sarah thats kinda hot huh Girls,
“hell ya, you got me all horny now girlie!!” one of the cute redheads said.
Okay, MY TURN!!! says Steph.
“Shelli truth or dare” Steph says.
Another redhead turned around, she is kinda slutty looking, her long hair pined up, wearing a shirt the V’s down almost to her belly button and a pair of hip hugger shorts on.
“Dare” Shelli says
“hmmmmmmmm, okay… I dare you too Kiss Sarah, FULL kiss WITH tongue” says Steph.
Sarah looks at Shelli and motions for her to come over on the bed where she was sitting, Shelli sits down on the bed in front of her,
“okay close your eyes, and NO peeking” says Shelli.
Shelli looks around at the other girls and holds her finger up to her mouth as if she is saying shhhhhh.
Shelli Takes off her top revealing her breast, and her Nipple periceings.
“DAMN, her Tits are HUGE” Erik says softly
Shelli leans forward and kisses Sarah gently, Shelli Puts her hand on Sarahs shoulders and leans her down, so she will be laying on bed. Sarah does this but asks.
“Can I open my eyes yet?”
“No” says Shelli.
As Shelli Climbs on top of Sarah and holds her down.
“Now Open them” says Shelli
Sarah Opens her eyes,
“Oh My Gosh Shelli” says Sarah
“Your tits are like Fu—–”
Sarah gets cut off as Shelli kisses her deeply, making sure her tongue is fully in Sarahs mouth, Shelli takes Sarahs hands and places them on her breast, and pulls back.
Shelli and Sarah looks up and at the other girls, they were just watching them, and acting as if they wanted them to go on…
“Take her clothes off Shelli” says a pretty lil Brunette.
SO Shelli Grabs the bottom of Sarahs shirt and takes it off gently, Kissing her belly, Chest, Tits, nipples,and neck as she goes up.
Sarah Grabs Shelli and throws her on the bed next to her, and removes shellis shirt roughly.
“okay Shelli, you wanna play huh….. Your my Slave, so do what I say.. UNDERSTAND?
“yes sexy” says Shelli
Sarah Unbuttons Shellis shorts and slides them down, and kisses Shellis wet pussy gently, licking her clit just enough to tease Shelli. Sarah Sits up and pulls up her skirt to her thighs again… she then Crawls up to Shellis face and says.
“Your going to eat my pussy, understand slave”?
“yes Master I understand” Shelli replys.
Sarah Puts her leg over shellis chest and moves upward untill her pussy was right over SHellis mouth….
Even before Sarah Demanding her to start, shelli had grabbed Sarah ass and pulled her hot cunt into her mouth, licking up and down her clit and sticking her tounge in Sarahs Hot Pussy as deep as she could.
Erik couldnt believe his eyes, He always had a fantasy about watching girls go at in in real life, he would never think that it would happen on this very day, he grabs his cock and starts stroking it, grabbing it hard and stroking nice and slow………
Sarah on top of Shelli Moaning with delight while the girls watched,
As soon as Erik heard his sister Moan he shoot cum… he moaned so loud.. Louder than ever..!!
“What was that” one of the girls said…
“I dont know” said Sarah as she climbed off Shelli.
“Sounded as if it came from my bothers room” Said Sarah
“its sounded like a moan” said Shelli.
“UGH I never thought To check and see if my brothers car was out back” said Sarah.
Sarah ran to the window and looked out the window..
“Bastard” she said
“What Sarah” The girls said..
“FUCK Erik said as he pulls up his boxers and jumps on his bed, I cant get outta my room without the girls notcing.. what is she tells mom, NO WAIT she cant. HA whats is she going to say, she would have to explain what she was doing also”
“im going over to his room right now to settle this if he finds out we were messing around IM DEAD”! says Sarah.
Sarah puts her clothes back on and tells Shelli to do the same, Sarah walks over to his door and knocks………….
Erik has this plan to act like he was sleeping… and woke up and heard the girls and yelled…
“who is it?” Erik asks
“Its me Sarah, Do U mind if I come in?”
“just a sec”, he got up covered the hole in the wall by moving his coat rack by it, unlocks the door and lets her in.
She asks,
“where U spying on me?”
“No, I wasnt, I was sleeping and YOU woke me up so i Yelled, you were moaning I know what you girls are doing over there im NOT stupid you know”
“I bet mom cant wait to hear what I found out today” erik says
“NO,PLEASE dont tell on me..PLEASE, I’ll do whatever You want just dont tell” Sarah said
“ANYTHING?” Erik Responds.
Sarahs says,
“yes” and rolls her eyes.
“Hmmmmm, ANYTHING………………I want you to suck my dick right now, and let me join your party..” he says
“SUCK YOUR DICK?” sarah says loudly..
“yep or I tell mom” Erik says
Erik pulls his hard dick outta his pants, and motions for Sarah to come over,
” I never knew you had a big dick Erik” says Sarah
“Yeah yeah, stop the small talk, SUCK!”
Sarah drops on her knees and to his suprise she is smiling, she holds his dick ever so carefull,
“whats wrong with you Sarah never had a guy before” Erik said Joking
“No I havent, But I have wanted too, this is my first” Sarah Replys
Erik is shocked………
“Just suck it, stroking it helps too, its a good feeling to have a girl sucking you…” said Erik…
Sarah licks his head of his cock, and slowly puts it in her mouth Inch after Inch Erik felt her Hot mouth rap around his dick and her warm tounge massaging his cock.
“Yeah just like that little girl” Says Erik
“Now faster Bitch, Suck my cock, DEEPER!!” He Screams out
To Sarahs Suprise Erik shoots his cum deep in her mouth as she gulps it down.
” Damn Erik I never thought of you any way sexual, but I loved sucking your cock!!” Sarah replys to Erik.
” Damn Sarah that was great baby Girl”
Sarah smiles,
” I like you calling me that” she says
Erik Grins,
“okay now i join the party in your room”
“okay but atleast let me go tell the girls whats going on”
Sarah walks into the room, and see’s all the girls learning agaist the wall as if they were listening,
“DAMN GIRL, you must have got him off good! Is he really THAT big as u said?” said a black friend of Sarah named Tasha
“yeah he is, I made a deal with him, incase you didnt hear,that if I sucked him and if he came over here, he wont tell my mom what he cought us doing, is that okay?”
” sure” said the girls
“Okay I’m going to get him then”
Then Sarah leaves the room…..

To be Contuined

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