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I am an young boy of 16 years.My parents are divorced.I stay with my Mom,she is 46 years old.She is beautiful for her age.She is an average built woman,with weight distributed in equal proportions in proper places.Oh man,the boobs she had,it were very big,maybe 40D and the ass that will make any man melt and as i was a young boy,i was looking for opportunities to have a peek at them.

The incident which i am going to tell happened when my 17th birthday was nearing.I was waiting for an opportunity to have a go at my mom and i got it very soon.One day she was taking bath and i was at home that day.She had forgotten her towel and called me up and give the towel which was lying in her bed.I gave it to her and she closed the door.I thought this was the chance which i had been waiting for.I knelt down in front of the door and tried to see through the keyhole.I was able to see her back only and my gosh,what a sexy ass she had.I was lost in my thoughts when the bathroom door opened and there stood my mom wrapped only in a towel.She was shocked to see me and i fell back when i came out of my thoughts.She was not angry but asked me what i was doing.I replied that i had always wanted to see her nude as she had a sexy body.On hearing this she was somewhat shocked but still did not get angry.I apologised and left her room.I was feeling somewhat ashamed.We had dinner together and then mom asked me to come to her room.On entering her room,we sat down and started talking on general topic and slowly topic shifted to sex.She asked me whether i had sex with someone in school.I said that i was a virgin and wanted to know about sex.She said she was willing to help me.I was shocked in the beginning and then happy as my dream was going to be fulfilled.

She was wearing a nighty but her curves were clearly visible through it.She started opening the nighty and slowly my member started rising to attention.After she removed the nighty,she stood up in front of me and i was really thrilled to see her only in bra and panties.What a woman,she was.I started removing my clothes and now was standing only in boxer shorts.She asked me to come near her and wanted me to kiss her.I went near her and kissed her fully on her lips and my hands started moving on her body.I felt her gorgeous ass and slowly my hand slid up on her back and then to front to feel her beautiful lemons.As i was fondling her lemons she started to moan and started kissing me more passionately.Now her hands had reached down and was fondling my balls and my member which was literally standing in full attention.I quickly unclasped her bra and she started to remove my shorts and when she stood up,her juicy melons were in full view and my mouth was watering to keep my mouth on her big brown nipples.I started kissing her again,then kissed her neck and slowly kissing her reached her melons.I started kissing her one juicy nipple while i was massaging her other breast.I shifted from one nipple to the other nipple and back forth.This happened for about 25-30 minutes and she was moaning the whole time.Then she knelt down and took my prick in her mouth and started to go up and down on it.I was in seventh heaven.After few minutes,i shot my load in her mouth.Now she asked me to eat her pussy to which i replied that she has to help me out as this is my first time.With her guidance i started kissing her legs and slowly started reached to her thighs and then finally to her pussy which was covered with black jungle.With her guidance i brought her to 3 orgasms by sucking her pussy.Now she asked me to lie down on the bed so that she can control the fucking we were going to have as i was new.So,i was on my back with my pole standing at his fullest.Mom got ready to sit on me and put her legs on both side of me and slowly brought her pussy on top of my pole and slowly started coming down on my pole.I gasped when my pole started going inside her and she also started moaning and a cry came out of her when i was fully inside her.She said that my pole was really big for my age and i was happy to hear that.She started moving up and down on my prick pole slowly and she started french kissing me and my hands were massaging her boobies and started pinching her nipples.Now her moanings were on high decibel and i also was having a good time.After 3 minutes i shot my load inside her pussy and she also came at that same time.She got off me and lay next to me.She said that she had enjoyed the sex and my prick was really good.I was looking at her heaving boobs and really was in a mood to suckle them.So,i got up and started sucking her hardened nipples which again made her moan and my pole started to rise again.I continued sucking her boobs for another 15 minutes during which she was fingering herself to another 3 orgasms.Now i wanted to fuck her from behind.So i asked her to go down on her knees and i got behind her to plough her again.I slowly brought my pole to her pussy entrance and gave a hard shove and in a flash my pole got inside her as she was already well lubricated.I started pumping her fast and i got hold of her breasts and was massaging them and after 10 minutes of pumping i shot my load inside her and she must have had 4-5 orgasms by that time.We were totally drained after this encore.

Now,i get to fuck her frequently and we have become sort of lovers.

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