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After Class Antics

I was only 15 when it happened but i will never forget the day i got taught a lesson i will never forget. Hi, my name is Chris and i have been taught by the same maths teacher for the last two years. This teacher was known around the school for being a loser. His nickname was ‘flumpy’ and I never really knew why but every one else called him that so I thought I may aswell call him it to.

I never really thought that I was gay. I liked to look at other boys getting changed in the changing rooms during P.E. especially i liked looking at them topless. I thought that this was part of puberty and didnt think any thing of it.

Any way, we had maths every day of the week and on a thursday we would have maths last period. I always liked maths because i thought it was easy but when i got this one test back i could not believe that i had got a D. I knew that if my parents found out i had got a D i would be grounded for weeks. So after school on the thursday i went to the teacher and asked him if i could sit the test again. He said it would not be possible because it would not be fair on every one else who failed. I wasnt makeing eye contact with him becuse i felt uncomfortable which the situation so i was looking at the ground and i happened to notice there was a bulge starting to form in his trousers. I tried to pay no attention to it untill he put his hand on my shoulder. I backed off a bit and he said to me that if i wanted to get a better grade on this test then i would have to have sex with him right there in his classroom. At first i didnt say anything then as i tried to leave he closed the door and his other hand slide down my back onto my ass. I didnt know what to do. He turned me round and at this point i was getting hard. He took me into his store room and started sticking his tounge down my throat and to my surprise i found my self doing the same back to him. His hand was still on my ass squeezing it very hard. He stopped kissing me and told me to take of my school uniform. First i took of my shirt and he started to rub my body and squeezing my nipples. Then i took of my shoes, unbuckled my belt and pulled down my trousers. He started to to rub my hard cock under my boxers told me to take them off. I did what he said because i wanted this better grade.

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