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What I taught Randy's 14 year old daughter

I forgot to get my lawnmower from Randy’s house, i thought as i stood in my yard preparing to go to work on my garden. I’ll just go over and get it. I jogged across the street and knocked on my friend Randy’s door. His car wasn’t in the driveway but he should be home. Maybe if his wife is home and I can slide her the meat, I thought half joking. Randy’s wife was from Columbia. The most beautiful Mexican woman I have ever seen. After a few more minutes of knocking with no answer, I jogged around to the side gate that lead to the backyard. Before I could push the gate open, I heard low whimpers. At first I thought someone was crying but as I listened more closely, I knew it was the distinct sound of sex. Randy must have been giving the wife the meat. My dick pressed up against my jeans. I stood on my toes and looked over the tall fence.
I was shocked. Randy’s 14 year old daughter, Shelly was sitting in a lawn chair with her legs spread and propped on the metal armrests. She held a magazine in front of her with one hand while the other was busy inside her pussy. I almost bust a nut all over myself right there. Shelly was a mini version of her mother. Tall with straight black hair, small perky breasts and a petite frame. Shelly must have just got home from school because she still had on her plaid skirt and button up white shirt.
I took my dick out of my jeans and ran my hand over it as I watched Shelly. She let the magazine fall to the cement and opened her shirt with her free hand. I watched her small hands caress her tiny breasts through her bra. I jerked off my dick, rubbing precum up and down the length to get moisture going. watching Shelly moan and finger her little pink pussy was not enough. I needed to slide inside her.
I pushed open the gate. Shelly was startled. She closed her legs and her shirt and wiped her wet fingers on her skirt. “Hi, Mr. Roads. My dad isn’t home.” She said nervously. She moved her hair behind her ear and looked over at the sparkling pool. “I saw what you were doing, Shelly.” I sat in a lawn chair beside her and touched her knee. “Please don’t tell my dad. He will be so mad.” Shelly said. “I won’t tell your dad, shelly. Can you do me a favor?” “Yes, Mr. Roads, just don’t tell.” “sit on my lap.” Fear flickered in her eyes. “On your lap?” “Yes. It’s okay. Just sit on my lap.” shelly glanced down at her pink panties balled up on the ground. “It’s okay, you don’t need panties.” Shelly gingerly sat on my lap. i moved her skirt out from under her, so that her bare ass was rested on top of my exposed dick. Her soft little ass was warm. She adjusted a little causing my dick to jerk. “Have you ever had a dick on your ass before Shell?” “No.” “Has anyone ever touched your pussy?” “No” “Do you want to know how it feels?” “Yes” I spread Shelly’s legs so that they dangled over mine. She leaned back to rest against me. With my right hand, I reached under her skirt and parted her pussy lips. she sucked in breath through her teeth. Her pussy was still wet from her own fingers. I slid one finger into her pussy and moved it around slowly. She pressed my hand into her pussy and moved her hips. with my other hand, I held her waist and rocked her ass on my dick. I was going crazy. This girl was only 14 and her movements were so filled with lust and yearning. “Yes . . .” She whispered. I took that as my cue to slide another finger into her hole. It was a tight fit but she accepted willingly. I couldn’t wait to slide my dick inside her. Shelly wiggled over my dick for another 5 minutes while I slid my fingers around in her pussy. Quickly, I turned her around so that she was facing me with both her legs hanging off the sides of the lawnchair. I wiggled my jeans down to my feet and took a handful of Shelly’s tit in my mouth. “You are making me so hot, Shelly.” I flickered my tongue over the tiny brown nipple and took the whole thing in my mouth. “You taste so sweet.”I held both of her tits together and feasted on both little nipple. They were hard with my attention. My spit made them glisten like wet hershey’s kisses. “AAAAAh, Mr. Roads.” Shelly whimpered. I wanted to taste her pussy. I instructed shelly to spread her shirt on the ground and she laid on top of it. I laid on the ground between her thin thighs and licked gently around her pussy lips. I wanted her to get used to my tongue. I played with her pussy by gently flickering my tongue over her small clit. Shelly clamped herlegs shut. “I think I might pee, Mr. Roads.” “You won’t pee. Just enjoy it.” I clamped my hands on her thighs and went to work. I jammed my tongue into her fresh teen pussy licking, tasting, flicking, and sucking. I used my tongue to slow fuck her to and orgasm. Her orgasm was being blocked. I jammed 3 fingers in her pussy hard and slammed them in and out, in and out. I felt around for her hymen until it broke. Shelly convulsed violently while I held onto her clit with my lips and fingered her pussy so she could get the best orgasm. “Oh, shit! What are you doing to me? That feel good, ooooooooh.” Shelly was speaking so fas, I couln’t understand her.
I flipped her onto her stomache and made her get on all fours. Her hair was spread over her back. She looked beautiful. My dick was ready to explode. I pointed my 8 inch dick into the entrance of her tiny asshole and pressed up against it. Shelly reached back and tried to push me away. “No. Mr. Roads.” Normally I would have taken it slow, but the thought of shelly fingering her own pussy kept coming to my mind. I grabbed her hips and rammed my dick inside her asshole almost picking Shelly up to get it in all the way. “Owwwww.” Shelly screamed. I reached arond and covered her mouth while I fucked her tiny asshole. I grabbed a handful of her ass and watched my dick going in and out of this Columbian teenager. “Your ass is so tight.” Her ass walls clenched around my dick. Her asshole was so tight around my dick that I knew I was about to nut. Shelly was getting over the pain because she started backing up into my dick wanting it deeper. “Harder. Oggggodddd. I never had a dick in my ass before Mr. Roads. Harder, please.”
I ripped my dick from her greedy asshole and fed some to her wet pussy. It was ready from my breaking her hymen. I lifted up this horny princess and slammed her little ass onto my dick with mighty force. She was taking my long dick inside her pussy like a pro. She was squeezing her tits and rubbing her pussy while I slammed her up and down my dick.
I looked down to see my dick shiny with her pussy juices as a massive orgasm rocked me. I jerked while still fucking shelly deep with my dick. My dick jumped in her pussy as I filled her teenage hole with my hot sperm. Shelly quickly lapped up the remaining sperm off my dick and sucked it until it became soft in her warm jaws.

I never did get my lawnmower but i got a nice hoover as a substitute.

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