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Seducing Mom

Kathy Quinn was a beautiful, loving, caring, giving person, She was 5’9, long blonde hair, Blue Eyes, curvy body, She lived in a house in a shaded, gated, tree-line neighborhood with her 18-year-old daughter named Morgan Quinn.

On that clear sunny cool day, Kathy was in the kitchen washing the breakfast dishes In The Kitchen Sink, She Was Wearing Underwear, Bra, Pants, Shirt, Socks, Not knowing that someone was sneaking up behind her, Kathy was washing the last bowl, when she felt someone touching her thighs and was kissing on the sensitive part behind her ear.

“Morgan, what are you do-“, Kathy said until Morgan Whispered into her ear.

Shh, Mom, Shh, Relax, Relax, Relax, Shh“, Morgan whispered in Kathy’s Ear.

Morgan’s fingers started moving up on Kathy’s sides, until Kathy sighed a deep sigh, she laid her head back on Morgan’s shoulders, and slowly closed her eyes.

Morgan slowly unbuttoned Kathy white blouse, and started running fingers on her mom’s chest above her breasts, until Kathy gasped and started whimpering, She slowly Bulled her mom out of the kitchen, up the stairs, down the hallway, into the master bedroom, Kathy slowly closed her her, as Morgan was stroking between her mom’s breasts and stomach, She started taking off Kathy’s shirt, bra, pants off, she laid her mom down on the bed, She tied her mom’s wrists and ankles tightly on the bed, She put a ball gag in Kathy’s Mouth, Until Kathy realized that she had been tied up on top of the bed, She started struggling.

“Shh, Mom, Shh, Relax, Relax, Relax”, Morgan said as she started stroking her mom’s hair on top of her head softly.

Kathy started yelling at her daughter, but her yelling was muffled from the ball gag, Morgan picked up a box and was putting on a table, she put her hand in the box that was sitting on a table, and took out a pair of sharp scissors, Kathy’s wyes started going wide, when Morgan was walking toward her with the pair of Sharp Scissors in her hand, Morgan started moving the side of the pair of sharp scissors on her mom’s naked body, and started moving down to Kathy’s clit, and made an X on Kathy’s underwear, Kathy started whimpering, she could feel the cold steel of the pair of sharp scissors on her body.

“Are you going to behave for me, Mom?”, Morgan asked.

Until Kathy started slowly moving her head, tears were coming down her cheeks, she was trembling like a leaf.

“All Right”, Morgan said.

Morgan Slowly Lifted Part Of Kathy’s Underwear, She started Cutting The Underwear, Kathy started screaming and whimpering.

“Shh, Mom, Shh”, Morgan said.

Morgan Continued cutting her mom’s underwear until she was done, she took it off of her mom’s body, She saw her mom’s saved pussy, She started caressing her mom’s saved pussy, while Kathy continued whimpering.

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