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Remote Control Mom

“Hey Mom would you like to take part in my experiment?”, Timmy asked.

“Why Of Course Honey, Anything for my little boy”, Timmy’s Mom answered.

“Good, you have to follow us in the basement mom”, Timmy said.

“OK Honey”, Timmy’s Mom replied.

Timmy’s Mom, Sylvia Peterson followed her son and his best friend named Mark, down into the basement, which Timmy had converted into a science laboratory, that He and Mark was doing experiments.

Timmy was 18-years-old, He was 5’9, short brown hair, hazel eyes, Athletic Build, He was Student Body President Of Clover Falls High School In Clover Falls where He and His Mom Lived, He was also Captain of the boy’s High School Basketball, Football, Volleyball, and Rugby Teams, He also played The Trumpet In The High School Band, His Best Friend Mark Cosgrove was also 18-years-old, he was also 5’9, brown hair, light brown eyes, he was also in the same boy’s teams as Timmy was in, and also played the Clarinet in the High School Band.

Sylvia Peterson was 5’9, shoulder length long blonde hair, that was up in a hairband, Sky Blue Eyes, She and Her Husband, He was Timmy’s Father, Had Divorced when Timmy was 2-years-old, They Hadn’t Seen Or Heard From Him ever since, The Court Had Ordered Him to pay for Child Support, They got a check every month.

Once they were in the basement, Timmy walked over to a small room that was in the corner and went inside the small room, Sylvia noticed some science experiments that were on a table a few feet away from her.

“would you please sit down in this chair, Mrs. Peterson?”, Mark asked as he pointed to a chair as he was speaking to her.

Sylvia looked and was surprised to see a chair that resembled execution chairs that were in prisons, She walked over and sat down in the chair, behind the chair were some mechanical contraptions linking them by wires to the main control panels and computers that were in the small room, where Timmy was at.

“Thank you for volunteering, Mrs. Peterson”, Mark said.

He placed and strapped the helmet on her head, attaching her ears and eyes to the goggles, He walked over toward the corner room, standing outside the closed door, he put his palm on the palm print keypad that was beside the closed door, the palm print key pad started scanning his palm, and it turned green, the closed door open, Mark walked inside the small room, and the door closed behind him, Mark started walking toward Timmy, He looked at him, and handed him some dark protective glasses, He put it on.

“All Right, She’s Locked In”, Mark said.

“Good, Let’s Proceed”, Timmy replied as he pushed a button.

Electricity started running through the wires connecting Sylvia’s armchair to the machines and computer that Timmy was working on, Energy was plummeting toward the helmet that Sylvia had on her head, They Let Her get brainwashed by the waves coming from the wires, for at least 30 minutes until Timmy shut the power down, He and Mark took off their dark protective glasses.

Once the power stopped working between the chair and the computers, Mark walked out of the small room, he started walking toward the chair, He lifted The Helmet off of Sylvia’s Head, Her Beautiful Face and Sky Blue Eyes looked blank.

“Timmy, I think that you should test out the remote control that we had invented”, Mark said as he was looking at Timmy.

Timmy walked over to another table, he picked up a N64 (Nintendo 64 Controller), It was a wireless remote control, it had 10 buttons on it, with a single circular side-scroll button, It was the one that could control remote control cars or helicopters.

U was for stand up.

D was for sit down.

Timmy pressed the ? button, Sylvia stood up without saying a word or blinking an eye.

“Yes It Works”, Mark said.

He was thrilled seeing a person being treated like a robot.

Timmy held on to the remote and started walking where Sylvia was at, He and Mark stood behind her, Timmy pushed the Circular stick forward, Sylvia started walking forward, The two boys followed her, She started walking toward the basement stairs.

“Mark, would you mind going upstairs and opening the basement door for me?”, Timmy asked.

“All Right”, Mark answered.

Mark walked up the basement stairs, passed a hypnotized, brainwashed Sylvia, He opened the basement door and waited for them to come up.

“How are you going to get her to walk up the stairs?”, Mark asked from the kitchen.

“You’ll see”, Timmy answered.

He pressed the Circular Button Forward and The U Button, Like a Robot, Sylvia started walking up the basement stairs, with Timmy following right behind her.

She walked into the kitchen and stopped in the kitchen, Mark closed the basement door after, Timmy walked through the doorway, They Both Looked at her.

“What else could we make her do?”, Mark asked.

“I think I’ve got an Idea”, Timmy answered.

He pressed the K button, Sylvia got down on her knees, He pressed The C Button, Sylvia was on all fours, Her Sky Blue Eyes was staring blankly at the kitchen wall, Mark walked over in front of her.

“Could you make her crawl toward me, and I can pet her like a dog?”, Mark asked.

“All Right”, Timmy answered.

He pushed the forward button, Sylvia started crawling toward Mark, While He was waiting for her.

“That’s It, Mrs. Peterson, Come to me, come to me”, Mark said.

Sylvia stopped and looked up at him, Mark started stroking her hair on her head softly.

“Hey Timmy, Why don’t we put a dog collar and a dog leash on her, and make her walk to the living room”, Mark said.

“All Right”, Timmy replied.

Timmy rushed off, about an hour later Timmy returned, in his other hand was a dog collar and leash, Mark was holding the remote control, while Timmy was putting the dog collar around His mom’s neck, He clipped the Dog Leash on the Dog Collar, Mark gave the remote control back to Timmy, He handed the Dog Leash to Mark.

“Come, Sylvia, Come”, Mark said.

Timmy pushed the forward button, Sylvia started crawling toward the living room, about an hour later Timmy and Mark were sitting on the couch in the living room, Mark took off the Dog Leash and the dog Collar off of Sylvia’s neck, She was still down on her knees, He started stroking her back, softly.

“Good Girl, Good Girl, Good Girl”, Mark said.

Timmy pressed the C button, Sylvia was positing herself on her knees, He pressed the K Button, She stood up like a robot, Timmy and Mark started watching TV.

“Why don’t you make her look like she’s holding a newborn baby wrapped up in a warm baby blanket in her arms and rocking it to sleep?”, Mark asked.

“All Right”, Timmy answered.

Timmy pressed the } Button, Sylvia Lifted Her Arms Up, and was Gently Rocking an invisible newborn baby wrapped up in a warm blanket in her arms.

“What else could we make her do?”, Mark asked.

“I can think of something”, Timmy answered.

Timmy pressed the Z Button, Sylvia motioned her body to lay down on the living room floor, with her arms at her sides and her legs together, she was looking up at the ceiling.

“Wow”, Mark said.

“watch this”, Timmy replied.

He pressed the P1 Button, Sylvia punched her right fist in the air, Timmy pressed the P2 Button, Sylvia punched her left fist in the air, He pressed the L1 Button, Sylvia kicked her right leg in the air, He pressed the L2 Button, Sylvia kicked her left leg in the air.

“Wow, this is amazing, Let’s go over to Tony’s House and Show Him what we have done to your mom?”, Mark asked.

“All Right, I’m sure that He’ll be impressed”, Timmy answered.

Timmy pressed the up button, Sylvia got up from the floor, Mark went to the phone and dialed Tony’s phone number, While Mark was talking to Tony on the phone, Timmy was getting His socks and Shoes on, He put on His mom’s Socks and shoes on her feet, while Sylvia had no idea what was going on, MC waves were washing over her brain, taking away some of her memories, until Mark was done with his phone call.

“Tony said to come on over”, Mark said.

“All Right”, Timmy replied.

Timmy and Mark stood behind a brainwashed Sylvia, Timmy pressed the forward button, Sylvia started walking forward, Mark walked to the front door of the house, opened the front door and the storm door, Sylvia walked through the doorway, followed by Timmy, he was still holding on to the remote, Mark closed and locked the doors behind him, they walked across the front porch, Timmy pushed the forward and down button, Sylvia walked down the front porch steps, on the sidewalk, Sylvia was aware of what they were doing to her, but she had no control over it and couldn’t stop it.

Please God, Please Take Me away from this nightmare that I’m in“, Sylvia said to herself.

She and the two boy’s continued walking on the sidewalk, they were walking to Tony’s House that was a few feet down where Timmy Lived.

Tony was also 18-years-old, short light brown hair, light brown, He was also on the same high school teams as Timmy and Mark was in, also played the Saxophone in the High School Band.

Sylvia was walking in front of Timmy and Mark, they were walking behind her, Timmy was holding on to the controls and controlling her every move, while Mark was walking with Timmy.

Why is my own son doing this to me“, Sylvia said to herself.

MC Waves was washing over her brain, taking away more of her memories, about an hour later they arrived at Tony’s House, Tony was surprised at what Timmy was doing to Sylvia Peterson.

“Wow, this is amazing”, Tony said.

“Oh We thought that you would like it”, Timmy replied.

About an hour later a 19-year old boy walked into the living room, where, Tony, Timmy, Mark, and Sylvia was at, The 19-year-old boy was about 5’10, dark brown hair, Teal Green Eyes, he was wearing under-wear, pants, Shirt, Socks.

“Oh, This is my Cousin Kyle, he’s staying here, while his parents are visiting His Brother, Kyle’s Brother is in the Marines, and He’s Fighting overseas, until he was injured, Oh This Is Timmy, Mark”, Tony said.

“Hi”, Timmy said.

“Hi”, Mark said.

“Nice to meet you”, Kyle replied.

Suddenly Kyle looked and saw Timmy’s Mom Sylvia, she was still standing and looking at them.

“Well, Hello Beautiful, Who’s She?”, Kyle asked.

“Oh That’s Timmy’s Mom Sylvia Peterson”, Tony answered.

Sylvia noticed that Tony’s Cousin Kyle was looking up and down her body.

“Hey, how about if you two have a sleep over at my house, My Parents is visiting my Grandmother that lived far away from here?”, Tony asked.

“All Right”, Timmy answered.

“Yeah, It’ll be Fun”, Mark said.

Mark picked up the phone to asked his mom that if it was ok for him to spend the night at Tony’s house, while Tony’s Cousin Kyle was looking at Sylvia, another hour later Mark told them that His Mom said that it was all right for him to spend the night.

“Hey How About We have a Pizza for Dinner”, Kyle said.

“All Right”, Tony replied.

“That’ll Be Great”, Timmy said.

“Good”, Mark replied.

Tony picked up the phone and started ordering a Pizza, another hour later They were sitting at the Kitchen Table and was eating the Pizza, Sylvia Noticed that Kyle was still looking at her.

He’s planning something that he’s going to do to me“, Sylvia said to herself.

MC wave was still washing over her brain, taking away more of her memories.

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