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it is not a story,it is my feellings

it is not a story…it is a wave of feelings,i didn’t do it before,but,
i hope to do it now,if,i could find u.
just a feet to kiss and to lick with my soul,u r wearing a very sexy shoe
,i can see ur whole foot but ur toes,am melting to see it,but i don’t
know how,i’ll go back home and imagin…..u like foot licking….u put
ur feet in front of me…u told me to get down on the floor..”take off
my shoe”….am taking off ur shoe with my tongue..kissing and licking
every inch of ur feet….now finally i’ll see ur toes…oooooohhhhhhhh
it is lovely,i need to suck it for the rest of my life….thank u baby
i realy need u,but,how can i find u…u find me..please.

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