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Pregnant and Peeing

My name is Michelle and I’m writing this story about what happened to me 2 years ago when I was pregnant with my first child. They say that a woman’s sexual drive is usually increased during pregnancy and I think mine was in overdrive, as all I wanted was sex and I didn’t care where or how I got it. I was 4 months into my pregnancy when I had to attend my first ultra sound. I remember my notes saying that I had to drink a litre of water at least 1 hour before hand so the ultra sound would be able to get a good image of the baby.

As I arrived at the clinic almost an hour later I was in extreme pain from all the water, and asked the nurse if I could go and relieve some of the pressure. She asked me to hang on, as I was the next patient to be seen.

Another 10 minutes had passed before It was my turn as I rushed into the room and closed the door behind me. The woman that was to do the ultrasound was quite young I thought for such a procedure maybe in her mid twenties. But she was quite attractive in a nice dress and your standard white lab coat. She told me to remove my pants and lie down on the bed. In my haste as I was now busting to go to the toilet I quickly removed my pants, and at the same time my panties not thinking what I was doing, and jumped up onto the bed. The name on her badge said Sandra and she started to explain to me what she was about to do, as this was the first ultra sound that I had ever had.

She lubed up the sensor and started to press it firmly onto my womb. She told me that I didn’t need to remove my panties, as it was not necessary to go that low. I apologized to her saying that I didn’t know what to expect. As she started to move the sensor around to get a good picture she was constantly pressing on my bladder. I told Sandra that I was going to wet myself soon and she suggested pulling my legs up as it would take some pressure off my bladder.

Sandra continued to probe with the sensor getting the pictures and things that she needed and I could feel that I was losing the battle with my bladder. I could feel a little pee escape my pussy and told Sandra I couldn’t hold on any more, hoping she would let me go to the toilet. Just another two minutes she said and we will be finished. I was looking at the clock on the wall watching the second hand tick by, concentrating on nothing else except my bladder. One minute had passed but that was it and I told Sandra that I couldn’t wait any longer as a tear rolled down my face and pee started to leak out of my pussy.

I spread my legs as the flow started to come out and Sandra dropped the sensor and picked up a bed pan and held it so I could pee into it. It’s ok sweetie just let it go she said as I released the biggest amount of pee that I have ever had. As I was pushing hard to get out as much as possible I felt a hand on my pussy and lifted my head to see, Sandra trying to aim my pee into the bed pan that she was holding in her other hand. While she was doing this I could feel her fingers brushing against my clit. The feeling of utter relief from my bladder and the touch of her hand was an incredible turn on.

Sandra’s hand suddenly slipped from my pussy as I felt my pee running into the crack of my ass. She started to fumble with my pussy lips trying to aim it back into the pan. But all she was doing was spraying my pee everywhere, all over my legs, the bed and her hand. Then she managed to spread my lips so that my pee was going straight up into the air all over my stomach. What she did next is burnt into my memory for life. Sandra leaned over my stream of piss and she aimed it directly into her open mouth. I didn’t believe what I was seeing as she lowered her head onto my now dwindling pussy and sucked the remaining pee from me.

I gasped as her mouth made contact with me and grabbed the back of her head and forced it harder onto my wet crouch. I pulled my knees back as she drove her tongue into my pissy wet cunt. Sandra was squeezing my clit between her fingers as I came in a violent gut wrenching orgasm filling her mouth with my girl cum and the remaining pee I had left. She lifted her pee soaked face from my crouch and asked me if that relieved the pressure. I just looked at her as I rang my hands over the gel on my stomach and slid them down to caress my swollen lips and said that I have never enjoyed a pee that much before.

As we were cleaning up the mess Sandra told me that she needed to see me every four weeks until the birth. She asked me what time would I like to book in for and suggested, the last appointment of the day was the best for me as we could take our time and not be interrupted. I whole-heartedly agreed with her. Sandra also told me she needed clearer pictures and to drink not 1 but 2 litres of water from now on. I said to her as I was leaving that maybe she should try to hold in 2 litres of water for an hour and then have someone press a sensor on her bladder. Then she whispered in my ear promise you will do that to me next time, as she closed the door behind me.

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