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Golden Vice

We were sitting on the couch. making out, while the TV was showing an old re-run of “Miami Vice”. Our hands were busy between each other’s legs, while our lips and tongues were tenderly exploring each other’s mouths.

“Rub me some more,” she moaned in my ear. I slid my middle finger deep inside her, crooked it, and started to rub hard. “Ohhh, dear,” she moaned, “that feels so good.” I quickly brought her to a violent climax, then bent over to lick her clit. She arched her back as my tongue touched her clit, and she grabbed my ears and pushed my head down harder. “Lick hard,” she said.

“Oh, that feels good, but I have to go to the bathroom — real bad,” she said.

Maybe it was “Miami Vice”. Maybe it was the fact that she’d been drinking nothing but water all day. Or maybe it was just me, being crazy.

“OK,” I said. We walked hand-in-hand to the bathroom. As we approached the toilet, I said, “Let me help you.”

She looked at me sharply, but said, “OK.” I unbuttoned her jeans, then pulled them down around her ankles. She wasn’t wearing any shoes or socks, so it was easy to gently lift up one foot and slip her jeans off. I got on my knees, then reached up and slid her underwear down, then off. “Take a step forward, then stand with your legs apart,” I said. She did. I reached over and pulled the back of the commode down, made sure the seat cover was in place, then sat on my butt behind her, my legs in between hers. “What are you doing?” she asked. “Come on down,” I said. She started toturn around. “Not that way. Like you’re gonna go to the bathroom.” As she sat on my face, I reached up and pulled her vagina open, then moved my head so I could lick her urethra with my tongue. I liked and sucked her urethra for a few minutes, then asked, “Do you need to go to the bathroom real bad?”

“Yes!” she exclaimed. “Go for it,” I said. I was so excited that I was shaking. Shed asked incredulously, “Are you sure?” I said, “Please.” She said, “I’ve always wanted to do this, but always thought it was a bit, uh, kinky.” I said, “I’d love for you to.”

“OK. Are you ready?” she asked.

“Yes,” I said. “Just one thing. When you start, don’t stop until you’re all done.” I pulled her butt down, while my lips made a vacuum seal around her urethra. For a minute nothing happened. Then, her urethra seemed to push towards me and my mouth filled with warm liquid. I swallowed, then started swallowing as fast as I could as her warm liquid filled my mouth. “Ahhh… That feels so good,” she moaned. “I never knew that going to the bathroom could feel so good!” For a moment, there was silence, except for her heavy breathing and the sound of me gulping her fluid down. It seemed to go on forever, and I could feel my stomach filling up. Finally, she stopped for a second, then went for a second, then a third time, then was through. She started to rise, and I said,

“Wait a second.” I reached up and licked the rest of her fluid from her vagina with my tongue.

She asked, “What did it taste like?” I said, “Like water. That’s what it was — you’ve been drinking water all day long, and it’s been running through you.” She said, “Let’s see–” then pulled me to my feet and gave me a tentative kiss, then a deeper one. “You’re right!” she exclaimed. “Thank you for doing that — it’s been a fantasy of mine for a long time.”

We went into the bedroom and made love, my climax made all the more intense because of what she and I did in the bathroom. We lay there for some time,

exchanging lovers talk, then she said, “I have to go again.” I rolled onto my back, opened my mouth, and said, “Go for it.”

She sat on my face, asked if I was ready, then let fly. She filled me up again, then again that afternoon. I finally said, “Hey, now *I’ve* gotta go!” She got a strange look in her eye, and asked me, “Mind if I taste yours?” I said

“You know me better than that,” and squatted on the bed. She wrapped her full lips around my schlong and started sucking. It was hard bearing down to go, but I did it. Just before I started, I said, “Here it comes!”, then went for what seemed like forever. She had her deep blue eyes closed as she swallowed unendingly.

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