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Bus ride home

It had been the last day of school, my boyfriend and I boarded the bus and as usual sat in the very back of the bus so the bus driver wouldnt see us when we make out or anything. After about thirty minutes of kissing and heavy petting, Tom wanted for me to unzip my pants. I did as he asked because almost all the people had been dropped off, and I didnt think the ones that were still on would care, hell they might even enjoy watching. After pulling my pants down, Tom slid his hand under my panties. He could feel my wetness. After rubbing it for awhile (everyone was paying close attention to us now), he pulled his pants down so that his 8 inch cock was revealed. “Give me some head”, he commanded. I bent over directly above his swelling head, I opened my mouth and he thrust it in. I started to gag but quickly got into the motion. I started to go faster and faster, flicking my tongue over the tiny hole on the tip of his dick. He started to moan, and pant heavily. Then within five minutes he ejaculated and I swallowed all of his cum. The bus driver pulled over in an abandoned parking lot by now and everyone headed to theback to watch us. Everyone begged for me to fuck my boyfriend so I mounted him and started to fuck. He guided his dick into my pussy hard while the bus driver pulled off my shirt and finshed pulling off my pants until I was completely naked. Tom turned me over so that my back was on the seat and he began to fuck me so hard when I screamed it sounded like someone was murdering me. Four orgasms later, the driver decided he wanted a go, I could see is erection through his pants. He unzipped them fast and whipped out his huge cock, my boyfriend got behind me and started to rub his dick around my ass as the driver fucked me slowly infront. At the same time they thrust it it almost making me cum at once. About ten hard poundings later they switched sides with each other. The bus drivers dick felt so good, By now everyone was jerking off to us and playing with my size D cup tits. We all three came at once. The driver put his pants back on and continued the route, as I gave the rest of the passengers a blowjob

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