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curious virgin part 1

There I was laying on my bed staring at the t.v.amazed. I watched the guy with the huge cock and a mask over his face pumping the young girl he had strapped down ,arms and legs tied to the bed. He squeezed her breasts hard and fucked her hard in the pussy . “Wow” Just to look at that made my pussy throb. I stuck my hand down there to rub my spot. I was in pleasure heaven for 2 minutes when my phone rang.
“Hello” I said in a normal voice as I tried to contain myself.
“Hey” Martha said.
Martha was a co-worker from the superstore. I was glad she called. You see Martha was an older woman 32, bisexual, and I know she had a crush on me. She was just the kind of person that I’d want to experiment with. See I’m a 17yr old virgin I guess the older you get in your teens the hotter and hornier you tend to get. Sure, I’d often masturbate rubbing my pussy until i explode. Sometimes I’d get on top of the couch cushions wearing only my panties and rock back and forth until I felt the tense burning sensation. But then there was my favorite. As I watched the porn channel I locked the door to my bedroom and get completely naked and grabbed the basket basketball out of the closet. I would jump on it and rock back and fourth. It felt good because the ball would motion with me so it wasn’t completely lifeless.
Back to Martha. I knew she liked me but she wouldn’t come right out and say it. She’d just spoil me by taking me out and buying me anything I looked at. Shed also stare at me all day at work and would get very upset when the guys flirted with me. She had two kids and couldn’t risk them or her parents finding out how she felt about women. ( I found that out through store gossip)
” What’s up ” I said rubbing myself knowing how bad she wanted me.
“The kids are at their grandma’s and I thought we could hang out tonight.”
“Oh that sounds cool but its already 10:15 and I don’t want to stay out late.”
“Well you could spend the night, I have two extra rooms”
“Hum… can you pick me up?’
“I’m glad you said that ‘cuz I’m at the corner store.” Martha said.
“Ok, well when you get here wait for me a few minutes, I’m getting some things in a bag.”
“I’ll wait for you all night kiddo,” she giggled.
I quickly got dressed and grabbed some black cotton shorts and a white tank top. I also picked out and outfit for tomorrow. When I was done , Martha was outside, I turned off my t.v. and jumped in the car.
“Hey you look good baby girl” Martha was always complementing me and calling me sweet names.
The ride to her townhouse was only about 7 minutes. She told me to put my stuff in her daughters’ room and so I went upstairs. I set my bag on the bed and grabbed my sleep clothes. I was getting undressed and heard someone walking upstairs.
“Veronica”, she called out.
I purposely didn’t answer as I waited for her to barge in on me naked. My long curly hair down to my waist was the only thing that I had on my body.
“Ooh , sorry,” she said as she took 2 seconds to long to turn away. I had succeeded in teasing her.
“Oh don’t worry, I’ll be dressed real quick. I pulled on my shorts, no panties and a white tank top with no bra.
“I got cable downstairs, we can find a movie,” Martha offered.
“Sounds good”
We sat on the couch. Just the two of us in the living room.
“Remote’s all yours” she handed it to me and lightly touched my fingertips.
I turned the channel and passed up some very boring programs. Then I finally stopped.
“Oh babygirl you cant watch that you’re not even 18 yet.” Martha commented.
” Oh but you’re my adult supervisor” I teased.
Martha walked to the kitchen and made me a drink. It burned going down and I realized that it was rum and coke. I wasn’t much of a drinker, but I figured it would be easier to let Martha seduce me .
I drank about 4 drinks and felt warm all over. Martha faced toward the t.v. but looked at me through the corner of her eye. She wasn’t buzzing as bad as I was.
The flick we were watching right about now was two females (teacher, student)
“The school girl looks like you,” Martha said tapping my leg, then leaving her hand on my thigh. I preceded to move my leg outward just a little so her hand would fall inward. She then leaned over at me and kissed my lips softly then my neck and my ears.
“You smell so good.” she told me.I moved away a little not sure of myself.” Oh its getting hot in here” Martha pulled my shirt off of me. Now she had my entire upper body exposed.
“Just let this be babygirl” she said.
She rubbed on my breasts and caressed my body.
“Don’t worry, Ill keep on all my clothes, I just want you to get off, I want to make you mine…
She forced her tongue in my mouth and moved down my neck then lower stopping at my breasts. She put my tit in her mouth and sucked hard to harden my nipples and licked all over my chest. I got hornier and hornier .Her hand moved into my shorts as she started to rub my clit. Then her fingers slid in my pussy, at first it hurt but I couldn’t believe how good it felt to have someone else play with me “WOW”
” Take off your shorts you little slut I need more access to your wet cunt. You are really going to like this you horny bitch. I want that cunt , I need to finger it , I need to lick it clean. Take off your shorts whore, That’s a good girl” she said as I obeyed.
“You will only be my bitch… my cum slut…my pussy doll.. do you understand ? Martha asked as she pulled my hair waiting my answer.” Ye-yess…”
” I’m going to finger fuck you till you cum,” Martha stuck 2 fingers inside my virgin pussy and jerked in and out. She went faster and harder and it started to hurt but she didn’t stop.
” Tell me how good it hurts slut. Tell me how you want it” she demanded.
“Oh it hurts so good, finger fuck me more. Oh yeah work those fingers inside. I’m your bitch. I’m your horny slut. Oh make it cum . Oh it hurts so good . OOOOhh..OOHHH!!!” I yelled as I climaxed and the tension was released.
“Wow you’re a good slut , I have a lot more in stored for you my new sex doll. Kiss me you little whore.”
After she was done tonguing me she was ready for bed.
” Ill help you upstairs, you’ll sleep on my bed… but you wont need your clothes” she smiled.
I awoke alone the next morning naked with a sore pussy and a light headache. I stood up and looked over at the dresser to see naked pictures of me everywhere. Most with my legs open then some with tit close ups. The most provocative where the close ups of my pussy with my lips spread open and Martha’s finger in me.
” Oh I’m starting our secret collection.” Martha walked in the room. “I’ll take you home when youre ready” Martha offered. “But I need to see you like last night soon baby girl”
I was then given a ride home. Martha also handed me $150. ” Thanks for all the fun pussy cat.” I went in my room and layed in bed . I was 65% excited and just 35% disgusted. What had I done? Or better yet , What would come next.?

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