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I was asleep. I suspected that something was going on but not being sure, I certainly wasn’t going to say or do anything. Then one night, clowning around with family, we started to wrestle around. Wife, little kids, and yes the stepdaughter. For some reason, when I tackled her to the ground, I tried to be careful because she is no little girl. She is 5’3″, 130 lbs, chest is at least a 36 something, and she is 100% beautiful little puerto rican girl. I had been taking care of her since she was 5, so i really never thought about it until this night. As I tackled her down,and everyone there, I felt like she was almost trying to push her pussy against me, but again, I would never jump to comclusion, but it started me thinking. I decided to take a chance and set a trap. Mama went out with sisters so I told the littel 2 and her that I was tired and going to take a shower and nap. I made sure I let Tiff see me with towel as I entered my room. I lay awake and waited. I also seem to start to get hard thinking it might happen. About 15 minutes into the plan, I heard the door open. I didn’t dare to open eyes and she picked up the sheets. She leaned down towards it and flicked lightly I guess to see if I would wake, but I didn’t move. She went a little further and held it firmly, all the while watching to see if daddy would wake up, but I was now into this all the way. She started whispering to it, “I Love your cock” and other things like ” I want to suck you”. The she put it down, and started to play with herself while she stared at it. I peeked as I saw those tits out, my gosh they wer big and her nipples were that dark spanish color. I lay there until she finished and she left. The next day, her mom went to work and I stayed home. It was summer, so everyone was around. I again took the so called nap, but this time, it was time to get caught. As she started the same routine and was holding my cock, I opened my eyes and told her to sit down and talk to me. As she sat, I started to play very lightly with her tits and I told her she could get herself in a lot of trouble for this. She stayed quiet, but didn;t pull away for me. I gave her a hug, and leaned down towards her chest. which was enclosed in a tank top. I pulled it down and started to kiss her nipples, they got hard fast and I sucked it while she just sat there. I saw her reach down and start to tickle her pussy, but I wanted to see it bare. i didn’t want to push too fast because I didn’t want to stop. Then without warning, i saw her head go back as if she was cumming, so I took the opportunity to push her head down on my cock and whispered for her to suck it while she came. She sucked it, but almost like she hadn’t ever sucked a dick, so I helped her head up and down and whispered gestures for her to do like kiss it and let me hear her suck hard and swallow. At one point I think I pushed alittle bit too hard because she choked, but that made me want to cum. I pulled up her head, and told her I wanted to see her pussy after it came and she opened her jeans. I unzipped it and there was her pussy. It was hairy and wet as hell. I put my fingers with hers into it amd we played with it, I then leaned over and pushed her back, and I think I sucked her pussy likje I was starving. I didn’t know if I would ever get the chance again so I took advantage and ate her raw. She moaned and wiggled but I was eating her so hard and close, she was stuck there. I felt her start to cum and as she did, I moved fast to her face and put my cock in her mouth. I came and told her as I came to just swallow and don’t taste. She took my load in her mouth and i just sat there with my cock in her mouth tickling her cunt until I was actually soft, but we just sat there. I took out my cock and squeezed it to get that last little drop, and I was going to wipe it when she leaned over and took the last drop. Since then, we wait for Mom to leave and we eat each other out, and exchange cum probably 3 times a week. She has shaved her pussy because she likes to feel my lips against her cunt like that and I have no complaints. we pass each other every day all day and trade feels, grabs, and this girl has swallowed at least 175 times full loads of cum. We have never fucked, although I rub my cock on her bare pussy all the time. I leave that for her first man, and trust me, he has no idea how well trained this girl is. She whispers things she wants ne to do to her calling me Daddy all the time, and we have no desire or plans to stop anytime soon. Now you decide, is this story true? or is it made up?

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