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Highway Incident

I am a 24 years old woman from Pakistan. I was when I was 17 years old I traveled to Karachi from Islamabad to see my newly wed brother and sister-in-law in my school vacations. I enjoyed a lot in Karachi with my brother and his wife Afshan. When the day of my return to Islamabad came near my brother decided take me to Islamabad a 1000 km of the distance by the road instead of sending me through the plane. So we prepared ourselves for the journey. It was a very pleasant winter and we three embarked toward Islamabad. Everything was going just wonderful until we reached to a gas station about 300km from Karachi. There was a canteen so we stayed there for a while to tide up ourselves. While we were having our lunch suddenly we saw another jeep stopped and 4 hoodlum looking guys came out, as they entered in the canteen they started wisecracking to me and my sister in law. My brother turned his face to them and frowned so they clamed and soon left in their jeep after purchasing some items from the canteen. Latter we also left the gas-station as we had to reach a town called Sukker to stay over night. Only we must have crossed two km from the gas-station we found that the same jeep was waiting for us, and this time they were not alone instead there were four jeeps. They stopped our car and pulled out my brother from the car and two men get inside our car, one at the driving seat and other in the back seat with me. We saw they dragged my brother after lambasting and hogtieing him they throw him in another jeep. The man in the rear seat told that there is nothing to worry about and that they will leave us after taking some money. They drove us inside an un-paved road for several minutes and reached to an old derelict building, and hustle us inside it. This building must have been uninhibited for decades as all doors were eaten by the termites. There were as many as ten men in total they also brought my brother who was now looking much drawn and still hand cuffed. Both I and my sister-in-law were crying for the mercy to the brigands who were giggling and leering to us. Then a very tall man of around 35 year of age, among them came near to my brother and asked several questions about our relationship to each other in a relatively kind tone. He told that his name is Bilawal Shah and he was the chief and that he was a famous robber of the area. He also introduced another man of around 27 but a very burly man as his brother Sajawal Shah, Sajawal was the man which we had already seen at the gas station. First he told that he didn’t want to harm us then he made a loud guffaw and turned to me and told that Sajawal had like me very much and wanted to fuck me I shrieked and started to cry while my brother started wiggling in vain to protest, as Sajawal darted to me and yanked me from my tummy in his strong arms and start rubbing his stubble cheeks against my face and hairs. Soon my brother forth volley of vituperations and imprecation to them, Sajawal snatched my scarf and slurred it to another man and told to muzzle my brother, he also mimed everyone to leave the room while to take my brother out of the room as well. As everyone was leaving the room my Sister-in-law Afshan also tried to sneak out with my brother being hustled out, instantly Bilawal grabbed her hand and pulled her to his chest and mischievously said that Afshan would serve him. As we only 4 of us remained in the room Bilawal ripped off all the clothes of Afshan without any trammel. Meanwhile I was feeling completely overwhelmed by Sajawal’s strength. Sajawal was impassionedly licking my cheeks and ears, and was squeezing me in his arms, his legs were wrapped around my legs like a snake. I could feel his breaths on my neck; he had a B.O like yogurt or butter-water. Sajawal was also pinching me on my breast and I could feel the growth of bulge at his crotch touch over my back. Suddenly while sucking my ears his hands reached to the draw string of my “shelwar” (loose trouser). As I could feel my shelwar slipping off from my legs baring me I glimpsed Afshan lying stolidly while Bilawal, completely naked trying to pry her legs to enter. Soon I was also stark naked and Sajawal threw off his clothes and jabbed his long dark pecker inside my virgin cunt, I started bleeding, which Sajawal enjoyed a lot, he wiped my blood by my shirt and boastfully told Bilawal about his trophy of deflowering me. I still feel a guilty consciousness that instead of objection I unwittingly had an orgasm. He repeatedly had two orgasms then he hustle me to the place where Bilawal was busy in bobbing motion with Afshan, he made a bawdy jested at Bilawal then pushed me toward him and asked Bilawal for swapping me with Afshan. Bialwal delightedly accepted and started with me while Sajawal carried Afshan to the corner where previously he had done with me. To me Bilawal turned out be more violent as he bitted me various parts including my tits, neck and my twat. His dick was also very thick as compare to Sajawal, and his body was wet under the sweat and smelling so bad that it induced me to puke. Anyway the two robbers feasted on our body that whole night. In the morning Sajawal get outside the room and brought our suitcase form our car so we may get dressed up. Sajawal helped in putting on my clothes, he tried to behave very nicely as asked me for the forgiveness he also told me that he liked me verymuch and my pussy was very soft. Then the both brother took us outside where my brother was lying completely hogtied and muzzled quaking because of the cold and rage. The subordinates of Bilawal started laughing and taunting us Sajawal snubbed the other robbers to behave. One man untied my brother and helped him to stand. Bilawal told my brother that your wife and sister gave him and his brother Sajawal a great sex therefore he was letting us to get alive. My brother was so peaked that he couldn’t even able to stand on his feet, so my Afshan helped him to the car’s back seat, I sat also in the back while Afshan droved us out from there to the highway. For several minutes no body talked a word but we all were weeping, then my brother asked us about our condition, and I started wailing, and so did Afshan, my Brother consoled us, and told that at least we came out alive from the robbers. When I asked if we would complained to the police my brother told better not to, as it will further sully our family honor. And he advise to forget the event as if nothing had ever happened, as well as never to tell anyone about it. Though many years have now been past I haven’t forgotten the pleasure of being raped, still when I see a strong man it remind me of Sajawal.

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