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My First Time

My First Time

When I was 23 in 1973, I was coming from work and walking through this park. It was quite late and there was a guy sitting on a park bench smoking. As I approached him he ask if I wanted to smoke a joint, not wanting to miss a chance to get high I sat down and said sure. We smoked really fat joint, I was getting a nice buzz. This guy asks if he could suck my cock and I had never had this done before, and I was curious.

We went to his car were it would be private when were seated he leaned over and kissed me running his tongue down my throat. I was a bit put off by this but my cock was getting a raging hard on has he was stroking and rubbing me through my jeans. By now he wanted to get my pants down I slipped my jeans down and released my cock.

I don’t think it was ever as hard with my girl friend it was 8″ and throbbing. I could not believe how good it felt as he started to kiss and run his tongue around the head of my cock, next he’s going up down on my dick and swallowing the entire length. I was laying back and enjoying this about to shoot my load when he handed me a small bottle and between slurps told me to inhale from it. Well I did and as I was coming the rush took me so high I felt like my head was going to come off this was the greatest cum of my life.

My cum filled his throat and mouth in what seemed like buckets and he milked me dry. Well he said lets get into the back seat as I went over the front seat he pulled my jeans the rest of the way off. I was in my t-shirt not knowing what to expect and he takes his clothes off and gets in the back seat. Well his dick was huge and hard he starts kissing me again and whispers for me to kiss is cock. Well he’s playing with my cock, kissing me, and pushes my head down on his big cock and I thought I might as well try and kiss his cock. My mouth was open as he pushed it in and I gagged but he keeps forcing it in as I try to suck just the head. Well I figured I might as well relax and try to satisfy him as he had gave such a good suck to me.

So I worked at getting more of it in and working up and down and he relaxes and just lets me work at it and I start to get the hang of it, I’m really slurping it and he’s stroking my cock and it’s so hard. Well he asks me to stop and pushes me on my back still holding my dick. I laying there breathing hard and my legs are on the seat backs and lifts me up with my cock and my ass raises up and he puts his cock at my asshole pushes it in. First just the head well it hurt but he just pushed at a steady pace until it was in I screaming no more no more. He stops and lets it stay there and he’s back to stroking my hard cock and I relax the pain starts feel good and he starts to fuck me and my cocks rock hard. He grabs my ass letting go of my cock. He’s pounding away at my ass and I grab my cock and start jacking it off. I am close to coming as he fucks me and then his cock pushes as deep as he could I could feel it pump a big load of his cum up my ass, I came another load all over my stomach.

He pulled out and licked the cum off my stomach and kissed me with his tongue in my mouth and me tasting my own cum, he wanted me to lick him clean but I couldn’t knowing were it had been. We got dressed, he dropped me home and gave me his number, and we had several encounters after that. My girl friend was never the wiser but the sex was never quite as good.

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