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Quyngo PT 2

I’m not really sure what happened next-It happened so fast but it involved Quy punching Mike square in the chest driving him backwards! He absorbed the blow but was half smileing/half grimacing in pain while the rest of the guys were laughing at him yet grimacing with him. -I would later learn that Quy was a black Belt in Kung Fu-one of her many hidden talents and that she had always made Honor Society or higher in anything she ever tried to do!

To me…at the time, I just figured that this girl was the boyfriend of one of the guys in the room-I Guess because she went and sat down between two guys after she hit Mike. Mike knew why I had come to see him and shrugging off the pain he looked at me and said ” I’m sorry dude-I did’nt get a chance to get your key made…but hey!-if you want to hang out for a while…(his facial expression was a giant grin of unmitigated gall)-“She really was about to show us her pussy!

The whole room burst out laughing while Quy just looked at him with eyebrows raised and a smug grin. “O.K. Fine!”said Quy. “Who want’s to see my pussy?” With the question put so suscinctly, every guy in the place did’nt so much as hesitate to raise their hand! I had just walked in and did’nt really know what was going on but I did what any real halfway alive male would do-I raised my hand too!

“If you want to see my pussy, She said moving her index finger left to right in the air,-Mike has to leave.” She turned to Mike and smiled the same smuggish smile. “Yeah Mike-Get the fuck outa here!” came the first Sordee-and there were many more of the same sentiment which followed. “But…this is MY HOUSE!” he said as he was jokingly pushed past me and into the darkness of the hallway. But after he was outside,the door WAS closed and locked behind him.Everybody then turned to Quy who was standing in the middle of the room with her eyes moving left and right starring down at the ground

“Partytime!” somebody said. Quy put her hands in the back pockets of her Jean Shorts and blew a few strands of hair out of her face. “Do you guys really want to see my pussy? she asked

To Be Continued

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