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I was laughing hysterically at the certain anecdote or “Rant” with which my friend regailed me. He had cited a recent example of how (in his mind),women were creatures of pure random whim and were therefore,-the soul embodiment of all that is illogical.

Having been in more than my fair share of relationships with these beasts of lovely and fragrant bloom, I had no counter. I offered only sympathetic agreement as the particular girl he comically refered to was his own “Love/Marriage Interest”!

Long after we left the bar and I was at home,I began to think back upon all the circumstances and instances in which I had been a witness to “moments” when the opposite sex seemed to leave all sense and logic behind. This was good in the case of the 3 girlfriends of my older sister who wanted to experience body painting each other and questioned there sexual orientation while I was in the room with them

Then there were (and despite)-all of the girls I had had the utmost pleasure of knowing, the ones who burst into tears or began yelling at me suddenly-(for no apparent reason), or the phlegmatically frightening ones who left twenty or more pitiful,and somewhat “psychologically scarring” messages on my answering machine,-they were all just wonderful girls that came into my life at a moment in time (God-Please sombody shoot me!)

The whole “Memory Lane” thing however, made me remember an experience I had as a young college freshman back in 1991. It was in the pleasant memory/mind opening category and yet was a typical example and reminder of how I had (yet again),been present at a time when a female “Loses It”!

I had just moved to Northern Virginia from California as I had always wanted to attend college in or near Washington D.C. and the only school in that area to accept me was in Fairfax Virginia. I had just moved into the basement room of a shared house about 7 miles from Campus.The house was shared by only 2 other guys (fellow students) and I was the most recent addition. There was (of course)the matter of a key to the basement entrance and I was using the main entance of the house for the first few weeks while my college senior landlord got around to having it made.

On one particular night, I was getting home from class to find several cars parked in front of the house where I had grown accustomed to parking. Mike had told me that he would have a key made by the time I got home that evening so I entered the house via the front entrance even though I had been leaving the entrance to the basement unlocked.

As I entered,the house was totally dark except for the faint light coming from the back bedroom of the house. I could hear the talking and laughing of a bunch of guys coming from there but instead of following it and inqiring about my key,I decided to go down to my room figuring I would get the key in the morning or soon enough anyway.

The back bedroom in which the little get together was being held, happened to be right above my room. I was hearing alot of loud thumps,laughter hooting and hollering…strange sounds-all just above my head! I decided to go back up and see what was going on.

As I neared the entrance of the back room, I heard a young,extremely feminine voice above the fray of male laughter “Oh My God!-I can’t believe you actually said that!” and then there was more laughter from the guys! As I entered the room, I saw a bunch of guys about 8 or so standing and sitting around and in the center of them was a short Asian/Exotic girl with long jet-black hair down to her butt. She was wearing Jean Shorts with ripps around her buttocks and underneath she had on Black Waist-High Pantyhose. A white T-shirt, Combat boots, black Chicago Bulls hat and a Peace sign necklace were the only other things she was wearing. As I entered the room, the guys all gave me a “What’s Up” nod as the girl turned to look at me. I could see her upwards pointing nipples thru a thin layer of the plain,white T-shirt she was wearing. “C’mon in” said Mike.”You’re just in time-Quy’s gonna show us her pussy!”

To Be “Continued”

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