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First Time Fellater

I am going to relate to you a story that is part true and part fantasy. I know that when this event occurred in my life is when my curiosity was awakened for man to man oral sex.

This story takes place in the early 80’s. My wife Jamie worked at a music school. Her boss was a pretty young girl named Susan. My wife and Susan became really good friends. Susan had a friend who lived in Philadelphia named Harvey. Harvey was an openly gay man. Not a feminine type gay. He was pretty much straight acting but never hid the fact that he was indeed gay. He was also Susan’s connection for Black Beauties (powerful amphetamine). My wife and Susan used the Black Beauties for dieting. It perked up their energy and curbed the appetite as well. Anyway, This is what happened on one of Harvey’s trips out to California to visit Susan.

When Susan told Jamie that Harvey was coming for a visit my wife suggested that we all go out partying. I agreed and we all went to a local nightclub. I had a friend whose band was playing there that night. We were having a great time, drinking and dancing. Harvey and me were taking turns dancing with each of the girls.

During a break in the action the girls went to the rest room to freshen up and Harvey, out of the blue leaned over and asked me “Have you ever had sex with a man?” I was shocked to say the least, I had never given much thought to sex with another man. I told him no. Harvey looked me in the eye and said “you need to try it, you will really enjoy it.” By this time the girls had returned from the rest room and were listening to me and Harvey talk. I could tell my wife was a little shocked by this talk but I could tell she was a little excited also. Harvey and me continued our discussion about man to man sex. Harvey said to me “you hadn’t lived until you’ve felt a hard pulsating cock spurting in your mouth.” I stopped talking and started thinking about it for a minute. The thought all the sudden excited me. This scared me and I changed the subject.

Well, we partied on into the night and when the bartender said last call we decided to go over to Susan’s house for some late night drinks. The girls went in Susan’s car and me and Harvey took my truck. On the way Harvey started talking about man sex again and asked me if I new any gay guys. I told him yes I did, as a matter of fact the lead guitar player in my band is gay. I told him maybe I can try to fix you two up. (I did to, for real). Harvey then looked over at me and asked “will you suck my cock?” I was drunk and feeling a little playful so I told him “I will if it’s ok with my wife, but you have to ask her” thinking he would never do that but, Harvey said “ok I will then.” Now I was scared and excited all at the same time… What if he did… What if she said yes… Would I… Could I… Ohh man, what kind of mess have I got myself into this time…

When we pulled into the parking lot at Susan’s apartment building and Harvey asked me if I wanted to smoke a joint. I said sure, he lit it up and we sat there in my truck making small talk and tokin on the doobie. All the sudden he Harvey got quiet, he looked over at me and grabbed my hand and put it on his crotch. I could feel the outline of his hard cock through his pants. Harvey asked “do you like what you feel?” I nervously said yeah it felt ok. He then moved my hand away. Then I heard him unzip his pants. My heart was beating a mile a minute. I was so nervous and scared.

He grabbed my hand again and put it on his now exposed cock. Wow… How wonderful I thought. It was so hot and so hard and yet soft as silk. I began to move my hand up and down, slowly stroking his cock. I could tell he was digging this. I could see pre-cum oozing from the tip, glistening in the dim parking lot lights. Harvey then spoke, he asked me “do I really have to ask your wife?” His voice was different, a little husky sounding. I took my gaze from his cock and looked into his eyes and said “no I don’t think so.” Harvey just smiled and leaned back in the seat and moaned quietly as I continued to stroke his cock for a while, waiting, wondering what to do next. I knew what he wanted, but could I… My mind was racing…

Harvey must have sensed my indecision. He reached over put his left hand behind my head and gently began to pull me down in his lap. I went with no resistance. I was totally mesmerized by the sight of his cock, the head was shiny from all the pre-cum. He pulled me down till I was just inches from the tip of his cock. I opened my mouth and took a cautious little lick at the head, mmmm, pretty good I thought to myself. Feeling bolder I took a longer lick and then an even longer lick, feeling the soft spongy texture of his cock head with my tongue. It was wonderful, the texture was like something I have never experienced before. So I kept it up, licking all around the tip. His pre-cum kept coming and I kept licking it up. I loved the salty taste.

Then Harvey put his hand behind my neck and began to pull me down again, I opened my mouth and let his cock slide over my tongue. I slowly took as much of his cock in my mouth as I could. I began to move my head up and down, slowly at first and then picking speed, faster and faster. After a little bit my head was moving so fast that I was making myself dizzy. All the sudden I heard Harvey say “whoa man, slow down a little, it’s not a race, slow down and enjoy my cock in your mouth” So I did, I slowed down. Then harvey said “yeah man, that’s the way, yeah, ohh man, feel my cock with your tongue” I started exploring his whole cock with my tongue, licking up and down the shaft, using the tip to trace a line under the ridge of his cock head, then plunge his hard cock back into my mouth while swiriling my tongue all around, slowly bobbing up and down. I would stop this action and just lick all over his cock head, drinking in his pre-cum as I jacked the shaft with my hand.

After about twenty minutes of this I could tell Harvey was getting close, his hips were thrusting and his breathing was hard. His cock just seemed to be getting bigger and bigger in my mouth. I began to move my head faster up and down on his cock, his pre-cum was flowing like a river now. Harvey said I’m going to shoot soon, you better finish me by hand if you don’t want my cum in your mouth. I not only wanted his cum in my mouth, I had to have it. I wasn’t going to stop for anything now. I went to work and started sucking him even harder. I was jacking the part of his cock I couldn’t get into my mouth. His dick was hard as steel now, the head was just huge. Harvey grunted out “man I’m gonna cum” trying to again warn me. I just kept on sucking. Harvey said “ohh man, you want my cum don’t you” I just moaned “uh huh” around his cock. He said “ohh yeah man, I’m gonna give it to you then, ohh baby, just a little bit more” Ohh yeah that’s it”

“Ohhhhh man.”… All the sudden he stopped moving and his body stiffened, he sucked his breath in. I heard him say “don’t stop I’m gonna cum.” I kept my head and my tongue moving. Harvey grabbed my neck and pulled down, trying to shove his cock as far in my mouth as he could. He held my head still and then I felt his cock twitch and a little spurt of cum came out, Harvey groaned “I’m cumming man, I’m cumming,” and I felt another twitch and a massive spurt of his hot cum hit the back of my throat, He was moaning, his cock was pulsating in my mouth, with every throb I could feel another spurt of his hot cum going in my mouth. I swallowed and swallowed not letting a drop escape from my mouth.

Harvey let go of my head and settled back in the seat and I took my mouth off his softening cock. I swallowed all of his cum. Harvey said “you did pretty good for a beginner, we better get into the apartment before the girls come looking for us.” We went into the apartment and the girls asked what took us so long. We explained that we had sat outside and smoked a joint. Harvey never did say anything to my wife about what happened. Little did she suspect that it was Harveys joint that I was smokin…

Ok… Part of this story is true, Harvey did ask me to suck his cock. And I told him I would if he asked my wife’s permission. Well he never asked her and that was the end of that. Harvey went back to Philly and I’m still waiting to suck my first cock… I wish I would have said yes the first time he asked me…

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