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Sirius and Poidette- the King and the Rebel

Sirius’s black cape swirled about him as he stormily stalked down the hall. His extremely muscular, tan, and sexy body was powerful and admirable. He walked down to the dungeon where the slaves were kept and noticed one in particular- she had very long black hair and large grey eyes. Her chest was round, large, and firm and her body was the perfect figure eight. Her huge floaty lips and tan skin made her every man’s fantasy. He checked the paper on the edge of her cell to see her name. Poidette, it said. “Very outspoken, dominant, loyal to a certain cause, a feminist, very intelligent, and a writer,” Sirius read, intrigued. He rapped on the bars of her cage, causing her alert, beautiful eyes to look right into his. He actually felt his heart stop for a moment- just seeing her made him excited. Poidette warily eyed him, her warning signals going up and her hand straying to a long, knotted rope by her side. Sirius noticed this and extended his hand to her.
“You know, or perhaps you don’t, that I can stand up by myself. I am not helpless and I certainly do not appreciate you acting like I am!” the brazen female muttered, dusting her self off with one hand while pushing herself off the cot with the other.
Sirius grinned broadly and wrapped his large arms around her waist, causing her to squeal and pull back, but he was too strong and held the young woman to him. Poidette’s eyes widened and despite the dangerous situation, she was very turned on- in fact, this was nearing her fantasy of a man stronger than her who would fuck her until she fell asleep. Her virgin pussy was getting wet, but she was not a girl to fall short of expectations. Sirius’s mood changed when he saw that she would not be as willing to be with him as most women- he released her and thought of what to say next.
“Right now you are my property-”
“So what are you gonna do, brand me and sell me to a butcher shop?”
“- And you must do everything I say, no matter what. I am your master.”
“I am not a dog. I have no master.”
“You are my sexual toy, no matter how you object-”
“You aren’t a judge. You are probably too stupid, or maybe too lazy to do the work to become one!”
Poidette had struck a nerve with Sirius- his face clouded and he stormed out of the cell, the door slamming shut as Poidette smiled grimly. She had temporarily beaten the beast.
She woke up again with the feeling of hands kneading her chest. She gasped and sat up too soon, her head hitting the vacant bunk above her and she fall back onto her bed, rubbing her head and moaning. When her eyes finally focused on the face looming above her, she saw Sirius, his face a sincere show of worry, asking if she was okay. Sirius was really quite taken to this girl- no one else had ever stood up to him; it was really quite shocking. He couldn’t stop thinking about her- about the mysterious, brash, sexy girl who took over his mind as he tried to concentrate on politics. Her eyes were frightened but housed a scary, determined spirit.
Poidette’s hand whipped up and caught Sirius in the head, knocking the big man flat as she leapt onto him, hitting him as quickly as hard as she could. Sirius was not really hurt; he just didn’t want to hurt Poidette. He suddenly flipped over, leaving her on the floor, her chest heaving and his body on top of her. Sirius grinned and started kissing her neck, her screams turning into words of encouragement as she ripped his shirt, begging him to hurt her.
Sirius scooped her up easily and carried her to his chambers, ignoring the stunned looks of the workers in the palace. He finally got to his room and laid Poidette on the bed. She gasped for breath; a high state of arousal overtaking her virgin body. She lay there as Sirius turned the lights out and positioned his body on top of her. He nibbled the lobe of her ear gently, his hands finding untouched places of her body. He was surprisingly gentle despite the fact that he was easily twice as big as her and his callused hands were rough and hard. Poidette’s anticipating body reacted to his kissing by moaning and arching her back, her hands reaching for his cock, which she could not find in the midst of arousal and joy she was in. Sirius sat up and took off his shirt, letting Poidette take in his huge, barrel chest. He took off all of his clothes slowly, finally revealing a monstrous eleven-inch fat cock, straining for her wet vagina.
Poidette lay back as Sirius took off all of her clothing, letting her squirm under him as she waited impatiently for the actual moment when she was to lose her virginity. Sirius had other plans, though. He straddled her huge chest and placed his cock in her mouth, which she took in hungrily and eagerly. She sucked the fat cock as Sirius’s head rolled back in ecstasy. Poidette came then. When Sirius finally was about to cum, he took it out and placed it on Poidette’s slit, her body pushing against his to get it in.
Sirius complied and rammed the entire thing into Poidette’s body; her back arched and she screamed lightly. He pulled back and let it go in again, breaking the hymen that protected Poidette’s vagina. He was practically splitting her open with his dick and they both knew it. Poidette held his body to her with her arms, letting her chest be press up against his. He came inside of her just as she came again.
Poidette lay on Sirius’s massive chest; her body moved up and down with his steady breathing. He kept his arms protectively around her. This was the first time he had ever felt this way about a girl- he didn’t want to use her just as a sex toy or slave- he loved her.

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