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Thank You 6

The Future

Jessie takes off the blindfold and finds Ray looking down at her. His cock still inside her hard…twitching. She is still flushed with desire…and at the same time angry that Ray deceived her. This was not suppose to happen. Her plans are ruined.
“Ray…how could you? You know this was important for my future. And you are my uncle for christ sakes.”
“Tell me that you didn’t like it Jessie…tell me to stop…”
He pulls back but she grabs both of his cheeks and digs her nails into his skin pumping him in to her… Her head thrashs back and forth…
“Nooo…its not right! Ohhhh…my god…Ohhhh…OHHH…she cums…clear fluid oozes out with each contraction. Ray pulls back leaving the head just inside her. Her throbbing sets his dick in motion. He pulls out but never far enough to not be touching her…then pops in just the head..again.and again and again then in a sudden forceful thrust he takes her fully…filling her womb…She gasps and screams and is comsumed body and soul. God help her but she liked it she liked him fucking her.

“Jess…Jess…can you hear me? Listen…Your plans aren’t ruined Jess. The money is all there in your account. Its yours. Theres a few things about me the you need to know. First off…I love you kid. I would never do anything to hurt you. I would never stand in your way if you really wanted to do something. My only thought would be to protect you. But you gotta learn things for yourself…I know that. You think that you committed some big sin…incest…with your fathers brother. If I was blood Jess I would have never touched you. But I’m not. Your dads family used to work for mine. When my parents died in a plane crash I didnt have any relatives…so they took me in and treated like a son. I inherited a fortune but your folks wouldnt take my money then or now. Its true I am older than you and maybe thats not right to some people …but it always felt right to me. I hope you can forgive me. But nothing has really changed Jess…you have what you wanted.”

He looked at her hoping for a response. None came.

She was awake…and heard everything that he said. It was alot to process. She had so many mixed emotions at this point that she didn’t even know what to do with them all. But one thing was certain…she loved the man. She would never allow herself to admit it before…it wasnt acceptable.
She opened her eyes and saw the door just closing. She jumped up. She opened it and called out…
“Hey Ray?”
He spun around and saw her standing naked in the doorway…
She crooked her finger motioning for him to come back. As he drew near she said
“I believe you forgot something…”
He stepped inside…glanced around. He looked to her…
“I didn’t forget nothing kid.”
“Sure you did!”
“Well…what’s that?”
“You forgot to let me…”
And right then at the same exact moment they both smiled and said…
“Thank You!”

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