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3 Mile Ride

My name’s James Goody, I’m 35 yrs old and have I got a story to tell you!

George and me go back a long way. We first met when we where in High School, me in third term, him in fourth. I’d always admired him from afar, but because of the slight age difference, it was impossible to be convincingly close to him, unlike his other classmates who flocked around him as if knowing that his popularity would in some way enhance their own. At 6’1″, 190lbs of obvious solid build, jet black hair, green eyes and a neatly clipped lush goatee beard that a grown man would be proud of, it wasn’t difficult to see that he was the most popular guy in school. The girls were wild for him. Just watching their not so subtle antics while in his presence, or while he was on the football field pummelling the other guys into submission was something that had always amused me AND made me seethe with resentment and jealousy.

Over the years and especially since my departure from school my interest in him faded to a distant adolescent memory as most teenage crushes do. I’d never really thought about him again, until we met ten years later in a leather bar about twenty miles south from our old city. Apparently, him and his mother had relocated there some time ago after the death of his father. I on the other hand was only passing through, doing a haulage run for a friend. He looked better than ever, and just one look at him from the side had all those torturous pubescent fantasies rushing back to assume their rightful place in my soul.

My memories of George where always tainted with images of giggling girls and serious hard jock types on the sidelines so it had never occurred to me that he’d any interest in ‘playing for the other team’. I was gob smacked to see him here now, standing there with a large glass of cold beer in one hand and a cigar in the other, staring up at a football match on the big screen. My heart was pounding in my chest at the thought of him standing here now alone, and at last a possible chance for me to see what was under those tight shirts and jeans he had such an obvious fondness for in school! Not having seen me when I came in, I had the advantage of having that split second to both collect my thoughts, and to try to pluck up the courage to make the first move. I took the plunge.

‘Hi, it’s George, isn’t?’ I said casually as I motioned the bartender.
‘Uh… Hello’ he replied, not immediately knowing who I was. Staring intently into my face, I could see a flicker of recognition cross his face, then a smile.
‘Rob isn’t it?’ he said.
Just then the bartender arrived and took my order for a drink. I was playing it cool, but buzzing with energy on the inside, a bit like a swan, swimming gracefully on the surface, but feet working frantically underneath.
‘You remember me?’ I said.
‘Sure, you where a grade below me at New Rose High.’ We made small talk for the next couple of hours, during which we’d sat down at a table, which afforded me the opportunity to check out his equipment. I noticed that the bulge between his legs that he was famous for at school was not only still very much in evidence, but was more impressive than ever!!! I asked him questions about himself, his life and his family, hoping that he’d reveal all and hoping also that there was no one of significance in his life. The conversation flowed, it never for a minute felt unnatural or awkward and when it came time for me to hit the road, he asked me if he could ‘bum a ride of me’.

Even those innocent or not so innocent words had my head spinning and my cock rock hard. Leaving the bar, I opened the door for him, and in doing so he brushed his hand against mine, I felt like I would explode with happiness and desire. Outside, watching him walk towards the truck, the way his rock hard ass moved in his jeans, he had me in twists of lust, my cock now hard for so long I was beginning to take it for granite!
As it happened, he didn’t have far to travel, less than 3 miles, but within the time it took to get there, nearly a lifetime of wishful thinking was realised. Although we were roughly the same age – him 27 and me 26, I had started working out at the local gym about two years before, so it wasn’t like I would be intimidated by his size – either of his build or his cock – but I was no-where near as well formed as he was.

I started the rig’s engine and slowly pulled out onto the highway. About a minute passed without words from either of us, when I felt his hand move slowly up my leg.. I can’t tell you how excited I felt! It was like a dream! I said nothing, just stared at the road ahead. His hand reached round to my inner thigh and slowly made it’s way up to my balls. I said to him, ‘you wanna pull over and hop in the back so we can do this right?’ ‘Sure’, he said. I spent the next minute or so looking for a suitable place to haul up. By the time I’d switched off the rig’s engine, George was already lying on the bed behind me at the back of the cab! I was so horny I could barely get up between the seats to follow him in!

‘Ready for the ride of your life?’ He asked me as he pushed me onto my back, sat up, and repositioned himself on his knees between my thighs. ‘Sure’ was all I could manage, as my mouth was now as dry as the Sahara desert! I sat up to kiss him, obviously not hard enough because he grabbed me by the back of the head with both hands, kissing me very deeply, exploring every part of my hungry mouth with his big, invasive tongue. I started to unbutton his plaid shirt as quickly as I could and nearly cried out with delight at the sight of his chest, with it’s massive pecs and big, hard and brown nipples. When I slipped the shirt down off his shoulders I was able, for the first time, to see just how well developed George was. He had a light coating of dark fur all over, growing from the middle and spreading upwards and outwards. His arms, also hairy, where the size of small tree trunks, with muscles rippling subtly underneath his dark skin, as he kneaded my lips closer and deeper into his mouth. He was the most magnificent image I’ve ever seen. I reached down to his bulging crotch and unbuttoned his faded blue jeans. I could already feel the warmth of his cock and balls through the cotton of his briefs and couldn’t wait to get started. He was having a spot of bother with my own shirt which he quickly resolved by roughly pulling it open, and popping all the buttons in the process. He put his head to my chest, taking my left nipple in his mouth, licking, squeezing and lightly biting, all the while bringing me closer to the edge. All this without a word. I was in Heaven!

Having to kneel over to avoid hitting his head on the roof, he slid down his jeans and jocks, revealing a thick, rigid and vein lined cock, nine inches long. Which my hand instinctively reached out for, I almost squealed pleasure when I saw that I could barely get my large hand around it. Sliding back slightly, he then undid my jeans, pulling them roughly towards him, with me lifting my waiting asshole so they would slide off comfortably. Both of us buck naked now, he gently pushed my head down towards his dripping, un-cut cock, which was almost lying flat on his stomach and reaching beyond his navel. I took his fat, round and wet mushroom headed club and slipped into my mouth, it was so big I thought he’d split my face. The taste of his juice was fuckin’ mind blowin’ I couldn’t get enough of his pre-cum, I was sucking hard and pushing my tongue into his piss slit. He gripped the back of my head and, rocking his hips slightly, began to fuck my face – gently at first, but steadily getting rougher and quicker, pushing his baton as far into my face as my tight throat would allow. Breathing exercises enabled me to continue sucking and gripping his cock with my throat for a few minutes, the build-up was intense, so much so, that he pulled my head back and kicked my thighs apart with his knees. Lifting one of my legs up and holding it by the ankle, he put three fingers into his mouth, then my mouth, then stuffed them, almost cruelly into my fuck hole.
‘That’s a tight man crack you got there’ He was staring down at my ass full of thick manly fingers, with a grin when he returned his gaze to me, there was a wicked glint in his eye, and for the first time, I realised just what a real man this fuck god was.
‘You like that don’t you, pussy boy?’ he demanded, ramming his thick fingers in and out of my impatient, wet ass.
‘Mmmmmmmmmmm, love it. Harder, deeper’ I replied.
‘I bet you could take three up there couldn’t you’ he said. With no warning, the third finger shot straight up, leaving me seeing stars and making my cock pulsate. Pushing in and out, in and out, I thought I’d died and gone to someplace better. I knew I was gonna cum soon, I had to have his meat in my pipe. Had to. I swung my other foot up, resting it’s sole on the roof of the truck. George, taking this as his cue, slid his fingers out of my hole – I missed them already – and gripped my other ankle, my hands were now free to guide his massive gut stick to my to my well wetted fuck hole. He pushed in, just the head, I breathed deeply, and then suddenly he forced entry all the way to his balls. Crying out in agony and ecstasy, I gripped his massive hips and wept like a child. Excited by my submission and wanton carnal need, he started to fuck. Man could he fuck! He pushed my legs back even further until my toes where nearly touching the bed and drove his cucumber-sized club in and out, grinding me into the mattress, the thrusts so deep I got slightly worried about my insides, bringing me near the brink, Hell, OVER the brink! The man was fucking me so hard that I could imagine that any passer-by could see the whole rig rocking!!! He put his hand to my ass cheek and spread one side to the right, FUCK! It was like getting fucked by a giant, I was coming close to fainting, my head thumping, and my cock dripping, I couldn’t wait any longer. I gripped my cock and balls stroked furiously, 3 seconds later, stream after stream of hot fucking cum shot from my cock over my chest and nipples.

I didn’t think it was possible for George to get any wilder, but when he saw this, his hips started to not only move back and forth, but shake violently. ‘UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!’ He roared, and with that, slammed my prostrate one last time, before releasing shot upon shot of sticky, hot cum into my welcoming guts. I could feel the heat of it burning me up inside. George collapsed his vast bulk onto my wet, gummy chest, breathing rapidly, and said; ‘you’ve got the tightest, juiciest man hole I’ve ever been in. The fuckin’ that Me and Range are gonna give you at my place is gonna tear you apart.’ I laughed with delight and thought; ‘To hell with the furniture in the back, I can’t wait!’ But that’s another depraved real life tale for another depraved real life time! Bye!


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