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It’s raining men

It’s raining men

I had just finished working out and I felt Hornier than usual. I kept think about the guy that I had seen in the park several nights before. It had been raining that night and I had my sweats and a gray rain poncho on. Walking through the park on the way home, I spotted him standing under a tree smoking a cigarette oblivious to the rain. As I got closer, I saw that he was dressed like one of the ground’s keepers of the park in full suit of green wet weather gear.

As I passed him, he nodded to me and I could see that he was checking me out. I may not have been in the greatest shape but I could feel his eyes were all over me. Then he disappeared into the mist that had begun to appear as the rain stopped.

For days after that night, I kept listening to the radio weather report hoping for rain and another encounter with the man dressed in green. Near the end of the week the weather forecast called for mild temperatures and rain and I knew that I would have to go back to the park for a long walk in the rain to just catch another glimpse of him. Before leaving for my workout that night, I decided to pack my black pair of waterproof nylon tear-away pants in my backpack for the walk after.

By the time I got to the park the rain had lessened to fine drizzle and a mist had begun to shroud the ground and trees with a thick fog. With the fog it was hard to see anyone in the park and it seemed to be completely deserted. As I approached the same-forested spot where I had seen him, I noticed the lit end of a cigarette and knew that I was no longer alone in the park.

There he was, leaning against the side of the tree and leisurely smoking, He stood nearly six feet tall and showed a well-proportioned frame that seem that the dark green rain gear fit him like a glove. As I approached him he butted out his smoke under the heel of one of his work boots and stretched. Even from this distance I could feel his eyes on me and my cock started to get rock hard my tight tear-away pants.
I wanted him to use me and my body for all its worth and I hoped that I was up to the challenge. Nearing the shadow of the tree, he unzipped his jacket to show a broad hairy chest and a set of nipples that begged to be worshipped. Under the branches of the tree I was uncertain how to approach him and how to express my want to him. He sensed my uncertainty and took charge.

He approached me slowly until I could just smell the sweet smell of his sweat. He reached out to me and ran his hand slowly down my chest, stopping to pinch each of my nipples through the poncho softly. He drew my closer to him and fully unzipped the rain jacket showing the full extent of his hairy chest. I knew that I could lose my self in the thickness of the hair on his chest but I did not care. I found his left nipple and slowly caressed it with a light touch and a shudder when through both of us like an electric charge.
He drew me into a tight embrace and pulled my further under the tree and into the shadows. My cock began to throb until it hurt and I knew that this was all that I had hoped for. With his strong arms around me I could feel the heat of his body through the sweats I was wearing. He Leaned me against one of the trees he began to explore my chest and my ass. He reached under my poncho and slipped his hand under my sweatshirt. I felt his fingers begin to pinch my left nipple and my knees went week. I was in a state of rapture as he played with one then the other of my nipples. His other hand began to explore my ass encased in the wet tear-away pants.

I had to taste his sweaty chest and began to lick around his sensitive nipples. He began to groan and grabbed my ass tighter. His sweat tasted sweet and salty, as I played with one then the other nipple. I knew that I had to have more of his manly scent and began to lick my way to his left armpit. I found the scent and taste intoxicating and greedily lapped it up. I felt his start to nibble on the nape of my neck which drove me crazy and I tongued his pit with a vengeance. I switched sides and began to tongue his right one he found the snaps on the pants and popped the upper ones, causing my pants to drop around my ankles. I felt the cool wet air on my ass as his hand continued to kneed one then the other cheek. Finishing bathing his pits I started to work my way down his chest and toward his crouch.

Sensing what I wanted his pushed me to my knees and pushed his crouch roughly into my face. The wet surface of the rain pants was slick with the fog and soon my face was cover with due. I could see his hard cock straining against the material of the rain gear and began to search the dimension of his crouch with my lips. I could feel the heat of his crouch as I licked the length of his rock hard cock and his large ball sack.
After I had added my moisture to the fog that had collected on his crouch, I knew that I had to taste his tool. I reach up and began to pull the zipper of his bib style pants slowly down. I parted the opening I had created in his pants with my teeth and saw his eight-inch tool nested in a dark hair thatch. I began to lick the crown of his hard cock and inhale the smell of his sweaty crouch. His cock started to leak pre-cum and loved the sweet taste of it. I started to lick the length of his cock and taste the sweat that had accumulated around his balls. I had to taste it all and let my lips glide down the length of silky cock until my nose was buried in his crouch hair and I felt the tip of his cock touch my tonsils.

I felt him reach down and pulled me to my feet so he could continue to explore my ass. As I continued to suck his hard cock I felt his hand along the crack of my ass and find the area around my hole. His hips began to slowly rock as he started to fuck my mouth with his cock. One of his fingers penetrated my ass and I saw stars. I knew what he wanted and I was prepared to give him everything that he wanted.
His cock began to swell slightly and he withdrew it from my mouth. From a pocket in the rain jacket he pulled out a condom and a tube of lube. He handed me the condom and I lovingly wrapped his hard cock in the smooth latex. He then pull my ass cheeks apart and lubed the crack of my ass and began to fuck hole with his fingers. The lube felt cold on his warm fingers as he lubed my hole slowly and without haste.
He lead my to a nearby fallen branch and bent me over it. He positions his cock against my hole and slowly drew me back against his warm sweaty chest. His cock filled my ass until I felt that I would break in half. With me impaled on his cock he began to pinch my tits allowing my ass time to get use to his long tool. He slowly withdrew his cock until just the crown was in my ass and began to slowly fuck me as if he already owned my ass.

As his pace picked up he grabbed my hips and drove his cock further into my ass. I was in heaven as his tool explored the extents of my hole. I knew that he could not keep up this pace much longer as his breath became hoarser and his groans louder. With a final plunge His cock exploded his load deep into my ass. Pulling my vertical he began to lick and nibble on my ear. He whispered to me that he wanted me to shoot. He grabbed my balls tightly with one hand and his other began to stroke my hard cock with the other. I clenched my ass around his still hard cock and began to show my load far into the bushes in front of us.
I found out later that his name was David and that he was a ground’s keeper for this park. I began to enjoy nightly walks in the park, especially on rainy nights when I knew that David was out among the trees in his green rain gear and his large hard cock.

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