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A Slapped Teenage Boy Considers His Plight

During my freshman year in high school, a cute, freckle-faced boy named Tommy Martinez had his face slapped numerous times by a nun who seemed to enjoy slapping boys’ faces and making them red in front of the class. It was a co-ed school, and Sister Ida slapped only boys. She might verbally scold a girl who misbehaved or who didn’t do her work, but she pounced like a predator on boys who acted up, misbehaved, or who didn’t hand in their work, and she slapped their faces in front of the class, using hard, loud, popping, ringing slaps to produce incredible red marks on their faces, and cause them great embarrassment.

In my story dated 2-20-02 and titled “Sister Ida Slapped His Face,” the detailed AND TRUE story is told about some choice incidents in which two especially cute boys got their faces slapped and made red in front of the class. There is also a wild fantasy segment of the story concerning one of the slapped boys . . . . a handsome lad with cute freckles named Tommy Martinez, whose face Sister Ida slapped on three different occasions, with red slap marks that were incredible and sexy. In that story, I fantasize about what it would have been like to have Tommy Martinez kneel down in front of me, and suck my cock like a wild boy, right after his face got slapped the final time, with red slap marks on both sides of his face, and with me touching his hot, slapped freckles while he sucked my cock and swallowed my huge load of cum.

This follow-up story gets into the mind of Tommy Martinez and explores what he may have been thinking and feeling about his experience of getting his freckle-face slapped and made red by a nun in front of his classmates. It also explores what else might have happened, as a result of the discipline that he received from the nun at school.

Tommy Martinez was a trim boy with wavy brown hair, deep brown eyes, and a completely soft, smooth face. He was partly of Mexican descent and partly Irish or English, with a “fair complexion” gene somewhere, because as he reached early adolescence, he began to notice — when he looked in the mirror to wash his face, brush his teeth, and gargle with mouthwash – freckles starting to appear on his face. First a few on his nose, then a few more under his eyes, then a few on his forehead, and as he reached freshman year in high school, quite a few more freckles, especially down onto both cheeks, right in the middle. The freckles stopped there, giving him a handsome, sexy, desirable face not covered with freckles, but splashed with a sexy mixture of dark brown freckles and light brown freckles that decorated his face nicely. There were also open spaces on his lower cheeks near his jaws, with no freckles. And his entire face was perfectly soft and smooth, inviting touching or slapping by someone who might be hot and horny.

I sat across the aisle from Tommy Martinez in freshman biology class — Sister Ida’s class — and I was enormously turned on by his freckle face, especially after it got slapped. I sat on Tommy’s left, so it was his left cheek that I got to steal frequent glances at. His face was beautiful . . . ripe for touching and slapping, and I remember how smooth it was, and how sexy! There was a clump of cute freckles right in the middle of his left cheek . . . a dark brown freckle with a three-quarters circle of 8 light brown freckles surrounding the dark brown freckle. Sister Ida captured those 9 freckles, and included those freckles in her slaps, and covered them with a red mark, each time she slapped Tommy Martinez’s soft, smooth face in front of his classmates.

There were three episodes during freshman year, when Sister Ida slapped Tommy Martinez’s face. THE FIRST EPISODE: 3 right-handed slaps on his left cheek. Incredible red mark on his left cheek. OFFENSE: Not bringing his biology assignment. THE SECOND EPISODE: 7 total slaps: 4 right-handed slaps on his left cheek, and 3 left-handed slaps on his right cheek. OFFENSE: Sister Ida heard him use her name without the word “Sister” in front hif it. (Disrespectful). Both sides of his freckle-face, covered with red marks. THIRD AND FINAL EPISODE: Tommy wore a St. Louis Cardinals baseball cap into class . . . . uniform infraction . . . . . it was toward the end of the school year, and Sister Ida realized this would probably be her final opportunity, so she slapped his face on both sides with a total of 14 slaps: 8 right-handed slaps on his left cheek and 6 left-handed slaps on his right cheek. Produced incredible red marks that lasted on his face all day, and turned Tommy Martinez into a zombie who could not even eat his lunch, AN HOUR AND AND A HALF LATER.

The first episode, Tommy heard Sister Ida whisper the word “Freckles!” right before she slapped his face. There were three hard right-handed slaps from Sister Ida on the left side of his face, while he sat defenseless at his desk, Sister Ida using her left-hand fingers to hold up his chin and steady his head while she slapped his face three times. As Sister Ida’s hard slaps landed on his left cheek — making loud, popping sounds that rang through the classroom — Tommy felt the stinging, and sensed the hot, tingling sensation begin to set in on his left cheek. He knew he had freckles, but he hadn’t thought too much about them up to that point, but Sister Ida mentioned his freckles right before she slapped his face, and that made him wonder about his freckles and think about them a little more.

He had never been slapped before, but he had seen Sister Ida slap James Clark’s face with a hard, left-handed slap a couple of weeks earlier, and he remembered that there was a red mark on James’ right cheek (no freckles). He also recalled that James touched and rubbed his slapped cheek after Sister Ida slapped it, and his rubbing left two white finger marks on top of the red slap mark.

As Sister Ida moved away from his desk and continued with the class, Tommy continued to feel the stares of his classmates, and he heard some laughing from some of the kids, too . . . . both boys and girls. “Look at the red mark!” he heard one student exclaim. It was then that Tommy felt the embarrassment sink in, and the rest of that day, he received enormous teasing and stares, and even one girl – Michelle McDeighton, during lunch in the cafeteria a short time later — touched his cheek, including the cute clump of 9 freckles right in the middle, that had been slapped . . . . There was still a trace of red slap mark . . . . and Michelle exclaimed, “Bad Boy, Tommy Martinez! Sister Ida slapped your face!” Tommy angrily pushed her hand away, and everyone laughed.

That afternoon, Tommy’s older brother Rick, 22 years old with a monster 8-inch cock that had not been masturbated for several days or sucked for over a month, noticed that Tommy was strangely subdued in the car as they rode home. As Rick drove, he looked at Tommy, and noticed that Tommy’s left cheek had a faint touch of pink on it. “What’s wrong?” Rick asked Tommy as they pulled out of the school parking lot.

“Sister Ida slapped my face,” Tommy replied. “Why?” Rick asked. “I didn’t have my biology paper,” Tommy explained.

“Tell me all about it,” Rick demanded as he drove. Tommy proceeded to tell him what happened, including Sister Ida steadying his head with her fingers under his chin, and whispering the word “FRECKLES!” right before she slapped his face with three hard slaps. “I can see that your face has a little pink on it still,” Rick said, staring and getting hard & horny. “Was there a red mark when Sister Ida slapped your face?” “Yes,” Tommy admitted, and he told his hot, horny, older brother about how it felt, getting his face slapped: a nun’s cold fingers delivering loud, popping slaps on his face; the stinging sensation that he felt; and the hot, tingling feeling on his cheek. He also told Rick how he thought about his own freckles while Sister Ida slapped his face, and he described for Rick how it felt, as different kids reacted . . . . the stares, the teasing, the laughing . . . . and that girl, Michelle, touching his cheek later. Rick heard all the sizzling details, and was becoming huge, wet, and rock-hard inside his blue jeans and tight white briefs.

Rick then blackmailed Tommy by telling him that they were going to stop by the creek on the way home, and that if Tommy sucked his older brother’s cock and swallowed his cum, Rick would not tell their parents, and Tommy would not get in trouble with them, too. “I don’t blame Sister Ida for mentioning your freckles and slapping your face,” Rick told Tommy as they pulled off the main street and onto the country road that led to the creek. “You’ve got cute freckles, Tommy, and I’ve been wanting to touch them myself for months.”

They got out of the car, walked down by the creek bed, and on a beautiful Fall Monday with a gentle breeze blowing, a few birds chirping, and a creek gurgling by, Rick Martinez took off his blue jeans and his tight, white briefs, tossing them on the grass nearby, and showing his little brother Tommy his enormous cock. Rick left his purple T-shirt on, which went down only as far as his waist. His monster cock as cut, 8 inches, with a huge mushroom head, and ready to explode. Tommy Martinez, a 15-year-old boy with a cute freckle-face that had been slapped by a nun and made red only a few hours before, knew he had no negotiating room. He dreaded getting in trouble at home, with his Mom and Dad, so when his brother Rick ordered him to kneel down and suck his cock, Tommy obeyed and did so.

The first thing Rick did, was rub his hard, huge cock against Tommy’s left cheek — the cheek that had been slapped and made red in front his classmates — and he looked closely at how his cock made a nice imprint on Tommy’s cheek, especially on top of the cute clump of freckles that had been slapped and made red, and which still had a touch of pink on them.

Rick held Tommy’s head firmly as Tommy sucked. It was the first cock that Tommy sucked, so he was inexperienced. But he quickly took to the enjoyment and the euphoria of it, especially when Rick ordered him to suck up and down on the giant mushroom head of his cock, which was soaking-wet with pre-cum. Tommy did as Rick commanded, and Rick held the back of Tommy’s head with his left hand while he touched the cheek that had been slapped, with his right hand. Rick felt some tingling and some warmth still there, and he figured Sister Ida must have really delivered hard slaps, for a pink mark and some warmth to still be present on Tommy’s cheek, all these hours later.

Tommy was proving to be a superb cock-sucker, and Rick was starting to go wild. “Reach behind and touch my butt!” he ordered Tommy. So Tommy reached behind with his right hand and touched the nice, dimpled left cheek on his 22-year-old brother’s sexy butt. Rick had shifted his weight so that his weight was contained on his left side, giving the left cheek on his smooth butt a nice, round, dimpled shape. Tommy touched it and squeezed it with his right hand while he sucked Rick’s cock.

Within seconds, Rick began to moan with happiness, as he felt himself about to explode in Tommy’s mouth. Tommy tried to pull away, but Rick held his punished little brother’s head more firmly, and then his cock exploded in his Tommy’s mouth. Rick let out a sweet groan of contentment and then a shout of exhilaration. Tommy’s mouth was now full of cum, and he was about to spit it out on the grass. But Rick grabbed Tommy’s freckled cheeks with his right hand and commanded him, “Swallow it!”

“I can’t,” Tommy muttered, with his mouth open and a huge glob of cum, visible and resting on his tongue. “It’s too slimy and gooey!”

“Swallow it, I said!” Rick repeated, “or I’ll tell Mom and Dad that Sister Ida slapped your face in school today! You’ll really be in trouble, Tommy, and they might also slap your face to teach you a worse lesson!”

“Okay, okay,” Tommy said with resignation, and Rick released his right hand from Tommy’s freckled cheeks. He then gently held up Tommy’s chin so he could see Tommy’s Adam’s Apple, and he watched Tommy gulp down the load of cum. “Thank you,” Rick said. To Tommy’s surprise, the huge load of white, slimy cum was warm and utterly delicious.

“Now, there are some drops of cum on your lips,” Rick said. “Lick your clips clean and swallow the rest.” “Do I have to?” Tommy said. “What do YOU think?” Rick replied. “Okay, okay,” Tommy said. He licked his lips clean, and swallowed the rest of Rick’s huge, warm, slimy, load of cum.

“Okay, now get in the car,” Rick ordered Tommy.

Tommy went and sat in the car while Rick put his shorts and pants back on. Tommy glanced over and saw Rick dress . . . . Rick had his back to the car, and Tommy noticed how cute his older brother’s butt was: Nice, wide crack; soft cheeks; excellent dimples. Rick then drove home, and reminded Tommy that they had a deal: he would not tell their parents. Rick was true to his word, but thinking ahead, he also ordered Tommy, “If Sister Ida slaps your face again, I want you to tell me. I will find out anyway, you know . . . . word gets around in this town . . . so you’d better tell me, and I will keep the secret from Mom and Dad if you suck my cock and swallow my cum, like you did today.”

“Okay, okay,” Tommy said. When they arrived home, Tommy dropped his backpack on the floor and went straight to the bathroom. Even though he enjoyed the taste of his brother’s cock, enjoyed the throbbing and pulsating, enjoyed the sensation of the climax, and actually — to his surprise – enjoyed the warm, slimy taste of his brother’s massive load of cum, there was an aftertaste that he wanted to get rid of, so he rinsed his mouth out . . . . first with warm water and then some Listerine. Then he stood in front of the mirror, and studied his freckle-face. He moved close to the mirror and looked at his freckles, thought about them, and was realizing that his face could be a turn-on . . . . yes, for a nun who slapped his face and for his brother, who made him suck his monster cock and swallow his huge load of warm, slimy cum. As he looked at himself in the mirror, he gently touched his left cheek, and ran his fingers over his freckles, which had been slapped and covered with a red mark, just a few hours earlier. He paid special attention to the cute clump of freckles in the middle of his left cheek, and thought about what a day it had been.

He did as Rick ordered . . . . the next two times Sister Ida slapped his freckle-face and made it red in front of the class, Tommy dutifully obeyed Rick and informed him in the car on the way home. Both times, they returned to the same beautiful, private, nature setting where Tommy again sucked his older brother’s monster cock and swallowed his huge load of slimy cum. The last time, when Tommy’s freckle-face got slapped a total of 14 times, the red marks still were on his face at the end of the school day. He wore his Cardinals baseball cap while he sucked Rick’s monster cock near the creek that gorgeous Spring day . . . . yes, the cap that had gotten him slapped in the first place. Once again, Rick had not masturbated for several days, had not had his cock sucked in almost a month, and it was the largest, slimiest load of cum that Rick ever shot. And his mischievous, 15-year-old little brother whose cute freckle-face got slapped and made red by a nun, was the one who got to eat it.

It was ecstacy for Rick, being able to touch both sides of Tommy’s freckle-face with the red slap marks still on them, while Tommy sucked his monster cock and ate his huge load of white, warm, slimy cum. And it was euphoria for Tommy, too. He had begun to be proud of his freckle-face. Proud of getting his freckles slapped and made red by a horny nun in front of his classmates. Proud to be stared at and reminded by his classmates that his freckle-face got slapped and made red by Sister Ida. And especially proud & grateful to be able to suck his 22-year-old brother’s monster cock . . . . one with such a huge head on it . . . . one so wet with such tasty pre-cum . . . . one with such a massive load inside . . . . . and Tommy felt grateful, being able to suck this cock and eat such a delicious load of white, warm, slimy, gooey cum. This last time, Rick also squirted a few drops of cum on Tommy’s cheeks, so with the red slap marks still covering Tommy’s freckle-face, Rick took his fingers and cleaned up the rest of the cum off Tommy’s face and lips, and Tommy licked his brother Rick’s hands clean and dry.

Rick was again true to his word . . . . Tommy never got in trouble at home.

But his freckle-face had been slapped by a nun in front of his classmates, and there were red slap marks on his face, and he sucked his brother’s cock and swallowed his cum whenever Rick demanded it. It was a special relationship, and one that Tommy began to enjoy, as time went on.

Tommy remained very proud of his freckle-face, and especially proud of the cute clump of freckles on the middle of his left cheek. These hot, sexy freckles were what got him the most attention, after all . . . . especially when they got slapped and made red by Sister Ida. Tommy knew that his freckles were sexy, and Rick taught him to become proud that he was a member of Sister Ida’s special club of boys whose faces got slapped and made red in front of the class.

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