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A walk in the park, leather style

A walk in the park, leather style

The night was cool but not cold enough for needing a shirt under my black leather jacket. I was watching the men walking slowly through the wooded sections of the park silently from the shade of one larger grove of trees, leisurely smoking a cigarette. I was all in black leathers tonight, watching and waiting for some one that really wanted my hard cock up his ass and would beg me to allow him to blow his load when it was his turn to cum. As I was neared the end of my smoke, I felt the parting touch of my leather gloves on my lips and wondered how it would feel to caress the lips of someone as I impaled him on my hard cock.

Then I saw him entering the park. He was dressed in a pair of tight black leather chaps over blue jeans and a motorcycle style leather jacket. He was slowly and cautiously walking up the graveled path, scanning the bushes and heavily shadowed areas for any hint of action that might be happening in the park. I smiled for I knew what he wanted and shifted a little so that the bright moonlight would reflect off my chaps and jacket. He caught the movement and shifted closer to my position peering intently into the shadows. I guess that he saw the glow of my cigarette as I took one last puff before grinding beneath one of my boot heels. He cautiously enters the shadows and I saw that he has older than I was but I always liked older men. The young one looked good in leather but sometimes did not know how to act with the leathers on.

When he was a few feet from me he gave his crotch a slow grab signifying what he wanted. It was then
that he looked directly into my eyes and saw what I wanted and I saw his eyes drop to his feet as if he was surrendering to his fate. He slowly stepped closer until he was inches from my face. I heard him whisper, “how can I be of service Sir.” Sir, I liked that. Normally I treat people as equals but tonight I wanted a nice hot and tight subservient bottom.

I wordlessly unzipped my jacket fully letting the cool air make my nipples erect and watched as he did the same. I nodded toward a nearby grove of trees that was further hidden in shadows and waited for him by the trunk of one of larger trees. He approached and placed himself against the tree waiting for me to make my move. I could feel the heat from his body that was inches away from me. I pressed him hard against the tree, cupped his head with my hands and began to explore his mouth with my tongue. I released his head and pressed my bulging crotch into his as I gave him a tight bear hug and continued to French kiss him. He began to moan softly as I explored his back and ass with my gloved hands and pressed my chest into his. I suddenly released him from my kiss and stepped back a little, I wanted this to last. I could tell that he was getting fired up when he dipped his head and started to slowly licked the steel ring of my harness then to zero in on left nipple. I pressed his head against my chest and he sucked my pec with a vengeance. I groaned aloud with the pleasure that he was giving me.

With my left tit pleasured he licked his was to my right nipple and gave it the same treatment as he gave to the left one. I took this chance to check out the package his had in his crotch. The chaps framed his crotch perfectly, I saw that his cock was straining against the material of his jeans. I tease open his chaps and jeans, allowing his hard cock into the cool air. I watched as his cock got even harder as I lightly rubbed the piss slit with an index finger. This seemed to drive him crazy since suddenly dived for my right pit and started to slurp up the sweaty dew that had been collecting there. I grabbed his stiff cock and pulled out his cum filled balls from hiding of his jeans. I weighed his large ball sack in my palm and knew that he had not cum in several days.

I let his sack swing low as I decided to get serious. He was coming up for air from my right pit as I leaned him against the tree and kneeled before him to tease his cock some. I began to lick his piss slit and lap up the pre-cum that coated the head of his cock. This caused him to raise his ass from against the tree and I used the opportunity to grab his muscled ass with both hands. I suddenly yanked his jeans further down to his ankles and started to explore the crack of his ass and his tight hole. I started to lick the length of his hard cock coating its entire surface with my spit. I paused briefly to coat several fingers with my spit as I took a quick sniff of his ball sack and relished the mixed scent of his sweat and soap. He started to rock back and forth as I let the head of his cock past my lips. I nibbled the head of his dick with my teeth as I place my coated fingers next to his steamy hole. As his rocking became more insistent I let him go down on my finger. I slipped in a second finger into his tight hole and began to finger fuck his ass. He really wanted me to go all the way down on him so that he could blow his load, but I wanted to keep control of the scene and back my head off of his dick and straighten to look him in the eye.

It was his turn to lick some dick. As I leaned against the tree, I watched as he kneeled before me to begin to open my chaps then my jeans with his teeth. My hard cock sprang into the air as he wrestled with the last button of my jeans. With long slow strokes of his tongue he coated my dick with his spit. He sank lower and started to bath my ball sack and bush with loving care. I was loved to watch a master of this art at work. I almost blew my load when he took my hard piece into his hot mouth and ran his tongue all over the head and underside. I let out a load groan as he suck my dick all the way to my hairy bush. In long and slow strokes he suck my hard cock

I reached into my jacket and grabbed one of the always-handy safe sex kits and dropped it between his legs. He caught on instantly and gave my dick a parting lick before he lovingly encased my hard cock with the condom. He handed me the packet of lube and twisted around and grabbed his ankles revealing his tight hole in its full glory. I open the lube with my teeth and used two fingers to lubricate his hole slowly and with care. I really did not want him to feel that much pain as I mounted him. I smeared the remainder of the lube on my latex-coated cock and told him to use his arms to encircle the tree and give it a big kiss. With his legs spread slightly I approached him and place the head of my cock in his crack. I heard him inhale deeply in preparation of my dick.

I wanted to both of us to enjoy this so I went slowly. I began to rock slightly rubbing my dick along his now spit and sweat slick ass crack before I angled for his hole. I mounted him slowly and lovingly to allow him time to get used to the anal invasion and to enjoy every inch of my dick as it slid into his hot tight ass. Then I was home, fully imbedded up his ass with my bush gently resting in his ass crack and he let out a deep haggard breath. I reached out to encircle him with my arms, my left going for his erect nipples and my right for his stiff cock. I started to fuck him with long strokes leaving the head of my cock in his ass. As I plunged back into his ass I gave his balls and dick a light squeeze. We both broke out in a sweat as I increased the pace of my fuck. I kept a constant pressure on his cock now as I caressed his sweaty abdomen and chest.

The pleasure of his ass increased as he clamped down on my dick with his ass muscles and I knew that I was close to filling his ass with my hot load. Then it happened, I took one final thrust into his ass and felt myself go. I shoot blast after blast of my sweet cum into his ass as I felt the most intense orgasms I have had in a long time. As I came down from that high I heard him ask in the most pleading tones the wish to blow his load. Without withdrawing from his ass I told him to beat off and to shoot his seed onto the tree in front of him. His stokes on his hard dick started slowly but became faster quickly. I felt him clench his ass as he shot his load high onto the tree marking it with a long creamy white line. As he came back to earth I slowly eased out of his ass and threw the cum-filled condom at the foot of the same tree letting our seeds mix on the ground and roots.

I told him as we both rearranged our leathers that if he ever wanted a repeat of tonight, to meet me under the same tree when the moon was full and we would try to reach for heaven once more.

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