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Its Raining Men Two

Its Raining Men Two

Its raining again and I can not help but remember my last walk in the rain. I was coming home from one of the city’s leather bars and I decided to take a shortcut through a ravine like park on the way home. Dressed in my leather chaps, harness and jacket I had gone out to see if I could score some action, No luck. By the time I got there, the rain had turned into a gentle mist and had created expansive patches of fog along the only path leading through the park.

Halfway through the park I had to take a piss and headed off the path into, what I had hoped was a sheltered and secluded area. Loosening my chaps and opening my button fly I hauled out my semi-hard cock to unload my bladder. The feel of my leather motorcycle gloves felt great on my cock and I started to get rock hard by the time I finished pissing. Before I had time to reposition my hard cock I realized that someone had enter the shaded glade where I was.

He stood nearly six feet tall and was clad in a dark green three-quarter-length rain jacket and matching pants. At first I thought that it was someone else looking for some action in the park on this rainy night. Then a beam of light coming through the trees flashed on the insignia of the park groundkeepers and I knew that I was in trouble. Before I could move an inch he was next to me with his large hand firmly wrapped around my still hard cock. I heard him say in a soft purr “Well what do we have here”. I tried to explain my way out but, the longer that my explanation went on, the harder he squeezed my cock. From one of the pockets of the rain jacket he pulled out a pair of handcuffs and locked one end tightly around my right wrist and jerked it behind my back. When I began to protest I heard him say, “I know exactly how to treat people like you”. With that he let go of my cock and spun me around to catch my free wrist and secure it with the other end of the handcuffs. He tightened the cuff just tight enough for me to feel them around the gauntlets of my gloves and for me not to escape from what he had planned for me.

With my arms secure he leaned me against the tree I was next and smiled at my attempts to pull up my pants. Reaching over he pulled the zip of my jack down revealing my bare chest and my sensitive nipples. He then reached down and slowly removed my chaps and hung them on a low-lying bush in front of me. From another pocket of his jacket he displayed a large pocketknife and slowly cut along the inseam of my denim jeans and removed them. He then slowly dressed me in my chaps leaving my ruined jeans on the forest floor in front of me. He now had access to my rock hard cock and my ass He then announced that he was going to teach me a lesson on how to treat the parks of the city with proper respect.

Standing directly in front of me he slowly unzipped his jacket to reveal a very hairy and well-muscled chest. Grabbing my head he buried my nose in the chest hair and ordered me to lick ever inch of his chest and to pay particular attention to his nipples and to his armpits. I could feel the heat of his body on my face as I slowly proceeded to clean one side then the other of his chest. With his tits I nipped and teased them but was warned that biting would be punished. With his chest glistening with my spit He held my head to
first one pit then the other and told to clean them well. The smell and taste of his sweat was intoxication and I dove in with vigor.

When he was satisfied that I had done a suitable job he forced me to my knees and rubbed his crotch in my face. I could feel his hard cock straining against the fabric of the pants and see the bulge created by his heavy cum filled balls. He ordered my to lick the bulging tent with my tongue until it shone in the light. Exploring the length of his cock I could tell that it had to be at least eight hard inches of pulsating steel. He could see that I was starting to get hungry for a taste of his cock he told me that to get a taste of his hard tool I would have to open the bib style pants with my teeth. Rising slightly I started to open the Velcro sealed zipper and slowly worked the zipper down far enough to catch sight of his sweaty cock. Back down on my knees started to lick the length of his richly veined cock as his groans filled the hidden glade. I then licked his heavy egg sized balls giving them the same loving attention that I had given his cock and his groans became louder. Reaching down he rubbed the head oh his cock all over my face leaving a sticky trail of thick pre-cum until I was covered from chin to forehead.

Stepping back as if to survey, the scene he then pressed the large purplish head of his steel hard cock against my lips and slowed feed it to me. As the head passed my lips the stream of pre-cum became a
flood and spilled onto my tongue. It tasted sweet and slightly salty just like his sweat. As my mouth filled with his hard cock he became more forceful and I tried not to gag on his meat. He slowly withdrew it until just the tip of his cock was in my mouth before forcing it further down my throat. As he slowly fucked my face with his hard tool, he reached down and began to pinch and twist my nipples. His warm touch was electric against my now cold chest and my tits until they were as erect as my straining cock. As his trusts became faster I could feel his ball sack tighten slightly against my chin and I knew that he was close to cumming.

I thought that he may have just wanted a quick blowjob and then he would release me, but I found out that my woodland education was not over. He stopped and pulled his swelling cock from my mouth and
smiled menacingly at me. Pulling me to my feet he turned my around and began to explore my ass with particular attention to my crack and hole. Suddenly I felt his hand slap across my cheeks leaving stinging marks and a yelp from my throat. He ordered me quite by telling me that he would use my own jeans as a gag in necessary. He then began a lecture on the proper use of the parks and where the public washrooms were. To punctuate this I received a slap on one cheek or the other with out warning until my ass felt that it was on fire.

With the finish of the lecture I felt him probe my hole with one, then two fingers. Looking behind me I could see that he had a tube of lube resting on the hand cuffs and was slowly greasing my hole in preparation for the invasion my his massive cock. Completing the lubing of my hole and crack, he slip a condom on his rod and stepped behind my to begin the assault on my ass. I felt the heat from the head of his cock glide down my greased crack until it rested on my pucker of my hole. He grunted slightly as his
cock slowly slipped into my ass. His cock slowly filled my ass until I felt that the head would start to tickle my tonsils. When he had me fully impaled on his cock he stopped and let his hard cock swell in my ass canal.

With his balls touching my ass he began to stroke my chest. Wrapped in a giant bear hug he began to pinch my left nipple as his right hand wandered down to my crotch and gently squeeze my cock and balls. Knowing that he was in full command he began to fuck my ass and fist my cock with the same rhythm. As the pace pick up speed I felt that I was being fucked and fisted by a pro. He began to groans even louder than before as he fucked me at a blistering and brutal pace. I felt his balls pound my ass as he gave a final lunge into my ass and the fiery blast of his cum in my ass as he came. The sensation sent my over the edge as I began to shoot load after load of cum onto the tree I was leaning against.

When I recovered from the intense waves of the orgasm I had had I found my self-alone in the glade. For a second I thought that it had been a delusion caused by having one to many beers at the bar. Then I saw directly in front of me my jeans neatly folded with a pair of handcuffs resting on top of them and I knew that it had been no dream. My hands and wrists were cold and stiff. Sorer still was my ass that had just been ridden so expertly by that mysterious groundkeeper. I quickly put back on my ruined jeans and chaps. Luckily the chaps hid the tears in the jeans and I was able to get home with out further adventures. Oh the hand cuffs. I slipped them in a pocket of my jacket and I now wear them as a badge of honor on one of the lapels of my jacket. You never know when a groundkeeper will want to use them again.

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