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Brad the Cutey

Brad is a close friend of my son’s, they do practically everything together and at any given time on any given weekend when you find one you can be sure the other is not too far. Brad is 12, he has blond hair, a really cute face, a raspy voice that clearly indicates he is pubescent. He’s short, 5’1 or so and VERY outspoken. It so happened this particular weekend that Brad was staying at our house. I don’t know what prompted it, I caught myself paying more than the normal amout of attention that I paid to him. He took off his shirt at one point and I marveled at the work in progress on his chest and upper body as he undergoes changes associated with his growth, he has really sharp nipples that almost come to a point and and ‘inny’, and of course the usual pearly white skin since it is mid winter.

They were playing and I was working most of the afternoon. When evening rolled around I asked my son and Brad what they would like for dinner, telling them that I could make a quick trip to the store for steaks if they wanted me to cook on the grill. My son raved to Brad about how juicy and delicious my steaks are. Brad said that sounded good to him so I left them playing video games while I went to the store. As I was driving to the store, the picture of Brad shirtless came to mind and I began to ponder how really cute he was. I am not normally interested in anyone under-age, there was just something there that somehow intrigued/excited/interested me in a situation that I usually wouldn’t care less or even give a second thought to.

I got to the store, I picked out my purchases, paid and drove home. In the meantime they had gotten bored with the video games and were downstairs watching a DVD. I came in and handed them each a soda, I even remembered to get Brad the specific brand and flavor that he likes rather than the generic store brand. I went out to light the grill and Brad followed me, my son stayed in the living room, intensely concentrating on a Disney Channel movie. Brad thanked me for getting him his favorite soda and we small-talked for a bit about grilling, what his family usually does and so-forth. While we were having this conversation I realized that for the first-time ever I was really paying attention to Brad, listening to each word and fazing into his blue eyes.

This had a noticeable affect on Brad, he continued making conversation and was forming a lot more sensible sentences than the usual non-sensical 12 year old that I knew him as and we were communicating and mutually enjoying the banter as well. It was time to put the steaks on, I went in and got them, Brad waited by the grill while I did so. I brushed the grill a bit and put the meat on. When I opened the grill I realized that we had been out there for quite some time as it was much warmer than the usual ‘I know how long after I light then grill when it is ready to go’. Brad went and got his soda and asked me if I wanted one of mine from the fridge, I said ‘yes’ and be walked outside beaming a huge cute ‘Brad smile’ and handed me my soda. There’s one thing I do need to clarify, a ‘Brad smile’ is this little kind of sideways look with a cute shit-eating-grin that can make a person only begin to wonder what is going on inside that blond head.

We continued to talk, he brought up sports, girls, told me a dirty joke that I already knew, I did a good job of faking my laugh on it though. Our talk became more engaging, my son came out and asked if the food was almost ready, I told him maybe five minutes, although I almost hated for the steaks to be done as we would have to go inside. My son and Brad set up TV tables so we could watch the rest of the movie while we ate. Just about the time that we finished eating, the movie ended, my son and Brad wanted ice cream, I told them that I wanted them to wait for a bit before dessert, they hobbled up the stairs to occupy themselves until I called them, this was also the first time that I consciously paid close attention to something else. Brad ALWAYS wears shorts of some kind, usually the kind that go just below the knee and I caught myself ogling the bare skin on his leg in the space between his shorts and his socks. As I cleaned things up and loaded the dishwasher I began to see Brad in a completely different way than I had in the past. Rather than an annoyingly abnoxious boisterous kid I was seeing an intelligent blond boy that albeait was younger than my usual adult taste, I was really intrigued by the possibilities, seeing Brad as a cute sexy young guy and wondering what treasures were hidden by the few clothes that he had on was getting me excited.

After I had finished cleaning the kitchen, I hollered up the stairs for the guys to come down for dessert. We had a team effort, making sundae type things with chocolate syrup and whipped cream, when Brad was putting syrup on his he spilled some on his chest just above his nipple. Without thinking, I made some off-the-wall comment about licking it off, thank God my son had finished and was walking out of the room and did not hear, Brad stopped what he was doing and looked right at me and gave me the ‘Brad smile’ and said I should use a finger as it was probably better right now. I dipped my finger to his chest and rubbed as much of it off of him as I could and then brought my finger to my lips and licked it off. At this point I was so excited that I could hardly think, it was fairly clear from the look that Brad shot me that he was definitely not unhappy or uneasy about the interaction.

I grabbed my ice-cream and went to sit on the couch and eat my ice cream, at this point I was putting the bowl on my crotch between bites, the only way that I could keep from getting a hardon that would be clearly evident to anyone within three blocks, I could almost swear that when I glanced over at Brad very briefly not wanting to attract too much attention that he had a bulge growing in his shorts. For quite a while now I had often wondered about Brad, he didn’t really pay any attention to girls much when out in public, he would join right in on the obligatory conversations with my son about sexual matters with girls. Of course the only one he ever talked about was Britney Spears and even then it was always the same comments, almost rehearsed and spoken to the point that he had assured himself more than anyone else that he did like girls. This of course is not something that another preteen or early teen would catch, it was quite obvious to me as he really wanted to seem geniune and convincing, and of course he was trying way too hard.

We all watched some movie trailer clips that I had brought home and it was getting late. I suggested that they head up to the showers and start getting ready for bed, my son protested that it was the weekend, I told him that they could take showers and then watch tv or play vidoegames in his room for a bit as long as they started winding and calming down and getting to the stage of being ready for bed. Brad took his shower first, I went upstairs and noticed his soft-side bag that he brought his clothes in laying on the floor. by the bathroom door. My son was engrossed in a video game so I chanced a little inspection of Brad’s stuff, of course right on top without evening opening the bag I could see a pair of worn briefs, not ‘dirty’ just worn. I made sure that no one was looking and brought the crotch of them up to my nose. This was the first time I had smelled anything quite this exquisite, it wouldn’t have taken much for me to make a snack our of the cloth that I was holding.

I was starting to get turned on again just as the shower water turned off, I dropped the briefs into the bag and went on in my room. I was sitting at the computer working on a spreadsheet for work when Brad came in, I did my best not to pay TOO much attention to him and went about my work. In just a couple of minutes it was painfully obvious that he was standing right next to me as I could smell all the usual shower, soap, toothpaste etc… odors, almost as if they were eminating from me. Brad was almost leaning on my back, looking over my shoulder at what I was doing, I typed ‘HI BRAD’ into the cell of the spreadsheet and this earned a cute cackling-laughing-chuckle, probably the best he could manage in the midst of his voice changing.

“What ya doing Brad?”

“I am kinda burnt on video games for today and wanted to come see what you were doing.”

I was hard at work trying to come up with a witty, sarcastic cute comment that would imply what I would ‘like’ to be doing but I resisted the temptation. Geez, can this dude read my mind? He starts leaning over further until he HAD to rest his check on my back to keep from falling over. I totally lost concentration on what I was doing and had to stop and turned around. Brad was of course not wearing a shirt, and was wearing shorts that were MUCH shorter and tighter than earlier, no socks of course, I ogled his bare legs and coulld not help but notice the large distance from the leg openings of the shorts he was no wearing and and his cute bare legs. I mumbled something about checking on something downstairs and practically fell all over myself trying to get out of the room and down the stairs as I was being completely caught off-guard by this cutey and the feelings and urges that were hammering me.

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