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Breaking Sex Part 1

Although the disclaimer says that it isn’t, this is actually a true story, I just changed the names.

My name is James. I’m 15 years old, 5″10, I have a 7″ cock and am exploring my sexuality. I recently had a friend over to stay at my house for a couple of days. He’s also 15 but is a bit shorter, very cute, and has about a 6″ cock. His name is Will.

Insted of sleeping in the house with my parents, we were sleeping in a separate building outside the house, which still had lights, a TV, heating and beds. We had been watching some films, drinking some booze. I had always suspected that Will was gay because he liked to hug his male friends and just seemed that kind of person. He wasn’t camp or anything, completely the opposite, he just liked to mess around a bit more than what most people would consider a joke. I was sleeping in a large fold-out sofa bed, and he was on the floor on a mattress. I rolled out of my bed and we hugged each other for a minute or two. The room didn’t have any lights on, and the only light provided was from the TV. It was then that I asked him, “Have you ever thought about being gay?” “Not really.” he replied. “Do you wanna try?” I asked feverently. “Yeah, go on then,” he said, definately not the reply I had expected.

I started kissing his lower body and around his thighs, and then moved to his erect penis. I took it in my mouth slowly, and then began to suck harder and harder, with him issuing moans of pleasure with every stroke. I started to play with his ass, squeezing his tight cheeks with both hands, with his cock still in my mouth, I then slid a finger into his tiny hole, and felt his inner walls close around my digit. He squirmed a bit and I could tell he had never been penetrated. But I decided that I wanted to go first. I lubed up my ass with vaseline, giving myself a quick fingering in the proccess. With Will lying on his back, I slowly lowerd my self onto his cock, feeling that gorgeous sensation as his glans slipped into me. I started to move up and down on his cock, but then found that he’d never be able to cum like this. I climbed off him, and got on all fours next to where he was lying, he needed no encouragement. Holding my hips gently, he pushed into me again, and we found that this worked much better. He rammed into me faster and faster, until a hot load of his cum filled my arse, literally making me feel all warm inside.

He pulled out of me, and immediately fell asleep on the bed. I thought about waking him, having my go on top, but decided to save it for another time. This is a true story, and I want to see him again, so as I can have my turn, and I promise that I’ll write it in. Promise.

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