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First Sex

I am now 46, however once I was a 12 year old with a large cock…..

Paul was the youth choir director at Saint Mary’s church. I had been an altar boy since 4th grade and was a member of the youth choir and lusted over several of the girls. One night Paul approached me and told me I had a nice body, very muscular, and he wanted me to pose for him, as he was an artist that did charcoal sketches. He offered $5 an hour. Well in 1968 that was a lot of money for a 12 year old to make. He asked me to let him know and please keep it to myself. I told my Dad, and he smacked me and said Paul was a queer and to stay away from him. I was confused, and wanted the money. Paul had said I would be posing in my swimsuit, how could he be gay and have a place so high in the church? So, I asked Paul next time I saw him, when he wanted me to come by. He told me, and I went. I wanted the money.
True to his word, Paul had me pose in my underwear; it was close to a swimsuit. He sketched me for about an hour, it was tiring, posing while he drew on a large paper. He suggested we take a break and gave me a book to read. It was an X rated book, which was fantastic, I don’t recall the subject of the book, but I don’t think it was gay related. I got such a hard on. My dick swelled to its length, all 9 and 1/2 inches, very thick. I never measured the thickness but I can barely touch my fore finger and thumb together, about as big around as my wrist. All of a sudden Paul, who asked if I had ever had a blowjob, interrupted me? I replied no, but I have always dreamed of Mary Ann or Vicky giving me one. What about a guy doing it asked Paul? I said I never really thought about it, and he started sucking my large dick. Well, it felt so good, he gave great head, he swallowed most of it, and the use of his tongue was wonderful. Jerking off had never felt this good. He licked my nuts, put his tongue up my ass, God that felt like heaven. I couldn’t cum. At 12 I jerked off all the time at least twice a day, so it was difficult to actually produce an orgasm.
Paul took me to his bedroom and laid me on the bed, and started an 8 mm film showing men sucking and fucking. He took his cloths off and his hard on was only slightly smaller than mine. I just figured all men had large dicks. I had never really noticed. The film was turning me on. Paul was frustrated by my in ability to cum for him, when I told him I wanted to do what I was seeing on the movie. Paul, I swear he almost came, and he asked if I was sure I wanted to. I replied yes, put your cock up my ass, it looks good. I had never done it, but watching it was turning me on.
Man he was hung, I am not gay, now or then, but I guess I must be Bi. He lubed up with some KY and slowly and gently made love to my ass. It didn’t really hurt, it felt like I had to take a dump at first, then became really good. He came deep within my ass after about 15 minutes of fucking me gently then faster. I came with him, though just a little dribble. I really enjoyed it. He kissed me deeply and in fact he taught me how to french kiss. Since then many women have commented on how well I kiss, and I never tell them a man taught me how. That was about it for that session as I recall. My ass didn’t hurt till the next day, and my first shit was kind of gross, but over all it was wonderful and he paid me 20 bucks for less than 3 hours.
I went back many times to see Paul, he made me promise to not jerk off so he could drink my young cum, I did and he did. I made quite a lot of money that spring and early summer.
Then one day I showed up for my “sketching” session with Paul and a friend of his Glen was there instead of Paul. I didn’t care for that, but I allowed him to suck me off, I fucked his ass as hard as I could, enjoying the pain I caused him. Glenn had a tiny prick; I didn’t know they made them that small, about 2 inches hard. I pitied his wife. Glen was a tenor in the church choir, and a respected member of the church, I knew his wife and his daughter, who I would have rather fucked than him. I let him screw my ass but complained it hurt, and then sucked him dry. I actually love sucking cock and letting cum go down my throat, I definitely swallow.
I never went to Paul’s house after that. Paul had been promising to bring some young women into the action and hadn’t and I was getting a reputation among the gay community. I knew that when one of my best friends fathers hit on me. Also my Dad had asked me if I knew what a queer was and was I gay, and I said no. Actually, I guess I was a whore, because though I enjoyed sucking cock, and being sucked, I could do with out the anal sex, not so much me fucking you, but you fucking me wasn’t all that pleasurable. So I told Paul to “fuck off” and never went back to his house.
I have had 3 or 4 sexual encounters with men since then and enjoyed them, but women are definitely my preference.
I know many of you will think I should have reported Paul and had him thrown in jail for molesting me, but from my perspective, he showed me the only love I was getting, he taught me sex well, and he paid me. At 12 I had the sense to know it was wrong and did it anyway both for the money and the feeling. More to follow.

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