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The Tease

Richard was the best maths teacher the school had ever had, it wasn’t just the fact that he knew his subject inside out it was because he could teach it in an enjoyable way and make pupils understand the most difficult mathematical concepts.

Richard was 27 and had worked at the St Mary’s all girls school for almost two years, he was very well liked and respected by both fellow teachers and pupils. Being rather handsome, girls would frequently have a crush on him but he knew the signs and could deal with the matter without causing offence or hurting the feelings of any girl. The problem began when the new girl started. Her name was Diane Keets, she was only just thirteen year old and came from up North. Diane had the blondest hair and the biggest bluest eyes Richard had ever seen; to compliment these features she was blessed with beautiful looks and was remarkably intelligent. Her classwork and homework was always on time and to the highest standard. Richard was taking a real shine to Diane, and Diane was likewise enjoying his expert teaching and the fatherly influence he was having on her. She especially liked his smell when she stood close to him as he explained a mathematical query to her.

It was during one particularly warm afternoon when during a maths lesson all of the pupils were busily and quietly doing their work. From where Richard sat at the front to the class he could see under the table where Diane sat, she was only just thirteen and looked no more yet she still had shapely legs. He could see them up to a few inches above her knee where the hem of her skirt started. He’d always secretly liked the way the girls dressed in St Mary’s: white blouse, navy blue cardigan, navy blue skirt with a hem a few inches above the knee and white socks that came to just below the knees. It was only during his more private moments did he think and fantasise about what delights where hidden beneath their skirts! And it was during these quieter moments that his fantasies occasionally aroused him to masturbation.

Not realising it, but Richard was staring at Diane’s legs. Just then she moved briefly opening her legs wide, he gasped as he caught a quick flash of her knickers: unmistakably they were navy blue and just as he caught a glimpse Diane looked up and realised what was interesting him. She immediately closed her legs together causing Richard to feel both embarrassed and guilty, fortunately no-one else was party to the incident!

The next day Diane sat in the same seat during the maths lesson, during a period when everyone was quiet doing some work of their own Richard noticed out of the corner of his eye that Diane’s legs were slowly opening and closing, he glanced over and she gave a little smile put her head down and continued with her work then slowly parted her legs wide again. Richard had an unobstructed view of her knickers, he could clearly see between her legs: undoubtedly navy blue knickers. No-one else in the class could see what was going on and Diane left her legs open for a good ten minutes, occasionally she would glance up and smile at Richard knowing what he was looking at! He was becoming hard at the erotic spectacle and could do nothing to prevent it.

A girl in the class came to his rescue by asking him a question that took his mind of Diane’s knickers and allow his hardening penis to resume more decent proportions. The same incident occurred on three more occasions during maths lessons over the following three days and each time Richard found it more and more exciting and more difficult to control his growing erection during each lesson. At the end of the third time of the flashing session Diane waited to be last out and handed Richard a note at the end of the lesson.

‘Meet me at the end of the rugby pitch at 5pm’ it said Richard was in turmoil, fraternising with the pupils was a serious offence and certainly any sort of sexual contact was out of the question.

He decided to meet her and explain the situation in an adult manner: she must not carry on conducting herself in this manner but they must also stay good friends. He walked over to the meeting place as planned. She was waiting.

He greeted her warmly and slowly walked through the nearby trees and chatted with her about school life and her friends.

Before he realised it they were quite deep in the nearby woods and it was getting late, dinner was at 7pm and it was almost 6pm now.

‘There’s something I need to tell you Diane’ he started.

‘Oh, let’s sit down then Sir’ she said.

They both sat on the soft blanket of leaves, her opposite him. As he started to talk she raised her knees right up and just slightly parted her legs, Richard could again see her knickers only this time he was a lot closer! As he tried to string together a sentence he found himself once again staring up her skirt, he saw more of her and now being closer he could see detail: the detail that he saw was her plump, pouting vagina and the indentation of her girlcleft in the centre. Her knickers hugged every contour of her sex piece, it was outlined perfectly.

The girlcleft that her pussy made in the centre of her knickers was the final straw, he was incapable of resisting her beauty any longer no matter what the consequences were and despite her being so young.

He moved closer and kissed her gently on the lips, it lingered and lingered; and Richard’s penis grew and grew to its maximum size.

He broke off the kiss and smiled at her, brushing her long blonde hair back he noticed how perfectly smooth her skin was, she was indeed stunningly beautiful. His hand instinctively wandered up the inside of her thigh to rest there at that place he desired so much and was staring at just a minute or so ago. He ran a finger time and again gently along the length of her girlcleft, the feel of cotton was pleasing against his fingers knowing that there was just this thin layer of a girl’s most private piece of clothing between him and her most private of parts.

Nothing was spoken, not a word. They just looked each other in the eyes.

He kissed her again and whilst he did his hand slipped down the front of her knickers, he felt a little fluff, the early beginnings of pubic hair and then he was there! His fingers caressed and fondled her smooth, small, young pussy. It felt wonderful, it was wonderful then he realised she must be a virgin?

He pushed a finger into her opening up to his knuckle, she pulled away from the kiss and gasped, she felt quite tight but very wet. She was a virgin alright, she should be after all she’s only just thirteen!

He knelt in front of her and asked her to lay on her back, she did so without question.

He lifted her skirt up to her waist revealing all of her navy blue knickers, for a few moments he stared at the beautiful picture of milky white skin against the navy blue of her underwear and the white of her socks. Then in one movement, with one hand either side of her waist band, he pulled her knickers down and clean off, laying them gently down on the dry leaves next to her. Her legs were straight along the ground and between her legs there was just a narrow slit with two plump lips either side and a few wisps of fluff above the slit, he parted her legs yet the slit didn’t get much wider. In keeping with her looks, she even had a beautifully formed clean, plump pussy. He lay beside her and began to toy with her vagina, pushing her legs still wider gave him greater access and when he moved her outer lips apart he could see the pink opening. He had already gone too far to care about consequences, he was going to go all the way. He was going to deflower Diane. Diane didn’t really know what to expect. It was all a bit of innocent fun and a tease to her. She had experienced a strange hot sensation between her legs when she knew that the handsome maths teacher, whom she had a crush on, was looking up her skirt and she liked it! She wondered what it would be like to kiss him and perhaps to feel his hands caressing her.

She had enjoyed it so far, despite feeling very nervous, but she didn’t expect what was about to happen. Diane had never seen an erect adult penis before so when Richard pulled his trousers and briefs down to his ankles revealing almost nine inches of thick, uncircumcised cock accompanied by a heavy, hairy sac she suddenly felt apprehensive and was just at this point when Richard realised that nothing would nor could stop him from fucking Diane. He moved across and mounted her small, beautiful body and realised that she was trying to close her legs. Richard was having none of it, he pushed her legs apart lowered himself onto her and used his knees to keep her legs spread, then with one hand on his cock he guided it up between her legs, rubbing the well lubricated head up and down her cleft allowed him to part her outer lips and locate her virgin opening.

He located her small virgin orifice and with a gentle push his purple knob head nestled just inside up against her hymen.

He paused momentarily and looked her in the face, she was stunningly beautiful but yet he could sense a fear in her eyes.

‘Don’t worry my love, every girl has a first time there’s nothing to be afraid of but I must have you now……… after all of the upskirt knicker teasing’ She tried to plead with him: ‘no Sir, please don’t Sir, please don’t hurt me Sir!’

‘Hush my love, I’m not going to hurt you’ he said trying to pacify her

He thrust into her but it wasn’t easy, his cock would go in a little but she was too tight, he decided to give a few short, sharp stabbing thrusts then a harder one.

Her eyes seemed to go huge and her mouth opened, there was a moan then she cried out in a high pitched shrill as he finally broke through her hymen with his cock. He’d deflowered her and taken her virginity. Slowly he was pushing more and more of his hard cock deeper, deeper down her vaginal tunnel, but it was a slow, very, very slow and very tight penetration.

Diane continued her low moaning, he couldn’t make out whether it was because she was enjoying it or because it hurt. Probably both he thought! Her vagina was stretched as wide as it could to accommodate his fat cock, but accommodate it did! Suddenly he was there, all the way inside her beautiful little body. He began to administer short, quick stabbing thrusts interspersed by one or two long slow ones when most of his cock was withdrawn.

He surprised himself by how long he was lasting especially being that Diane was the youngest and tightest girl he had ever had sex with.

Between thrusts he would stop and rest to kiss her gently around her face and on the lips, then he would start up again six or maybe ten short, quick thrusts followed again by two very slow long ones. This was the rhythm that Richard was enjoying and managed to continue for some time. Despite being outside it was quiet, the only sounds being made was that of leaves rustling about because of being disturbed by the movement of Richard fucking the little girl and the heavy breathing and long gasps from Richard accompanied with the constant moans of oh!, ah!, and other strange girly noises from Diane.

His whole being was now totally consumed in lust for Diana, he was so happy that he had his cock deep inside her cunt and he was so happy that he was fucking her even though it was her thirteenth birthday only just a week before. Then just as he thought he was in control and could go on making-love to Diane for hours the opposite happened as an orgasm of such intensity built up it made his whole body stiffen and shake, then he bellowed out loud and squirted his hot semen in ferocious spasm after spasm after spasm of sheer ecstasy and enjoyment.

By the time he had finished, sweating, her entire vagina was awash and flooded with his hot milky semen. It oozed out of her from around his cock and ran down onto her anus. Slowly his orgasm subsided to a dribble then his penis began to soften and eventually he slipped out of her. His cock was hot to the touch, it felt red raw and very sore. She had been extremely tight! He lay beside her and realised that she too must be sore.

Richard had never experienced such a fulfilling orgasm in his life. There were no wasted or empty feelings after ejaculation. He was pleased he had given her pussy every last drop of his semen.

He hugged her and said ‘sometimes when two people make love, as we have just done, it can hurt a little Diane. Especially when it’s the girl’s first time like yours. This has been a very special moment in my life, Diane, and I hope you can one day value it as much as I have valued doing it just now. When we go back, don’t say anything to anyone and we’ll talk about it tomorrow.’

Diane seemed to understand that it was not an attack on her it was her math’s teacher’s expression of his love for her. And she also realised and accepted that she had a large part to play in bringing it about.

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