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In For Trouble

A resounding crack came loudly with every step on the hardwood floors as Penny paced almost frantically up and down the long hallway. How was she going to explain? Oh, he was going to be so angry. He’d told her ‘one more time’ and she’d rue the day she was born. Mercy! Another speeding ticket AND she’d not been wearing her seat belt. It was as if she were a magnet for every radar gun in the area. Arms flying as she paced emphasizing and punctuating each grumble, “Oh, Penelope, you just couldn’t listen could you? You just ‘had’ to jam your foot down, didn’t you? What are you going to tell him? Ohhh! Pen, you are in so much TROUBLE now! He warned you and warned you. Why? Why did you have to push it? You’d better get dinner ready pronto and maybe that will sooth him a bit. Maybe, just maybe he won’t… damn, Penny who do you think you are kidding?”

Penny rushed to the kitchen and began gathering things from cupboards and refrigerator slinging them on the counter and stove, starting dinner in a mad rush. Large thick lashed green eyes darted to the neon diner clock every few minutes, as time seemed to streak by in a blur like the Nascar racers Jake watched on television.

Chicken was softly bubbling in cherry preserves as potatoes simmered gently clanging as the stainless steel pot lid lifted with puffs of steam. Fresh herbs were diced to add to the potatoes and crisp lettuce was torn and heaped in two bowls, topped with sliced celery, cucumber, wedges of tomato and a sprinkle of sharp cheddar. Just as Penny slid the easy ‘deli recipe’ peach cobbler into the oven Jake walked in coming to wrap her in his arms from behind. “Mmmm, smells good, baby”, he nuzzled her whispering in her ear. “You’ve been naughty, I can tell,” he teased, his voice low and sensuous, as his lips and breath tickled her ear, “what did you do, little one?”

Penny fought going rigid, her breath catching as she felt her face flush with blood. She was glad her back was to Jake because one look at her face and he would know she had indeed been naughty. She forced herself to try to relax and chuckled throatily, “Why would you think that, Love?” As always his tight embrace brought a tingling feeling of security rushing through her. He kept her safe and on track. Jake’s knowledge of her, how her mind worked, her strong and weak points, what made her tick and especially the things that made her feel good about herself, and even those that made her feel bad about herself, gave her a tremendously safe feeling. Ambivalent feelings of security and anxiousness battled inside her. The truth was she hated disappointing Jake and she knew before the night was over she was going to. The question was when. The damn ticket was dated which meant she had to tell him before they went to bed. It rattled her every time she disappointed Jake because pleasing him, seeing him smile, basking in his admiration when she knew he was proud of her, energized her and filled her with joy. She turned in his arms hiding her face in his chest. Breathing in his unique man, soap and mild citrus cologne scent, her lips mumbled almost pouting against his shirt, “I have a confession to make. But wouldn’t you rather relax and have dinner first, Love?”

Penny felt the strong warm fingertips cup and lift her chin bringing her eyes to meet his stern, deep blue, unblinking ones. Her eyes darted, shifting side to side, down, right… unable to hold his gaze as he studied her. “Well, little one it must be a pretty serious confession from the look on your face.” He took a deep breath and when he sighed she felt the humid warmth wash her face in a soft, cinnamon tinged puff. “I had a feeling when I came in and found you hadn’t changed clothes before cooking that something was up with you. Tell me now, then I’ll decide.”

Penny felt him stiffen in preparation, his body immediately strengthening itself to assume the responsibility as leader, coach, guide, DOMINATE. Weight shifting from foot to foot, Penny grimaced as she looked down and realized she’d been so worried after arriving home she hadn’t even thought about changing. Filling her lungs deeply she tensed and with chin lowering she said softly, “I got another speeding ticket on the way home from work.” Her body tensing with the shame of her confession, she pushed to get the words out, “AND I was fined for not wearing my seat belt,” she finished as her shoulders drooped with the relief of not putting off the bad news.

She felt Jake’s arms tighten holding her securely. “Baby? What did I tell you would happen the very next time you got caught doing this?”

“You told me that I would rue the day I was born,” she answered immediately her voice soft and meek.

“As soon as I’ve changed I’ll come back down and help here in the kitchen. We’ll eat and clean up the kitchen… first,” Jake told her as he raised and adjusted his shoulders easing the tension he’d felt as her words had stiffened muscles, “Then I, or rather ‘we’ will deal with this. Although I’m disappointed in your behavior, I am none the less proud of you for telling me immediately.” Lifting her chin once again so that her eyes met his he added, “Good girl. It would have been much worse if you’d tried to butter me up before telling me. My favorite, Cherry Chicken? Don’t tell me it hadn’t crossed your mind to ‘try’ to soften me up.”

Penny’s mind growled. She loved and hated that he knew her so well. She sighed and nodded slightly. There was no use in even trying to pretend with ‘this’ facet of her husband’s character. He leaned close his lips brushing hers lovingly, pulling back before either could make more of the kiss than reassurance that he wanted her to know he loved her ‘all’ the time, even when she was in for trouble.

Good to his word, Jake changed and came back down to set the table and help her finish the last bits of preparation for dinner. When she’d asked if she could go change, he’d told her no, but he would make one adjustment. He’d had her turn her back and had carefully pinned up the skirt of her dress. She’d felt mortified by the fact that this was the first day in over a month she’d worn a garter belt, seamed stockings and no slip. The weather had simply been too warm for panty hose and a slip and the magenta rayon dress was heavy enough falling in soft folds that it kept her secrets. She felt very foolish walking back and forth to the dining table. Sitting to eat, or rather push the food around on her plate, and trying to ignore the much different feeling to her somewhat exposed bottom, had been embarrassing too. And Jake’s raised eyebrow, the sardonic teasing grin, the way he intently studied her, all kept her very aware of the fact that she had, at least for the moment, much in common with a bug under a magnifying glass.

“Lovely dinner, baby,” Jake said, as he ran the napkin over his lips. “You didn’t eat much, are you finished?” he’d asked wryly.

Penny wiped her mouth and threw her napkin on her plate, pouting, her eyes closing to slits. “I didn’t have much of an appetite and you KNOW it,” she huffed hopping up to begin clearing the table. Dinner had NOT been lovely for ‘her’. Damn! She really wanted to pitch a fit, stomp and pout that none of this was fair. But he ‘had’ given her ample warning. And as much as she didn’t want to be disciplined, she needed to be.

As she stormed toward the kitchen with plate in hand Jake pulled her pantied bottom down onto his lap, his jeans feeling rough on the gap of bare skin between panties and stocking tops. Smiling wryly he told her he was making mental notes about attitude and that he thought she should reconsider getting sassy when she knew she was already in trouble. She’d blushed and looked away. She loved erotic spanking, Jake spanking her over his lap and running his fingers through her wetness, probing her and telling her how sexy she looked spread open over his thighs giving him such a wonderful view of all her intimate secrets. She almost hated the deep need she had for someone to ‘show’ her she was loved and cared for, that they would watch over her… and give her a ‘guiding hand’ even when the task was unpleasant, or hard. Truthfully being spanked was exciting, but, oh, she really disliked being in trouble. Her attitude honestly though, had nothing to do with Jake, it came from the eternal struggle inside herself; that constant battle between responding with a hearty, ‘kiss my ass’ or a meek and accepting, ‘yes, Sir’.

Discipline and punishment were different. She knew she needed his strong guidance or she’d forever be beating herself up over things, but it not only HURT, it wounded her pride. They had agreed before marriage that their partnership could have only one head, and she’d been more than satisfied to be the heart. Little had she understood, at the time, what shedding all the major responsibility on the home front had meant. It had meant long arduous sessions of what Jake called, ‘behavioral modification’. Over the past seven years Jake had helped her break several bad habits like biting her nails and smoking. And he’d shown her very quickly and effectively that bad behavior wouldn’t be tolerated. She liked that he didn’t turn away or push her away like some men did when they were hurt or disappointed, but it came at a price as she tested boundary after boundary. She looked into his sexy blue eyes, now a bit stern and sad, and meekly apologized, “I’m sorry, Jake. I just get so nervous when I know you are displeased.”

He smiled a big smile at that then laughed. “You mean you get nervous when you know I’m going to tear up that sweet little ass of yours, don’t you?”

Her eyes narrowed to slits as she yanked herself off his lap and took her plate to the dishwasher. His laugh at her less than sweet disposition made her feel like throwing things, stomping and kicking. But she knew better than to pitch a fit. Oh, she’d learned very quickly to face the music and get the concert over with. She did and didn’t want this. It made her feel all squirmy inside. Her tummy rolled and twisted while shivers ran up and down her spine.

To her mind, though, anything was preferable to the anger between her parents she grown up with. The tension was so rife growing up in their home you could feel it. Sometimes for days, weeks, everyone walked on eggshells. The distance and tension affected everyone around them. And more than anything she hated being shut out and ignored. She’d had a couple of boy friends who tried to do that to her. Emotional blackmail… ‘You do as I want or I’ll just shut you out’. She had broken up with them quickly and with no regrets.

Jake was very different. Jake’s way was to talk things out, even when it was difficult. His rule was that issues were not to be ignored and left unattended to breed resentment. If you had a problem with or about something, you discussed it. Not long before they’d become engaged, Jake had taken her in hand once during an argument about her moodiness. She’d been misbehaving terribly all-night and was heartily trying to defend and excuse her nastiness. As soon as he’d walked her inside to say good night, he’d none too gently led her to the sofa, flung her over his lap gripping her tightly around her waist, flipping up her skirt and pulling down her panties, telling her THIS was the way they would talk when she became insufferable. Her attitude had changed immediately. All of a sudden she’d become… meek. He’d told her to go ahead and continue her tirade, but she’d only been able to make a halfhearted attempt. His hand had landed making exclamation points that had driven home his displeasure with her attitude.

All too soon the dishes were loaded in the dishwasher, pots and pans scrubbed, dried and put away. After wiping off the table she looked around for another chore to prolong the inevitable. Jake’s hand circled her wrist and he marched her upstairs to their bedroom. Once inside he went to the closet and brought out the deep rose floral wedge shaped pillow he’d had made especially for… uhhhh, reading! Or so he’d told the seamstress. After removing the bed’s hand stitched quilt and pulling down the top sheet he’d placed the pillow wedge just a bit lower than centered in the middle of their queen-sized mattress. Then he’d turned toward her, arms crossed and studied her. “Let’s see. Hmmm, speeding AND a fine for not wearing your seat belt, correct?” he’d asked. “Young lady have you left anything out? Is there any more you want to tell me before we begin?”

Penny’s chin dropped, clasped hands twisting in each other she answered softly, “No, Sir. I told you everything.”

His arms relaxed and stepping to run his hands down her upper arms, eyes almost sad as he studied her, his words came calm, firm-no nonsense, no teasing, “Penelope. Bring me the leather paddle, the wooden paddle and the strap,” he instructed.

Penny’s eyes widened. She balked; hands reaching back subconsciously to rub her nylon-clad cheeks. “But…”

“Now, young lady!” Jake said in a tone she knew brooked no resistance. Actually lowering his voice rather than raising it, he could bring the hair up on the back of her neck. She shivered and went to his dresser to the left of the bed and opened the right top drawer. There laid out before her were all the implements of his choice, gathered over seven years with forethought and resolution, hand picked to deal with different infractions. She slowly picked up the black leather paddle laying it on top of the dresser, the maple paddle followed and she shivered as she reached for the two by twenty four inch leather strap.

She walked slowly to the adjoining bathroom to pull a white cotton cloth from the dust rags folded neatly in the linen closet. She had to stand on tiptoes to reach the small bottle of oil on the top shelf. Bringing both items back in now trembling hands, she poured oil on the cloth and folding the oiled cloth over the top most portion of the strap she ran the cloth in her hand carefully down its length. Once she reached the tip of the strap she ran the oiled cloth down its length again and again until the leather became supple in her hands. Face flaming with embarrassment she peeked just once to judge Jake’s appreciation of the humiliating job she’d done before she returned the oil to the top shelf of the closet in the bathroom and carefully folded the oily cloth inside another clean cloth (so as not to ruin any clothing with oil stains) and put it in the laundry hamper. While in the bathroom she used the commode, washed her hands then walked like a lamb to slaughter back to the dresser. Gathering the three implements from the dresser she walked in trepidation to Jake, chin naturally lowering, she reached out with the offering. “Here are the things you asked me to bring to you, Jake”, she mumbled.

Jake took the paddles and strap and laid them on a towel doubled neatly on her dresser at the foot of the bed. Without a word he turned her back to him once again and unpinned the skirt of her dress. It wasn’t long before she felt his fingers at her neck, then heard and felt the zipper being lowered. The soft hissing of the zipper and the natural parting of the well-fitted bodice of her dress caused a prickle of fear and excitement to cascade down her spine. Jake’s warm strong and at times, oh, so gentle hands parted the garment sliding it off her shoulders, down her arms then down her torso. The cool air swirled around her as inch by inch of her body was exposed. As she felt the dress become a pool at her feet she sighed and stepped over the puddle of fabric. Jake lifted the dress, turned her to face him again and handed it to her. She walked to the closet and hung the dress back in its place.

“May I remove my shoes, please?” she’d asked feeling ridiculous in heals and underwear.

“Yes,” came the one word reply.

She stepped out of the dark tan high-heeled sandals hooking them over the prongs of the shoe rack. There was nothing else she could think of to keep this session at bay. She turned and padded on stockinged feet back to Jake to stand before him. She felt the flinch of muscles under the skin as her stomach rolled in anxiety. It took real effort to whisper, “I’m ready, now.”

Jake’s hand circled her wrist and urged her to follow him to the bed. He sat and pulled her into his lap. Cradling her in his arms like a baby he spoke with dead calm. “Penelope, you know I love you with all my heart. You also know some things have to be done for your good, no matter how hard they may be for me to do. Before I take your rebellious actions into my hands, to show you that you are cherished, I want you to consider what life would be like for me if anything happened to take you away. Can you imagine how deeply it would hurt me to lose you?”

As Jake’s words reached her and began to sink in, she knew a part of this discipline would come out of a natural fear of mortality. By doing what she had done, she’d unleashed worst-case scenarios in Jake’s vivid imagination. She’d forced him to consider what ‘could’ happen. They both knew that life held no guarantees, but it was easier to ignore the reality of death when you were doing all you could to stay safe and healthy. But thoughts like that didn’t come when you were racing home from work and liked driving fast. The pleasure of the wheel in your hands and the road streaking toward you took over your mind as houses and trees whizzed by outside the windows. You were moving away from work where you most times felt like an under-appreciated automaton toward home where you became very human and vastly appreciated ~ of course one would race back to that. Tears prickled her eyes as she realized she had been fleeing rather than thinking. She nodded her head slightly against Jake’s strong chest because she did have an idea ‘now’ that he’d made her ‘feel’ the sadness and ache she knew losing ‘him’ would bring. She curled burying her face into him, clinging to him as she listened.

“How many times did we discuss the danger of this habit? How many times did you tell me that it wouldn’t happen again? Penny, ‘your’ rebellious refusal to simply pull your foot back a little is the sum cause of what’s happening. Penn, I warned last time that the ‘very next’ time you got caught you would be disciplined. I HAVE to do this or ‘my’ word means nothing, and Penny, I won’t break my word to you. I hoped you’d not push this one, Penny. I really did hope you would keep your word. You ‘promised’ me this wouldn’t happen again. In essence, you have lied to me,” Jake finished his voice becoming gravelly with emotion.

Shame flooded Penny as she realized that ‘in essence’ she ‘had’ lied to Jake. Tears filled her eyes as her bottom lip began to quiver. She felt horrid. Her whole body ached in guilt and shame for hurting Jake. She clung to him as the words rushed out in a sob, “I NEVER meant to lie to you, Jake. Honest. Never.”

Jake crushed her to him. “I know, baby. But you did. And we have to make sure that you don’t take this lightly, don’t we? We don’t want things like this between us. We want them dealt with and finished. Over. But there has to be a penalty. There has to be a real ‘cost’ for breaking your word AND endangering your life.”

Penny hated to admit it, but he was right. She nodded into his chest.

Jake’s arms loosened and he once again brought eyes rimmed with tear spiked lashes to meet his. He took a deep breath and in his most imposing voice instructed with resolve, “Now, first tell me ‘why’ and then tell me ‘what’ is going to happen, Penelope.”

True dread sank in as Penny remembered other ‘serious’ spankings and it was all she could do to respond haltingly around gulps, “Y yyou have tt to sp spannk m m mm me because you told me you w w would. Because I g g got caught speed… ing again and wasn’t w w wearing my seat b b belt. And, you’re g g going to sp sp spank me until you are sh sh sure that I understand the serious… ness of what I d d did and until y you are sh sure that I am really sss sorry for what I d did.”

Jake slipped Penny off his lap and helped her trembling body to stand. He turned her away from him and unhooked her bra, sliding it down and off her arms. “Up on the bed,” he instructed, “you know the position, bottom high for me and knees spread wide.”

The wedge fit Penny’s body perfectly, raising her bottom and supporting her lower back so that she was really very comfortable. Not a good sign. This meant that Jake wanted all her focus on her bottom. It also meant that Jake was going to make this a long session. She wriggled a bit fitting with the wedge, gritted her teeth and slid her knees apart fitting them to the outside corners of the wedge. She felt her labia part under her panties and almost moaned. Her eyes closed tightly when she heard, ‘are you ready’? She had to summon the will to push out a soft, “yes”.

She sensed Jake close and jerked as the first smack of his hand cracked loudly and jarred her simultaneously. His hand rained down over and over, quickly, only a second or two between smacks. His hand landed in a different place covering her entire bottom and then he began to alternate between cheeks and sit spots. Penny could feel the heat building in the muscle tissue with each smack now. Her whole bottom began to burn and sting constantly rather than with each smack. The smacks began to deepen the heat driving it deeper and deeper. With each smack the surface flamed for a few seconds and then would dissipate a fraction as the heat cut into her. It hurt. His hand really hurt. She tried to hold back knowing that this was just the beginning, but soft moans escaped with each dense hot smack, smack, smack, smack, smack, smack, smack, smack, smack, and smack.

She wiggled as Jake worked his hands under her panties to feel the warmth he was creating. His hands cupped and rubbed giving off more heat than they absorbed. His hands were fiery hot on her already heated buttocks. She felt him moving behind her sliding her knees together, then felt his fingers slipping into the waist of her panties to slide them down and down and off. She tensed waiting for him to spread her knees back apart but he left them closed instead. Aarrgghh… he was going to spank both cheeks at once. She couldn’t help tightening up, tensing the muscles.

Jake looked down and couldn’t help but smile about the way the lacey black garter belt and smoky seamed stockings framed Penny’s beautiful and very vulnerable derriere. He admired too the deep pink his hand had brought to her usually alabaster bottom. And ‘truth be known’ he couldn’t think of anything sexier than the site of her sweet pussy peeking out in a pout between her closed legs. He loved this little teasing glimpse of what these soft fleshy lips tried to hide and protect. And he loved that this trusting vulnerability she offered was an offering made only to him.

“Now I’ll begin your discipline, Penelope. As I spank you I want you to think about what you have done. Think about how much fun it was to floor it and go flying down the highway.” The first CRAAACK left no doubt that Jake was using the maple paddle as her head reared in recognition to the first bite of fire into her vulnerable bottom. CRAACK! CRAACCK! CRACK, CRACK, CRACK, and CRACK, CRACK, CRACK. Her torso began to twist and hips began to push into the wedge as her hands wadded the sheets in clutching fists. “And you think”, CRACK, “about that last ticket taking your whole week’s pay”, CRACK. “Think about breaking,” CRACK, CRACK, CRACK, “your promise”, CRACK, CRACK, CRACK. “And feel how this sweet bottom”, CRACK, CRACK, “is paying the price”, CRACK, CRACK, “for your stubborn”, CRAAACK, “rebellion”, CRAACCK. Penny began to cry. Her body jerked slightly with each CRACK, CRACK, CRACK. Her bottom blazed so that she had a flash of the paddle being laid in a fire like a branding iron. Oh, Shiiiiiiiiiiit, it HURT. CRACK. CRACK. CRACK.

Penny was so locked into the blazing heat that it took a couple seconds for it to register that Jake had stopped and left the bed. She listened intently trying to picture his movements behind her. She wanted desperately to try to rub away the biting flames the paddle had ignited. She knew better, so she gritted her teeth and hid her tears in the mattress. When Jake’s hand ran over her right globe it startled her so much that she jumped. ‘This’ hand was so gentle it brought the tears rushing. As Jake rubbed both mounds she thought to herself that being spanked always ‘seemed’ exciting until her ass was on fire. It was as the fire consumed her that she realized how much she loved the gentle loving Jake and his incredible hands. She also knew Jake’s gentleness ‘now’ was a two edged sword. He was soothing her a bit now to get her to relax and loosen to take MORE. All of a sudden she didn’t ‘want’ more. She wanted it over. It hurt. It really, really hurt and she’d had enough.

“Jake, I’m so, so sorry!” she moaned through her tears. “I know I was stubborn and I know breaking my promise was like lying and I’m sorrrrrrrry”.

Jake’s hand continued to rub gently. “I know you are Penny. I believe you. But you know being sorry is only a part of this lesson. Now we have to get you to that place where you let it all go.” He ignored her deep groan and continued, his hand beginning to knead now as he talked to her. “First we bring the shame to this bottom,” he said, emphasizing with a quick SMACK! His hand began to knead her scorched bottom once again. “Then we work to bring the guilt to this very hot bottom. We transfer all that inner pain right here”, SMACK! And before the sound of his words had quieted she felt the ripping whack of leather as it came streaking down to connect with her flesh to make her buck against the wedge.

This was a sharper meeting of paddle and flesh. It felt like it had just come out of boiling water to leave a very distinct burn. After just a few sharp WHACKS Jake stopped long enough to part her knees wide. Parting her legs made it impossible for her to tense her bottom. Her feet began to kick in jabs as each WHACK ignited the glowing embers once again to flame. WHACK. Left upper cheek hollered internally as it felt the sting. WHACK. Right cheek quivered gasping beneath the connection of the leather. WHACK. WHACK. WHACK. WHACK. Over and over the paddle stung like a wasp on cheeks, sit spots, upper thighs. She began to gulp as crying became sobbing. She could hear him instructing and encouraging her to let go. With each WHACK he told her to let it all go. He told her to let all the grief slip to her bottom, to ‘feel’ it ‘in’ her bottom. She began to grind into the wedge trying to get away from the ‘wasps’. With each WHACK the tears flowed more freely and amazingly as the leather stung and tears flowed the hurting inside seemed to move as if drawn magnetically to her tormented, sore, hot bottom. WHACK. WHACK. WHACK. WHACK. WHACK. Each stinging WHACK pulled the guilt and shame from her heart to the surface of her raised bottom.

She felt her body tense and become almost rigid, then suddenly go limp. She didn’t have the energy to fight herself any more. She began to growl out through her sobs, “I’m sooooooo sorry. God, I’m sorrrrry. It was such a stupid thing to do. Jaaaaaaake I’mmmmmmm sorrrrrrrrrry!” She became more aware of her tears and the limp exhaustion of her body than of the incessant WHACKS blistering her backside. And a few moments later Jake was hovering over her back holding her as she sobbed. He whispered right into her ear for her to let it all go. She sobbed in the security of Jake’s arms feeling safe enough to trust ‘him’ rather than her self. The cooing ‘good girls’ he whispered helped her calm. Soon the sobbing ebbed to gentle crying.

She heard him whisper, “Baby, it’s time to finish this,” but even as her mind shrieked in revolt, her body lay loose and limp in his arms. She nodded. She simply had no more fight left. She sighed in acceptance as he slid away lifting off her back.

“Penny?” His voice was a deep firm whisper.

She heard him call her name and opened her eyes to find him kneeling beside the bed looking at her, searching her. “Yes?”

“I just wanted you to know that this next part will honestly rip at my heart. This will be very hard for me. The thing is, I can’t think of any other way to make you never want to speed again. I’ve tried reasoning with you. I’ve watched you work hard for weeks just to pay speeding tickets. I also have to give you something to think about and remember should you decide to lie to me again. When this part is over… this issue is resolved. We BOTH let it go completely. I’ll know I have done everything I can to ‘show’ you how far I will go to guide and care for you. And you, little one, will know you have paid dearly.”

And with that he stood and walked out of her line of vision. She closed her eyes. She felt him unhook the garter belt and lifted when he told her to lift so that he could take it off. Any other time his peeling off her stockings in one fluid motion would have been very erotically sensual. But there was nothing erotic about it tonight. GRRRRR. Then once again he parted her legs adjusting them very wide. She knew he didn’t want her to be able to tense because it would make it worse for her if she did. He moved from behind her and she felt the mattress sink as he knelt to her left. She sensed him raising his arm. Only once before had he used a strap on her and as she felt it tear into her she yelped. She’d forgotten the gut wrenching, breath sucking intensity of the strap. The fire of the lash streaked through her whole body. She felt it shoot from her bottom through torso, arms and legs. She even felt it in her teeth. The shock to her body of each lash came rushing out in sharp groans and curses. LASSSSSSH! “Shit, oh! Shit”. Her hips bucked and ground into the wedge. LASSSSSH! LASSSH! SMAAAAACK! “Damn, ouch, damn!”

She could feel each stripe resonating. When she didn’t gasp she yelped. Jake hadn’t said how many and she hoped not too many more because she didn’t believe she could take much more. As the strap bit at her with sharp teeth she began to cry out. Very quickly tears began to mingle with her loud cries. Her lower legs kicked hard. She gripped the sheet twisting it in her hands. The strap landed feeling like someone cutting her with glass… it hurt, burned, stung all together in confusion. It was too much. She began to sob and it simply hurt so much she couldn’t fight it any more. So, she gave in to bolts of lightning exploding in her bottom and she concentrated on breathing around the flood of tears. She couldn’t speak as the strap came LASSSHING down, but she knew… she knew she would never ever speed again. It would be much worse if she did and she knew she never wanted to find out what ‘worse’ would be like. Her body lay in a pool of certainty that she’d not forget tonight. She might not remember the pain, but she’d remember the essence of every lash. She was panting through the sobbing and fought to draw in enough breath to use their ‘safe word’ when she felt him next to her scooping her into his arms.

Gulping and panting she let him pull her close to hold her safely, securely in his loving arms. He praised her. He reassured her that she was his good girl. As soon as she calmed he positioned her flat on her tummy and left, returning in minutes with ice. He tended her bottom gently pressing the small Ziploc bags of ice to all the sorest places. She grimaced because the ice too burned like crazy. After awhile he patted her dry and gently applied three coats of lotion from her waist to her knees. She reveled in the gentle rubbing, wincing only occasionally as he rubbed sore spots. With every second of his attention she felt more and more cleansed.

Jake walked her to the bathroom and Penny brushed her teeth as he peed making splashing noises of acid rain. He stood close while she went, knowing that the toilet seat would push into very sore bottom and thighs. When she finished and stood panting he pulled her close, tucking her under his arm and walked her back to the bed. After helping her lie flat on her tummy he put the wedge and implements away then shucked off his clothes and crawled into bed beside her.

Penny didn’t resist as he eased her up on her side so her back spooned into his front. His arms circled her and he slipped his hand to cup her breast. He listened for her soft moan of approval and grinned in the dark when he heard it. He was very aware of the shampoo smell of her hair and the sound of her gentle even breathing as he closed his eyes. As Penny’s breathing told him she was falling asleep Jake tried really hard, but couldn’t think of one thing that compared to the perfection of his world… with his cherished wife sleeping in his arms and her ‘spanked hot’ bottom nestled into his groin.

© Copyrighted September 14, 2002

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