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The Shaft

It was a hot muggy Friday afternoon in august and I was ready for some serious relaxing during the weekend. I would not have come in to the office today if I did not have to finish a report for Monday morning. Now I am glad that I had to. The dress code that day was casual and I worn my favorite pair of faded blue jeans, a tight white T-shirt and my leather jacket just in case it decided to rain.

At lunch the humidity was even worse than the weather reports predicted and my T-shirt started to stick to my chest. In the elevator core waiting for the express up to my floor, I noticed a pair of repairmen working on another of the cars. They were both wearing dark blue coveralls but one of them caused me to take serious notice. He must have stood six feet and very well muscled. He filled his coveralls so well that they seemed to have been painted on his well-built frame. The zip was partially down revealing his pecs and a light layer of chest hair. At that point my cock took notice and started to harden in my jeans. The elevator finally came and I had to go brush past him to get into the car. As the doors started to close I saw him looking directly at me and smiling.
By three o’clock I was hot and horny as hell. The air conditioning for the building had failed around 1:30 and there were reports of brown outs happening all over of the city. Since I did not feel like walking down 25 floors I decided to file the report in my bosses in tray for Monday and get out while the going was good. When the elevator finally arrived, the interior lighting seemed to be darker than normal and I took it as a good sign for leaving and I hoped that I could get out of the building before something happened

My luck did not last, as the elevator past 15 and enter the express section of the shaft the car slowed, then stopped and the lights went out. Great, I was a fourteen and a half floor above ground, in the dark and horny. I found the emergency phone and called down to the security desk only to find that the entire building was blacked out and they would be sending someone to get me out of the elevator.

I did not have to wait long. Fifteen minutes later I heard someone land on the roof of the elevator car. I figured that it was one of the security guys for the building. Light began to pour in when the roof hatch open spotlighting me in one of the corners of the car. “Are you O.K.” a shadowed form called down to me.

“I’m fine, any idea how long this is going to last.” I said, trying to place the voice of the hidden man above me.

“Don’t know, heard that the whole city is dark.” The beams of light shifted to outside the car. Who ever he was he seemed to be checking something around the elevator shaft. I heard a locking click as he secured himself the elevator cables. The voice brought me back to reality as he called down to me “Hey, catch the flashlight” as he tossed down into the car then followed it down into the car. I bearly was able to hold in my grasp as I saw who it was; it was the hunky repairman.
He looked even better close up. I could catch a scent of his after-shave mixed with the musky scent of his sweat as my mind began to race with different thoughts. With my how my luck had been running this week, I figured that he was straight and married with three kids. Rubbing a bit of cable grease off his hands and onto his meaty thighs,

“Well you will not be going anywhere soon, the blackout seems to have locked the brakes on the car and it can not be fixed until we have power back” As he stood directly under the elevator car hatch, I could see that his coverall zipper was down further than I had seen it at lunch. I could start to see his tight stomach muscles and a trail of dark hair leading down to his crotch.

Then I saw that he had nothing on underneath the coveralls as his semi hard cock snaked down one pant leg. I looked up suddenly as I felt his gaze on me and saw an even bigger smile than before. “Hope you like the view,” he said in a quite non-threatening way as I blushed and felt my cock grow harder.
The erotic heat in the car grew hotter when he reached into a chest pocket and pulled out a cigarette, light it and blew a smoke ring out the hatch. He reached up extending his whole frame and placed his smoke on the lip of the hatch of the car. The light from the hatch illuminated every one of his chest hairs and I wanted in the worse way to run my hands through it. Getting closer to him I light up my own cigarette and tried to match his feat but did not come anywhere close. I wanted him in the worst way.

His hand brush against my thighs as he reached up to grab his smoke, that brief contact sent sparks throughout me and ignited the flames of lust within me. I leaned against the side of the elevator car finishing my smoke and let my other hand fall to rest on his right thigh. He finished his smoke and threw the butt through the ceiling hatch and looked me right in the eye, ” No need to be shy,” he said, ” I know what you have wanted since lunch”. I took one last drag on my smoke and threw it out the hatch as he pressed his hard body onto mine. We started to explore each other’s bodies.

He reached inside my jacket and slowly pushed it from my shoulders, I let it slip off my arms to land in a pile next to my feet. Next the T-shirt was peeled off my sweaty body allowing access to my pecs and nipples. He began to slowly lick a circle around my left nipple them before starting to suck on it. As he licked his way to the other nipple I slipped my hands under his coveralls and forced them from his shoulders and peeled them down to knees. I finally caught sight of what he had packed in those coveralls. His dick had to be seven inches semi hard with a pair of large low hanging balls surrounded by a heavy thatch of fine blond hairs.

The car was definitely heating up when he began to open my button fly with his teeth and I started to pinch both of his nipples softly. With the last button he reached up and yanked my jeans down to my ankles and buried his nose in my crotch inhaling the scent of my sweaty groin. With long slow licks he began to bath my now rock hard cock as I began to twist one then the other of his erect nipples. He let out a groan and began to suck my cock like a wild man while he began to massage my ass with his hands.

I then lost my balance and fell forward on to him. He did not miss a stroke but broke off when I suggested another position; I wanted a taste of his sweaty piece of meat. With his cock inches away from my face I could see pearls of precum forming in his piss slit. I gentlely lick these gems from the head and savored the mixture of sweet precum and his sweat. I then dove in for a real taste. I let my lips slowly slide down the meaty shaft until I had my nose in his golden crotch hair. I could tell that he was getting close when the trickle of precum became a flood and I pulled up for air. I knew where I wanted his cock and it was not down my throat. I think he could scene it to, as he suck my cock his hands had been exploring my ass crack and my hole.

I reach over to my jacket and pulled out a condom and a pack of lube and threw them to him. As he geared up I positioned myself in one of the corners of the elevator. A cool lube covered finger probed my hole and signaled the beginning of a ride that I will never forget. He plunged into my ass with a single stroke and held it there for several seconds then he began to fuck me hard and well. As wave after wave of heat rose up from my ass I could feel his sweat drip onto my back. I leaned further into his stoke so he could push that shaft of meat further into me. As he strokes became harder I could feel the car around us begin to shake. The only sounds in the cars were the slap of his heavy balls against my ass and our mutual groans of pleasure.

His breaths became shorter and shorter and he wrapped his arms around me. I knew that he was close and I tightened my ass muscles around his cock with a final hard stroke and a groan that seemed to shake the car, I could feel him cum deep within me. Instead of pulling out of me he began stroking my hard cock. With both hands on my dick he yanked my large load out onto the floor of the elevator.

We both had just enough time to pull on our clothes when the lights came back on and the car started to descend toward the lobby. I offered to buy him a beer at a bar next door so that we could get more aquatinted with each other. He accepted and we spent the rest of the afternoon making plans for the next time that he would be inspecting the building’s shafts.

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