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Berry Plucking Part Deux: I Gotta Pee.

If there is any errors in this story it’s because I am typing one handed; my sister and her girlfriend are going at it right now. Shanna is topless and Rena is begging to pee, but Shanna won’t let her. It’s a little bit of pay back for Rena doing it to her earlier. Shanna finally let Rena go pee and went with her. From the bathroom came the sounds of the shower and a loud moaning noise. When Shanna came out of the bathroom five minutes later she was dripping wet from her head to her shoes. Rena came running out right after her screaming, “you clit tease.”

They hit the couch in reckless abandon. The clothes were already out of the equation and Rena dived right in. I have come to call my sister the Glazed Doughnut. If you read the first one you would know why. As the action continues my friend Paul came in stoned off his ass and I yelled there is nekid people in here. He came barreling in with doobie in hand and took a seat. Rena started to do things with her fingers that are still illegal in fifty states. Shanna pitched in with an ear splitting screech. Suddenly the cat jumped in and Rena started to cuss at Paulie. She thought that the cold object was his hand, and I couldn’t help but laugh at the irony of a pussy nosing the pussy.

Shanna started to scream that it was on like Donkey Kong and I had to protest the infringement of my copyrighted material. I am really having problems typing cause this shit is hotter than anything I have seen on the Internet. Suddenly Paulie yelled boobies, because it just registered on the freaking stoner. Rena jumped when he yelled and accidentally stuck something into Shanna that was not supposed to be there, namely a cucumber. I want to make it clear that I am not eating that salad. As the circus progresses I can’t help but admit I got a hard drive that would put Bill Gates to shame. I am starting to think my sister has an oral fixation because she’s always sucking on something. As they started to 69 each other I pulled out Shanna’s surprise. It is a 15 inch red dildo with monkies all over it and has three speeds. I think I chipped Rena’s tooth on accident. No, just split her lip. I let her take over the monkey dildo. The heavy aroma of this lesbian orgy is getting real thick in here. I wish that Jenna was here, but she’s not so I will have to aim careful to avoid the computer screen. Oops I hit Rena. Well Mom is on her way home so I’ll write back later. IF you’re lucky.

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