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Berry Plucking

It started with an innocent game of spin the bottle. However, no one could have predicted the results. We all were at our friend, Paul’s and we got bored. So, we grabbed a cough syrup bottle and started to play. We were the only ones in the house, because Paul had to go get something from Melrose and wouldn’t be back till morning. I spun first and the bottle stopped at Jenna. So, I gallantly kissed her for all I was worth. As she spun I though of a fun new rule; if you landed on the same person three times it became a french kiss! The bottle landed on me and we kissed again. I spun the bottle and it landed on Rena. Because she was my sister I gave her a chaste peck on the lips. She spun and it landed on Shanna, Rena slowly kissed Shanna. Everything seemed like it was in slow motion and I knew that if this was a movie there would be romantic music playing. Sparks appeared to fly from their lips as they parted. Shanna had only one thing to say, ” I am so confused. I think that I love you, but I am not gay.” Rena smiled and I knew that our trap was sprung. The whole game was a trap to get Shanna to face her hidden feelings for Rena. Of course it was my brotherly duty to help. The game was forgotten to the two newly found lovers and they began to make out. I never thought that the words “I am confused” could be used so much and mean so little. I started to make out with Jenna and I was going for a grand slam; when, all of a sudden, we remembered the time. We had a half hour to be home! We all piled into Shanna’s car and headed home. We decided to stop at the cemetary first, so Shanna could “talk” to Rena. It was here that would be the site of an unrivaled, erotic screw. Shanna and Rena had got out of the car to “talk” and walked deeper into the darkness of the cemetary. Suddenly me and Jenna heard a scream, but it was not one of fear. We looked at each other and smiled because we knew that Shanna Berry was having an orgasm. We walked towards the sounds to watch! Rena was going down with an enthusiasm rarely seen outside of a teenage boys wet dream. I stared in awe as my little sister ate Shanna like there was no tommorow. Rena licked her clit with slow, lazy circles and then dived into her pussy. As Rena ate her fill, Jenna started to masterbate and I did the gentlemanly thing and gave her a hand. Well, more than a hand! I glanced over at Rena eating Shanna on top of a grave and could not believe how exciting it was. With dual screams of pleasure Shanna and Jena came like a flash flood. Rena looked at me and smiled. I couldn’t help but say, “Your face looks like a glazed doughnut!”

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