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Best Friends go WILD

I had just moved out of my parent’s house and got my own place. I was so excited to have my privacy and could do whatever I wanted. One day my best friend Whitney called and said her boyfriend had broke up with her and she needed a place to stay. I offered to let her move in with me. It would be like we were sisters. The day she was moving in I was unloading boxes in the bedroom when I noticed a box that had *Secret* written on it.

Being the sneaky person I am I opened it. Inside were vibrators, strap ons, lube, and all kinds of porn magazines. I went into the bathroom, taking a magazine and a dildo with me. Whitney must of heard me moaning in the bathroom because after only a few minutes she walked in. “Are you enjoying yourself Kelsey?” she asked me as I just smiled. “Do you want me to help you?” Right away I said yes and soon enough we were going at it.

I sat upright on the toilet as Whitney shoved the vibrating dildo deep inside my dripping wet pussy. I screamed and moaned as I reached my first climax. Chills went up and down my body. “Now it’s your turn.” I told Whitney. I walked into the bedroom and got the box of toys. I unzipped Whitney’s pants and took off her almost see through top. As she lay there naked I took total advantage of her. I teased with her nipples rubbing them and licking them until they were swollen and so sensitive she would streak with pleasure as I nibbled at them. I looked into Whitney’s sexy green eyes and kissed her for the first time. I stuck my tongue in her mouth and started kissing her neck and sucking on her earlobes.

As she moaned I moved down her breasts to her stomach and finally made it to her soft, clean shaved pussy. I massaged her clit teasing it until she couldn’t take it. “Fuck me Kelsey!” she screamed as I put on the strap on dildo. I had never seen another woman’s pussy before and I could smell her wetness as it lured me in. I licked her clit and sucked on it hard. She grabbed the back of my head and shoved into her pussy as she orgasmed and cummed all over my face. I loved it! Soon enough I couldn’t take it either! I started fucking her with the strap on and both of us went wild.

Whitney had her third orgasm. As I took the dildo out of her pussy she turned around and sucked all of her juices off it. That was the sexiest sight in the world. I felt two fingers go inside of me and Whitney was flicking my hard pulsating clit with her index finger. She took the dildo off of me and put it on her. Whitney started kissing my neck and rubbing my already hard nipples. She made her way down to my wet pussy, sucked all my juices, and probed her tongue in and out of my slit. I reached my second climax and I was dying for me. My wish came true. She fucked me so hard, deep, and orgasmed again and lay there weak and exhausted.

Now Whitney and I have quit our jobs and stay home everyday and fulfill al of our lesbian fantasies.

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