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Jane and Linda are best friends at school. They are in 10th
standard. Both are the most wanted at school, but they wanted
none more than each other. Jane is a 5″5′ slim looking girl with
larger breasts than one would imagin seeing her figure while linda
is a little shorter, 5″4′, but more complete looking girl than
jane with larger and tight breasts that could stand erected even
without a bra, and a great ass one could lick for lifetime.

They very often enjoyed making love of each other even at their
homes as no one would doubt two girls being in a room. They
thought they can enjoy even more during their holidays. But
unfortunately they couldn’t do it as linda went to her
grandparents’ place along with her parents. Now, they have been
apart for three weeks. The only way of contact for them is through
net. They talked to each other daily on net and enjoyed by
fingering themselves. But…. now they are so hot that they
couldn’t resist the flow of thoughts wanting each other. This is
for the first time since they became friends one year ago that
they are away for such a long time. Today Linda decided that they
should make a plan when they meet on the net to night so that she
can go back to her plact and stay at jane’s home till her parents
come back from her grandparents’ place.

It’s 6:00 evening. They are going to meet on the net at 9:00.
Linda started preparing for nights meeting. She took a long fresh
bath thinking of how it would have bean if jane too is with her
in the bath tub. Its 7pm already… almost one hour bath. she
quickly came out of bathroom into her room. She stood before the
mirror watching herself and getting charged. Soon she got herself
in to tight black mini skirt which exposed the beauty of her great
ass holding it tightly and has stopped well 6 inches above the
knee. she then wore a short blue color shirt that exposed a
little part of her stomach underneath it. She then adjusted her
breasts as they were tightly held by her short and tight
shirt….Every thing is OK but she wore the same little panty she
wore before bath. She is eager and ready now.

Here Jane too is busy getting ready for meeting to night. She
already orgasmed once during her bath. She is just in her under
wears and wearing nothing else as she has got her private room.
She wore a white embroidered net, strapless bra and same colored
thong bikini that hardly covered Her ass except her ass hole. One
should really feel for her bra for bearing the weight and
pressure of her beautiful and bulging breasts even with out the
help of straps. She is waiting for the wall clock to read

It’s 9:00 PM now…. Both are on-line now and wished each
other.Unfortunately, they dont have web cams attached. “Hay Linda
I badly want to play with your ass” said jane…..”But I want to
suck your spongy breasts and eat both the cherries rooted on them”
replied Linda.

“What are you wearing?”,

“I am in my bra…embroidered, strapless.. and panty”,

“Panty?… Which one?”

“That one… which you sucked for almost 30 Mins…”

“Oh Ya… how can i forget that tastiest thing in my life…”

“What are you.. wearing….”

“Tight mini skirt and that… short blue shirt”

“Oh god! How lucky that skirt is…. always touching and pressing
against your ass.. Hay bitch Linda… take off that skirt….
Your ass belongs to me… no one should smell it”

“OK.OK…. I removed it for you… Happy?”

“OOO God! Linda… My breasts could no more stay in this
little,tight bra… they are exposing out of it… and my
panty…. it if getting soaked in the nectar that is coming out
for you… O God, O God… I can wait any more…”

Jane started rubbing both her breasts hard…. eventually they
came out of the little helpless bra. She removed the bra hook,
took it off her breast and started smelling it strongly. She can
not resist… She quickly went to her cupboard and brought her
good 6 inch dildo. She then Kept it deep into her wet, nectar
filled pussy and then took it off and sucked it like a child..
that tasted sweet.. She wants more… She then started to taste
her own nectar with thehelp of her fingers.

“Hay Jane… what are you doing”

“Hay Bitch… where are you”

Jane suddenly recalled she was actually chatting with Linda. She
suddenly ran to her computer with the dildo still inserted and
hanging from pussy.

“Sorry dear… I couldn’t stop myself and drank all of the nectar
that actually should fill your mouth… and I am getting fucket
hard by my dildo”

“Dildo… You lucky bitch….. I dont have my dildo here with
me…. I am also getting unstoppable now… OK.. you continue
with your dildo..”

Linda’s condition is even worse without her dildo. She too
wanted to take off her shirt. As soon as she unbuttoned the
shirt… her bra forced out and her large,tight and erect breasts
are bulging out from the edges of the bra. She then sent a last
message to jane..

“I am sorry dear… I was filling my pany with all my fluids since
I came here 3 weeks back…. and actually wanted to present it to
you when I am back…. But I am so hungry that i could die with
out eating my panty….. How is your dildo working….. See you

She typed this last message and pulled off her heavily filled
panty in a hurry and forced it completely into her mouth, and
sucked it passionately. That dirty panty was so tasty that she
closed her eyes in extasy while swallowing the all juices in it.
Why not that panty was blended.. She kept rubbing her pussy hard
with one hand and pressing her ass with the other hand while
tasting her panty which is completely in her mouth. She has no
dildo… So she went to her desk and started pressing her pussy
hard against one edge of that table. She then started moaning…
moaning hard… moaning harder…. She is ready to cum now…. She
took her panty from her mouth and kept it on her pussy…. soon
all the fluide ran out and filled the panty once again.

Jane read the last message and went back onto her bed to play
with her dildo. She placed the dildo vertically on the bed and
sat on it so than it went into her asshole. She then started
moving up and down fast. Her heavy breasts, now with out a bra
controlling them, are shaking up and down hiting the part of
chest below them hard. She also is ready to cum now…. She took
off the dildo from her ass and now kept it in her pussy. Her
pussy released loads of fluids over the dildo. After her juices
flown completely over dildo.. she removed it and kept her little
panty so that the remaining juices can fill it.

Linda is sleeping with her panty still in her mouth partly and
remaining part covering her nose …..

jane is sleeping on her bed with her dildo still hiding in her
pussy…. and her still wet panty over her face.

They are sleeping happily doing each other many times in
dreams….. But How are they going to meet at Janes home, and how
wildly are they going to enjoy that night….

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