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New Teacher On The Block

hi my name is Helen and i have just moved to this school 2 days ago and this is my memory of teaching.

A student who was perfect in every way was a member of my class and i could’nt help but notice that this girl did’nt have a bra on!!. From that moment i was attracted to her intenslly.

At the end of the school day i asked Michelle, who she was called to stay behind. so she told her friends to wait for her outside of the school premises.

I asked to lock the door and come over to my desk. so she locked the door and walked over.
‘You seem to be a little confused about centimeters and metres.’


I was so turned on by her tits that i just told her to take off all of her clothes and lie onmy desk.

She looked at me in a really funny way.
‘What are you talking about.!’
She had really red lipstick on so i pulled her face over to mine and snogged her passionatly. She tried to stop me but she knew she wanted her.
Michelle whispered silently to her:

‘I love you. Ever since i saw you i knew it was going to be this way.’

From that moment she kissed my body till she got to my wet, red pussy and she fingered it for a while. Then we kissed again.

‘Your turn’


I kissed all over her body and kissed the hymen on her puusy and she moaned and groned in pleasure
Soon after the it was over nd they just kissed eachother slowly.
Michelle packed her bag and left, hoping it would happen again.

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