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Double Pleasure

First of all, this is my first story and has been the weirdest experience for me. I’m 18 and have a boyfriend in NYC.

One weekend at about this time last year , my boyfriend had to go to another college cuz he got kicked out of his former one and I had decided to stay here while he lived about 12 miles away. I was home alone with my black lab that night watching porn on TV and one of the commercials had a dog fucking another dog (using a condom)! And the dogs dick was HUGE… so after the movie I got up off the floor and sat on the couch with my legs slightly apart and started fingering myself. When my first juices had started to come I called my dog over and dragged him in close range of my cunt. He started sniffing and eventually started licking my legs where I had wiped the juices. When he was done licking my thighs I brought him a little closer and he started licking inside my cunt. I was cumming pretty quickly as his tongue slides in and out; slurping up my juices. I pulled him up and put his paws on my thighs and he started licking my face and tits since I wasn’t wearing a top!
I could see his red juicy cock growing longer and longer and after a while it was bigger than my boyfriends! So I grabbed it and squeezed it slightly. He gave a little yelp but his cock just kept growing. I grabbed his dick, slowly guided it to my pink opening, and slide it in. He had realized what I had wanted and started pushing it in further. I WAS IN PAIN! He had slid his whole cocks and balls deep into me and my lips had overlapped his balls.
We were stuck but kept going anyways. He just kept fucking and fucking and I opened my legs further and started rubbing my tits with my hands and licking them. I had came three or four times now and the last one triggered his orgasm. God, he kept cumming until it had filled my hole and had squeezed its way out of me. It was so warm but his cock had softened so I was able to get his dick out. He was still cumming when I got it out so I sucked on his dick for a while to clean it off.
After, I just lay there fingering myself and spreading the dog-cum over my tits and into my asshole. I spread my fingers so I could finger my tender pussy and my ass at a rhythmic pace.
Just then someone knocked on the door twice and walked in. It was my best friend Alice. She saw me lying on the floor and came over beside me. She asked if she could lick me clean so I let her. She was wearing a mini skirt and a strapless top. She had the perfect body with oversized tits and was very horny. When she was done she sat on the couch and took off her top. She wasn’t wearing a bra and had brought a double-sided dildo with her. Then she took off her skirt and she was wearing red silk panties. She stood over me and I said I was thirsty so she squatted above me and started to piss. At first it was just dripping so I pulled her close to me and started sucking on her panties and sticking my tongue into her pussy. She bent over and started giving me a ring job and I started to piss as she shoved the dildo into my ass. Then she put her ass to mine – sticking the dildo into her pussy and moved it from my ass to my pussy. This was the first time I had done anything lesbian and was great!

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