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Watering the Garden

Just about every time I garden, I always do what follows.

The morning that I decide to garden, I drink as much as possible with breakfast and continuously drink from gallon bottles until I finally need to pee pretty badly.

I have about 10 plants in my garden. I then change into an extremely short skirt, any panties that aren’t white, and a very short shirt so I don’t get it wet in case my skirt does. Then I go out there, stand over a plant and let loose.

It streams into my panties, runs down my legs and as my panties soak, my piss starts falling onto the plant through the bottom of my skirt. When I’m done, I go back into the house and continue drinking as much as I can. It usually takes 2 hours before I have to go again, so I keep drinking and reading until it happens.

After that, I always start having to go sooner and usually ends up having me pee every 15 minutes (I’m telling the truth!). I go every 15 minutes until I stop drinking, but I drink all day. Once I’ve peed on all my plants, I change into jeans, lie down on my deck chair, and pee my pants every 15 minutes all day.

I wake up at about 7:00 that day, and go to bed at 11:00. Not including pissing on my plants, I piss myself about 40 times each day I garden.

Gardening is so fun!

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