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Becky ached in places she didn’t know could hurt. Her whole body was one massive ache. Her butt was so sore from the beating she had been given just hours earlier that she could not sit comfortably on the vinyl car seat. She kept twisting and shifting around, making the man beside her smile.
“She had been warned what to expect if she did not cooperate with her husbands’ plans for that party and damn if she didn’t ask for it” she thought to herself as she shifted slightly.
“Sit still or I will pull this car over and give you an additional 10 swats right here!” came the brusque command.
She stilled. Her sore bottom would not be able to withstand another onslaught of his belt right now. Her breasts were screaming in agony too. The bindings she wore beneath her light shirt were making her large breasts bulge to almost twice their normal size and she could see the almost purple tinge to them through the thin material. The clamps she wore made her nipples stand out large and bold and very noticeable.
They were headed for one of Matt’s favorite restaurants. It would be very dark and private, but not so private as to allow anyone who wanted to a good look at her.
Matt had taken his lovely wife there before, but not in such attire as tonight. He glanced over at Becky as she tried to sit still. He knew what was ailing her and smiled again. She needed to be shown just who was boss in this family and it sure as hell wasn’t her!
He liked looking at his wife of 10 years. Still beautiful and slim she was almost the same as when they first married. Large breasted, slim waist and wide, sensuous hips. Long legs that cried out to be touched and a cunt that was so hot and tight he hurt each time he entered her.
Becky was a hot number all right, and tonight she was going to be giving it away to any and all who wanted it.
He noticed the short black skirt she was wearing and thought how easily it was going to be to slip is hand up inside it. She wasn’t wearing any panties, just the black garter belt and black stockings he had ordered her to wear. The pale cream blouse was just dark enough to hide the breast bindings, but not the full breasts and he liked it that way. Let them all take a good look at his slut of a wife. Let them drool and beg him to fuck her. He would let them, one and all; right there in the restaurant. She was going to learn when to say no to him by God!!!
He pulled into the parking lot, and allowed the valet to take the wheel. He then opened his wife’s door…to keep the other from doing it…and took her hand. He told her to leave her jacket…she wouldn’t need it inside. She dropped it back onto the seat as she stood. Eyes glued front, she failed to notice the two men who stood to one side of the door and watched them approach. Matt noticed them however, and nodded to them as they passed by.
Opening the door, he escorted Becky inside and told her to go powder her nose, but nothing else while he got their favorite booth. She quickly headed down the hall to the ladies room. Once inside, she looked in the mirror, took out her brush and did a quick swipe through her long hair. He had wanted it loose tonight, and she was worried about why. Quickly applying a bit of powder to her nose and some perfume to her neck, she turned and headed for the door. The hostess was there, smiling at her.
“Hello. Your husband told me to give you this note.” she said as she handed her a folded piece of paper and turned and left.
Becky quickly opened the paper and read.
“Slut…you are to hurry to the bar. Once there you are to tell the bartender that you wish two scotch and sodas for booth #6 and give him this bill. You are then to wait for the drinks and bring them to our table. Do not wait for change, we are setting up a small tab tonight. You have exactly 2 minutes to comply.”
Becky moaned and rushed out of the bathroom. Heading for the bar in the back of the restaurant, she sidestepped several waitresses and busmen and in her haste, failed to notice that she was being followed by more than one pair of inquisitive eyes. At the bar, she gave the order as directed, handed over the bill and waited. Time crawled and she worried. He was not in any great hurry she noticed and glanced around. She could see her husband watching her, and gasped aloud at the two men seated next to him. Company? Tonight? Why, she wondered as the bartender finally handed her the two drinks. She thought she should order a third, then thought better of it. Do what you were told to do, and only that, she told herself as she approached their table.
Sitting the drinks in front of her husband, she stood silently, waiting for permission to sit.
At his nod, she slid into the empty seat next to him and placed her hands in her lap, bowing her head slightly and looking at the table as she had been taught.
Matt was up to something, but she didn’t know what. She almost jumped out of her skin when she felt a hand slide up her thigh. Looking down, she saw that it was not Matt’s, but that his were on the table. Glancing at him, she saw him smile and knew that he was aware of her predicament. Should she say anything? No…wait and see.
The hand crept higher and was now nuzzling a hard finger against her cunt lips. She tried to shift away, only to catch a glare from her husband, so instead she shifted the other way and spread her legs for the hand to enter. He did so, and began to finger her right there. She saw Matt watching her and knew he was waiting for her to react. She was getting hot and wet and the man was moving his fingers–three of them now–in and out of her hot box faster and faster. A slight moan passed her lips and she bit down hard to keep from saying anything else.
Just as she was feeling a climax approach, the hand withdrew and the man got up. He slowly wended his way through the tables and headed down the hall to the restroom. His friend slid closer and again she felt a hand slide up her thigh and under her skirt. Her cunt was soaking wet and soon he had three, then four fingers pumping in and out of her. She was ready to explode when he suddenly pulled out of her and he too rose and walked away. Alone at the table, she dared a look at her husband.
Nodding silently…she knew what he wanted her to do. She rose and she too headed through the tables to the restroom…only not the ladies.
As she pushed open the mens room door two hands grabbed her and slammed her back against it, forcing it closed. A mouth slammed against hers, bruising her soft lips and his tongue forced its way into her mouth, dueling with hers.
She couldn’t say anything, just stand there when she felt another pair of hands rub up and down her legs before forcing them apart and shoving something hard up into her. She tried to look down, but couldn’t. The man who was kissing her was squeezing her bound breasts and pulling her long hair to hold her head in place. She felt herself climaxing and thought that it was over, but no. The man stopped kissing her when the other made a sound and then she was forced to her knees. A huge cock was pushed past her swollen lips and almost gagged her when it reached the back of her throat. Meaty hands fisted in her hair and held her while he face fucked her hard and fast. Meanwhile, the other had gotten behind her, and had lifted her to her feet, making her bend over to suck the cock while he slammed into her now dripping pussy. She was being fucked and fucked hard by two strangers and she knew it was only the beginning of the nights entertainment.
Slowly she was allowed to stand and was immediately pushed from the room and back into the hall. She was ordered to return immediately to the table and not freshen up. He wanted to see the results as soon as possible. She scurried back to the table and found Matt sitting talking to a lovely woman of about 30. He ignored is wife for several moments, until his guest blatantly stopped talking and stared at her. Turning to glance up at Becky, he noted the rumpled hair and told her to straighten it with her hands before sitting next to Bianca. She did so and slid into the seat he had indicated.
Her breasts were really aching now, from the bindings as well as from being squeezed and pulled on just moments ago. She was thirsty and was grateful when the waitress appeared with a large glass of water. Matt told her to drink up, he had something to do and would be right back. She was to “entertain” Bianca until he returned. Becky saw him slide the tablecloth forward slightly as he rose and knew that she would soon be under the table for Biancas’ entertainment. Sure enough, just as soon as Matt had left, she was ordered to get on her hands and knees and kiss her Mistress.
Becky slid down the seat and under the table as discreetly as she could. Eyes were watching her though and saw where she went. Bianca spread her shapely legs and waited. Becky took a deep breath and moved forward. Her face was soon up close and personal with Bianca and she could smell the womanly fragrance of hot cunt. She inhaled deeply and then blew out a soft warm breath against the hot, bare skin.
Bianca twitched and shifted slightly to allow for better access, and then grabbed Becky by the hair and pushed her forward until Beckys’ nose and mouth were buried deep inside Biancas’ hot lips.
Tongue moved of its own accord and soon Becky was lapping up juices and sliding her tongue deep inside Bianca. It didn’t take long before Bianca came and Becky drank deeply of her woman juices. She continued to lick and lap until Bianca pushed her away and told her to get up and sit. She did so. Matt was coming back and sat down. He took Bianca’s hand and gave it a squeeze before nodding to his wife.
“Very well done Becky” he said. He then stood and helped Bianca to rise and she sauntered away, her short skirt swaying with each step. ” She looked like the cat that had just eaten the cream and not the other way round.” thought Becky as she waited for whatever Matt had planned next.
The waitress arrived with a large platter and sat it down in front of Matt. He began to eat and said nothing to his wife as she sat and watched him.
After several silent moments had passed, Matt picked up a small bite of steak and delicately placed it on a napkin before her. This was followed by a few pieces of salad and a bit of potato. She stared in amazement at what sat before her and looked at her husband.
“You may now eat your dinner slut. Enjoy what I give you this night, for soon you will be filled with other things” and he laughed.
She gulped and picked up her fork and ate the meager sampling of dinner he had allowed her. Her stomach growled in protest and she blushed. Her body ached and she was hungry and embarrassed and in dire need of the facilities and couldn’t ask him to do anything.
When she had finished what he had given her, she sat with hands folded in her lap and waited. Matt took his time over his meal, savoring each biteful and watched his wife. She was learning her lesson at last.
Before long another stranger approached their table and Matt smilingly allowed the man to sit beside Becky.
No introductions were given, and Becky waited. Soon she felt his hand upon her and felt him tug at her skirt. She glanced at Matt and got the nod. Again she slid under the table and again was grabbed by her hair. This time a huge cock, some 12 inches and fully 3 inches thick was waving in her face. She was pushed down against it until it breached her mouth. She began to gag, and got a hard kick from Matt. She forced herself to relax and began to deepthroat the stranger. Slowly she swallowed him down until finally he was buried deep in her throat and his bush was tickling her nose. He allowed her to rest a moment before pulling her hair slightly to signal he wanted some action. She began to bob up and down on his huge cock, taking him fully down and back up again. She was moving faster and faster until he grabbed her head and shoved her down against him. She began to swallow load upon load of salty sweet cum as the man shot off into her throat. Several minutes passed before the man was finished and she could begin to lick him clean, but as she slid her hot mouth up to the top he pushed her away and Matt kicked her again. She slid back up to the seat and the stranger rose and left the table.
Matt nodded and again she followed. At the bathroom door she paused and was about to turn away when she saw Matt following her. She waited until he was beside her and whispered “I really need to go to the bathroom”. He only laughed and shoved her through the door.
Following her inside, he leaned against the door to prevent any intrusions and watched as the large man she had just sucked off grabbed her and bent her over. He didn’t waste any time with preliminaries as he shoved his rock hard cock into her wet cunt. She cried out with the pain his huge cock inflicted but Matt stepped forward and slapped her hard across the face. He then leaned down and grabbed her bound breasts and squeezed them hard. She felt tears well up and spill down her cheeks as she was fucked from behind by a stranger and her husband was abusing her sore breasts while he watched.
Becky felt sore and bruised when he had finished. Her body ached in places she didn’t know could ache. Matt stood silently and watched as the man adjusted his pants and smiled when he left the room.
“You are learning your lesson now slut…aren’t you? You have to piss…well, there is the urinal, climb on and piss…I will wait for you. Make sure to wash your hands when you are finished, I have more “friends” for you to meet.”
Becky blushed and did as he had instructed. The urinal was very difficult to sit on, but she managed to sort of sit and lean while she peed and then she washed up. The pain was still there…
Matt was pointing to the door and as she approached, he grabbed her and bent her over. Her head was pushed hard against the door and he ran his hands up under her skirt. Her butt was still red from the beating he had administered earlier, and he could see the livid bruising from his belt. Smiling, he undid his own pants, and pulled out his rock hard cock. All of 13 inches and 31/2 inches thick he knew she hated to have him fuck her without prep.
Leaning into her, he rammed his cock straight up her ass, and clammped his large hand over her mouth to muffle her screams. He loved fucking her in ways she didn’t expect and she had never taken him without being stretched first. He could feel her tight rectum pull and grab him as he rammed deep. He was so hot from watching everything she did tonight that he couldn’t wait any longer to have her too. Faster and faster he rode her, shoving deep into her bowels when he felt his explosion nearing. When he did finally let loose, it was one of the best climaxes he had ever reached. He held her in this position for several moments, panting and allowing his cock to shrink down to a more manageable size before pulling out of her tight ass. When he did so, she almost collapsed from shock and pain. A small trickle of blood ran down her leg and she knew that he had torn her with his savagry.
Matt merely smiled at her before turning to wash himself at the sink. He handed her a damp paper towel and told her to wipe herself off and clean up. Then he opened the door and led her back to their table. She was really sore and achy now, and wondered if she would be able to sit at all. With a smile, she saw that they weren’t sitting down again, he had merely retreived her purse and his jacket, paid the bill and led her from the building.
Outside, the cool air hit her like a wall. Her nipples jumped to attention and her breasts screamed with pain.
Becky wanted to go home. She prayed that Matt wanted to as well, but when the valet returned with the car, she saw the look pass between the two men…and knew she wasn’t finished yet. The valet led her around the corner of the building and into the back alleyway. Once there, he stood a minute and just stared at her. He motioned to her blouse and she undid the buttons. He immediately saw the breast bindings and whooped out loud.
Quickly he grabbed her skirt and yanked. It landed on the dirty ground and she was left standing with only her garter, stockings and heels for cover. Her breasts were large and purple and the ropes surrounding them made them look like two big melons.
Roughly the young man began to fondle and squeeze and then he bent his head and grabbed a tortured nipple into his hot mouth. He sucked hard and bit down to keep the turgid nipple in his mouth as his other hand squeezed the other breast. She cried out in pain and immediately a hand slapped her. Blinking, she realized that it had been the valet who had slapped her face and she froze.
He stepped back and opened his pants. His cock was not as large and thick as her husbands’ but it was still a good 8 or 9 inches long and about 2 inches thick. He wasted no time with preliminaries as he grabbed her and pushed her down. Kneeling before him, she felt him shove against her lips and opened her mouth. As he began to face fuck her, he fisted his hands in her hair and moved her head back and forth in time to his movements. After a few minutes he pulled back and yanked her up.
The young man then shoved Becky around and up to the wall, where he proceeded to shove her down and mount her from the rear. He shoved into her ass and began to fuck her hard and fast, and then pulled out and rammed deep into her hot cunt. He fucked her faster and harder and then he rammed deep as he shot a load of cum deep inside her. He held her still until he felt his cock shrink and fall out. He stepped back and fixed his clothes and left her standing.
Matt saw the man approach and climbed into the car. He started the motor and drove around the building to pick up his slut wife.
Becky stood against the wall of the building, not moving. Her clothes lay scattered around her on the dirty ground, her body was bruised and sore and tears poured down her cheeks. She waited and Matt opened the car door.
“Slut, pick up your clothes and get in the car. We are going home and you can dress there.”
Becky slowly stepped away from the wall, bent down and retrieved her skirt and blouse. Still crying, she climbed into the front seat beside her husband and closed the door.
Matt drove them home and as he parked in the garage the door slowly closed behind them. Becky was helped from the car and told to go to the playroom.
Matt followed her and inside he stood looking at her.
“Slut, have you learned who is the boss of our household? Do you now understand that I am your Master and you are just my slut wife, here for my bidding?”
Becky nodded and Matt approached her slowly. Trailing a finger over her sore breasts he began to untie the ropes and remove them. Becky cried out as the blood rushed into her breasts and they began to burn as if on fire.
“You may now go to the bathroom and wash thoroughly before climbing into my bed. I will be there in 15 minutes and I expect you to be waiting there for me. Understand?”
Becky nodded as the tears flowed. Her night of humiliation was almost over and she had indeed learned her lesson.

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