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Ticklish Carrie

My cousin, Jessy called me one day in tears and asked if I could go over to her house. I went over and soon found out why she was so upset.
“Amie broke up with me. I can’t believe this!”
My cousin is lez, and I was always the member of the family to be supportive of her and not think weird of her. Her mom is a EMT, and she was gonna be on call that night. Her brother was out partying and wouldn’t be home til the next morning. So she asked if I could stay over for the night so she wouldn’t be alone. I said sure.
We were sitting in her room talking when she asked me a question.
“Carrie, have you ever thought of being lez, or even bi?”
I looked at her oddly, but then I answered.
“Once in a while I think about it. But I never decide to do it.”
“Why not?”
“I dunno. Just because I really don’t know much about it I guess.”
“Well that’s why you get others to teach you.”
Then she got an idea.
“Tell you what. Why don’t I show you some stuff. If you don’t like it, I’ll never bring it up again and I’ll never tell anyone. How about it?”
I hesitated, but then I just gave in.
I couldn’t believe what I was fixing to do. I had no clue what was in store for me. We both took our clothes off and sat on the bed.
“Well first” she began “I have to find out if you have a sensitive pussy. If you do, this will be extra fun… for me.”
I felt her hand move to my pussy and I soon felt her fingers flick my clit around. I quickly closed my legs.
“That tickles.”
She smiled.
“Oh yes, you have a sensitive one alright. And I know exactly what to do. I’m gonna torture you until you just can’t take it anymore. And then I’m still gonna keep on.”
I had to admit, the thought of being tortured was a huge turn on. She reached under her bed and pulled out a box. Inside were sex toys of every kind. She pulled out some handcuffs and other restraining things. She put my arms above my head and handcuffed them to the headboard. Then she put my legs in place, spread as far apart as she could and used nylon straps to hold them in place. She then looked at me with a devilish look.
“Now, I’m gonna eat your pussy. Would you like that?”
I just nodded as she went down and began to lick it. I started to moan and tried to close my legs, but couldn’t. She knew that it was driving me crazy. I started bucking which gave her tongue better access inside me. She stuck her tongue deep inside me and then she began to suck my clit.
“Jessy, please stop! Please!”
She stopped to reply to me.
“Why? Doesn’t it feel good?”
“It does, but it tickles way too much.”
“You think that tickles? You haven’t seen anything yet.”
She reached into the box and pulled out this odd looking device. She placed it on my pussy and cut it on. I screamed. It felt like someone was eating me out, fingering me and nibbling my pussy all at the same time. It was the best feeling I’ve ever had. But yet, it was still like torture.
“I can see that you like this little device. But yet you want me to cut it off, right?”
I nodded.
“Well, guess what? That’s just the lowest setting.”
She cut the speed all the way up. It didn’t take long for me to have an orgasm. When she saw my juices coming out, she cut the device off and took it off and began to lap up my cum. Then she looked at me and said, “Now, do you wanna be bi or lez?”
I smiled and replied, “Oh God yes!”
She smiled back and kept on eating me. Me and Jessy may be cousins, but we’ve been making love to each other ever since then.

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