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Lilly ran down the stairs of her 2 story house to make sure her mom pulled out of the driveway and left. She ran to the kitchen, grabbed the whipped cream, and went back to her room. “MISSY!” she said calling out to her golden retriever. “MIIIIIISSY” she called again and the puppy ran into the room panting. She pet the dog’s head for a moment before laying back and spraying the whipped cream all over her already damp pussy.

The dog sniffed the whipped cream before beggining to lick it. Missy’s licks got deeper and deeper and Lilly moaned with pleasure as she felt the dog’s teeth nip at her clit and the slight roughness of the puppy’s tounge lapping everything up. Lilly had layed her head back as the dog’s tounge danced in her pussy .. flicking her clit and occaisionally licking from her ass to her rosy pink cunt. Lilly began playing with her 36C tits and sucking on her nipples.

She was oh so close to cumming when the bedroom door burst open and she looked up, shocked, to see her sister standing there, almost as shocked as Lilly was. “Cammie what.. what are you doing home?” Lilly asked trying to act like nothing was happening.

“what are you doing?!” Cammie asked, getting slightly damp herself seeing her sisters hard nipples and wet pussy. “Well.. I…” Lilly stuttered. “i like it” Cammie cut in and smiled an almost wicked smile.

“you… like it?!” Lilly raised an eyebrow. “mmm yes i do” Cammie said lifting her shirt over her head to reveal her 36B titties, nipples already hard. She walked to her sister and stood infront of her. Lilly looked up at her sister wanting to touch and taste all of her. “what about your skirt?” Lilly said, flushed now. “you take it off for me..” Cammie smiled down at her. Lilly slowly took off the skirt.. taking Cammie’s thong down with it. Lilly reached up behind Cammie feeling her tight ass.

Cammie sat down.. straddled on her sister. Lilly took one of Cammie’s breast’s into her mouth and began sucking on the nipple greedily. Cammie moaned a deep throaty moan and giggled a little. “My turn” she said cupping Lilly’s tits in her hands and running her tounge around the rim of each nipple. She licked and kissed her way down Lilly’s stomach to where she was right above the soft skin between Lilly’s legs. She gently pushed Lilly’s legs farther open and slid her tounge into lilly’s soaking slit. She pushed her tounge in deep then took it out.. flicking it against Lilly’s clit and lips. She sucked on her lips a bit and then licked all the way from Lilly’s ass to her clit.

She slid a finger into Lilly’s ass hole only to hear lilly yelp with pleasure. Lilly put her hands gently on Cammie’s head… pushing her mouth deeper into her pussy. Lilly couldn’t take this anymore.. getting all the pleasure. She moved into 69 position with her sister and then began licking Cammies wet Cunt and fingering it at the same time. Cammies hips bucked wildly as did Lilly’s as they came closer to climax. They screamed and moaned inbetween licks and fell into eachother as they came.

They now knew how they both felt and knew that they could have this now any time they wanted and it would happen again.. and again.. but thats another story….

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