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Her Favorite Babysitter

Anne let herself into my front door and walked into the family room, where I was sitting on the couch reading a book. I saw her, and shut my novel, and smiled at her.
“Thanks for letting me stay here for the weekend, Leigh,” she said. “I’m so glad you suggested this–Mom and Dad were going to make me go to Grandmother’s house while they were gone.”
I patted the seat next to me, and told her to sit down. “I was surprised they had no problems with it, actually, but very pleased.” I had baby-sat for her previously, but never as an over-nighter. How many parents would let their 14-year old daughter spend the weekend with their 21-year old neighbor? Not many, but I suppose I got lucky this time.
“I’ve got plenty of activities planned for this evening,” I told her, crossing my legs. She eyed my skirt as it rode up, exposing my upper thighs. She was entranced by the motion and couldn’t tear her eyes away…almost as if she were looking for my sweet spot under the small snatch of material. She licked her lips then looked up at me, eyes wide, wondering what she should do. I uncrossed my legs and spread them, taking one of her hands and placing it on my pussy. She held it there for just a moment, before moving her fingers around and learning where I’m sensitive. My back arched involuntarily as I moved my pelvis up and down, fucking her fingers.
I turned to her, still bucking against her hand, and I brushed her gorgeous lips with my fingertips and leaned in close to her, close enough to press my lips to hers, but spoke instead. “Are you ready?” I asked in a low, throaty whisper. She nodded, quite sure of herself yet looking innocently shy… the way only a 14-year old non-virgin could look.
I took her hand out from under my skirt, and slowly led the way into my bedroom, never taking my eyes off of hers. When she and I entered the room, she looked back and forth from me to the bed.
I shut the bedroom door, turning the lock. I stripped off my top, and stepped out of my skirt, revealing the fact I was not wearing a bra or panties–something she’d already realized. Anne’s lips quivered as I gently pushed her up against the wall. “Shh…,” I said, then brought my lips to hers.
God! I’d dreamt of those lips again and again. The fullness of them, the way they’d feel against my wet pussy. How good it would feel to kiss those lips, and slip my tongue between them to taste her. It was as good as I’d immagined. She didn’t resist, not even a little. We didn’t break the kiss as I brought my right hand to her breast, and rubbed it in a circular motion that made her moan against my mouth.
I pulled away from Anne’s delicious lips, and pulled her shirt up over her head, tossing it across the room in one fluid motion. I ducked my head to lick one of her hard nipples, feeling it get even more erect than it already was.
I knew that I was getting more turned on than I’d realized by how wet my pussy was getting I couldn’t wait to fuck the hell out of her. I would make her scream with ecstasy, again and again.
I continued licking and sucking her nipples and breasts as I reached for her belt buckle with my hands. I undid her jeans, and slowly unzipped them. I looked up into her eyes before ripping her jeans down over that sweet ass of hers,and her long, long legs, kissing my entire way down her lean, tanned body till I was on my knees.
God! She really was a blonde. I could feel myself getting wetter than before as I gazed at the trimmed and shaved pussy right in front of my face. I slapped her ass, then brought my lips to her cunt.
I licked her clit for the longest time in the way only another woman would know how in order to give the most pleasure, and I felt her knees give out a little. I put my hands on her hips and slid her down the wall until she was kneeling on the floor as well.
“You little slut,” I growled, as I maneuvered myself till I was laying down underneath her dripping pussy, and I pulled her down onto my face. She leaned forward over my torso until we were in the 69 position.
She licked my cunt, and spoke to me with her lips still on my pussy. “You taste so sweet, God, you’re so juicy! I wanna eat you out, Leigh…” and I felt her thighs press against the sides of my face. God, how that only made me want her more! I spread her pussy lips apart with my hands so I could eat her even deeper, and she began to fuck my face, riding it like my tongue was a cock she wanted inside of her right then, and right there.
I stopped what I was doing and told her to get off me for a moment. I knew she didn’t want to stop what SHE was doing, but she did anyways. She sat up, and I slid out from under her. I stood on my shaky legs (“God! She sure knew what she was doing, the little whore…” i thought to myself) and walked over to my nightstand. I pulled out the bottom drawer, and shuffled things around until I found what I was looking for. My double-headed dildo.
I turned back to Anne, noticing how flushed her face had become with the wanting and needing of her sexual urges fulfilled. I pulled her to her feet, and slid one end of my toy into her slippery cunt, inserting the other end in my own pussy. Without any direction from me, she began to grind against me, holding my waist. I reached for her exposed clit and began to rub it with my thumb.
Suddenly she stiffened, lucious mouth open and panting, and began to grind even harder against me and my hand. I knew that she was ready to explode with the greatest orgasm she’d ever have if she was feeling even a fraction of how good I was feeling.
Her nails dug into my sides as she let loose with a moan that escalated into a scream, letting me know that she was, indeed, cumming as hard as she ever had before. Hearing her scream made me orgasm with a shudder. I loved getting her off. I loved everything about that young little slut.
We collapsed back against my bed, and laid wrapped in each other’s arms.
“So, we have all weekend for this?” she asked me in a dreamy sigh.
“Yes, we do,” I replied with a smile. “Ready for round two?”

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