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Love in Train


I am Mona 17 years old sexy collage going girl. Every day I go to collage by local train. I always travel by ladies compartment to avoid male touch. It is not the case that I am male heater but I always preserve my self from male touch because I may respond & that I don’t want till I get marry.

It’s true story happened few months after I met with Nisha my present lesbpartner. Nisha taught me all basic lessons ( all readers pl. remember our true story Lesbian in Telescope) One day she told me now all lessons are over & we have become real lesbian. Nisha also added that we should response if new lady wants to have pleasure with us. This gives help for new creation & different type of pleasure.

One day when I was traveling in the train, the ladies compartment was over crowded. I was standing in the passage at the entrance I realized one smart lady of 25 age standing behind me & holding handle of train which was in front, with her palm is touching to my boob. I looked at her once I found that she is smiling. I also smiled. She become mere active & pressed me more from back. Her heavy boobs touched my back & her fingers become more active. I did not resist, I remembered the words of lesson by Nisha . She become more active & her left hand also started touching my left boob. Now her both thumbs searched my both nipples. I could not control & I turned, now I was facing her. She looked at me and smiled again. She was watching now my all parts, my eyes gave her confirmation that I liked her act. Now it was my tern to response her, I fold my hands so thumbs become free. I touched her boobs & tried t o circle her nipples after searching it. She liked it and she indicated me to get down from train. As soon as next station arrived we left the train. She smiled & asked shall we go to restaurant . I accepted her proposal & we went .

She ordered two coffee & introduced her self. ” I am Lola, I am unmarried age 27 working as P.A. to G.M. in multynational company. I did not marry because I like this free life. I have few friends all girls. We enjoy our life in our own way. I like to meet girls like you.” What about you ?she asked. I am Mona……… I introduce my self . I have only one friend who taught me this. Oh! I have few more tricks to enjoy Lola added. Shall we go to my flat at Kulaba? She asked looking in to my eyes & holding my hand. I shook my head saying yes & I could not face her staring. She touched my chin & said you are a sexy baby don’t shy. Finish your coffee fast. Lola changed her seat and sat near me, she put her hand on my thieves & asked what is your idea my love, how we should plan. I said it seems you are expert . Mona’s hands were searching deep gully between my fine legs. As soon as I finished my coffee we caught taxi & reached to her flat.

It was well furnished flat with tubbath, velvety bed, big television & what not. ” welcome to my nest my little hunny” Lola hold me & kissed me as worm welcome. I think we must have a bath in tub she suggested. Before I say some thing we entered in the bath room. It was double tub surrounded by mirrors. She opened a tap & said come on baby take off your cloths. I did not responded, she came close to me & hold me once again” hunny what’s a matter? Do you feel shy? Ok I will do it. She kissed me on leaps & and taken off my top.” Oh! What a lovely & tight boobs you have” she handled my boobs, I must see them. Lola opened my bra ,”vow! What a nice pinky touching nipples you have” she loved nipples with her finger & kissed my nipples. Lola squeezed my boobs & turned to my skirt. She unfastened it and throw away. I was on nice panty. Lola make turn around ,I was facing a mirror now. She hold me from back, her one hand started squeezing my nipples and she removed my panty with other. I was fully naked now.She asked me to close my eyes, in a minute she also undressed her self. The tub was full now Lola pulled me in the tub. I looked at her, Lola asked me to kiss her boobs. I hold her & began, same time she put her palm in my legs & found hairy place. Her fingers slowly parted my pussy.

Lola took me to heaven the movement she entered her thumb in my cunt, I closed my eyes with a pleasure. She rubbed me hard & hard on my nipples. The lovely vibrations started when she put her thumb in simultaneously. I reached to climax & she stooped. We had bath, she gave me nice one piece & went to her dressing room.

I started waiting for Lola in her bed room she return to bed with fancy one piece. She kissed me & said now it’s your tern my baby. I hold her & exchanged my body heat by kissing on her neck, leaps, ears, chicks. I took off her one piece & kissed on her fully naked body. Now she closed her eyes with a pleasure. I make her slip on her bed & ride over her. I catch her leap in my leap, pressed her boobs with hands & separated her legs with my legs. I rubbed my pussy on her lovely pussy. The cyclone of heat exchanged by each other. I changed the pose & slept beside her now. I took one nipple of her in my leaps & began to rub her pussy which was full of juice. She reached to climax in short while and hold me strongly. Her action indicted that Lola was satisfied. After a while we weak up for hot coffee.

I picked up a cup of coffee & asked how you become a lesbian? Lola smiled & said most of the times in life of girls it’s deciding factor how they have their first sex. If a girl gets satisfaction from girl she don’t go for male. It happened with me when I was in school. I was in hostel for my education. The school was supporting us extra activities & sports. One of our lady teacher was our swimming teacher. I was just 14 but looking like 17 years. My swimming teacher got affection of me. She always insisted me to swim with her when no body was there on pool.

Readers wait for new attraction ” Swimming Costume” a hot real lesbian story by Lola & her lady swimming teacher Ms. Rita.

Don’t forget your love mate while reading & doing what ever you want.

Mona & Lola

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