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Friendly Fun

One night my friend and I had planned to go to her house, and drink, and relax, nothing special just have a little fun.
We were in her room watching tv, her roomates were home, and so we decided that hanging out in her room, would be better.
We were watching Wild Things, I had never seen it before and her son had rented it for a couple nights.
As we were watching, we heard some noises down stairs, and it sounded like moaning, and panting. We thought that we should check it out, because we were very curious, so we opened her door and peeked downstairs.
Her two roomates were on the couch, both of them were very hot, and i knew they were lesbians but i didnt know they were together,. The blonde roomate was sitting up on the couch, and the red headed one, was standing up, and touching her own chest. blondie slowly, stood up and they started kissing,,hard,, the next thing i knew, they both fel to the floor, and were ripping eachothers clothes off, with passion that i had never seen or known.
My friend , Maggie*, said maybe, we shouldnt watch it, they might get upset,but i couldnt seem to stop staring. they were both very beautiful, and very horny. But my friend dragged me up to her room, and the silence was unreal,,,we both know that we were thinking about what we just saw, but we didnt say anything to eachother,.
After the movie ended, and so was the whiskey, we laid down on the bed, ready for sleep. I turned away from her, and i heard her breathing get heavy, and i knew she was either touching herself or just the thought of it was to much for her,.
I started to fall asleep, with wonderful thoughts running thru my mind, but not wanting to masterbait, i just fell asleep.
After a few minutes of sleep, I felt this touching on my pussy, and this breathing down my back, getting heavier and heavier.
I reached down, to my hot cunt, and felt her hand rubbing me and touching me.
She knew now that I knew what she was doing. I turned around, and she just looked at me, Not knowing what I would do. She, unlike her friend was a heavier woman, with fire engine red hair. and tits, that were bigger and bouncier than any i have ever seen.
She looked at me, waiting for my next move, and I grabbed her head, and kissed her in a way that niether of us have ever kissed before.
My tongue, probed, and caressed, each part of her mouth, and our hand explored eachothers body.
She slowly unbuttons my shirt, and starts playing with my nipples. Gently flicking them with her tongue, and slightly squeezing them, with her fingers.
She kneeled up on the bed, and lifted off her night gown,. and let me play with eager anticipation with her huge beautiful chest.
We lay there playing and kissing, still not progressing to each other’s pussy, but getting hotter and hotter by the moment.
She gently straddles me, and we start humping eachother, like a 7 or 8 year old girl humps her toys, and I grab her ass, with both hands, and push her pussy into my cunt.
After we cum together, we kiss and lick eachother for what seems like an hour, before she starts going down on me.
Her fingers explore my lips, and her tongue, flicks my clit, i run my hand s thru her hair, and start circulating my hips in tune with her tongue.
“Fuck me, Lick me, Finger me, Oh God!!!”
I cum into her face, and she licks it up like a starving puupy, awaiting his next meal.
I start to return the favor and and she squirms with delight.
We lay there for a few minutes, before, I see her get up out of bed, and go into her closet, and take out a strap on dildo, and some hand cuffs.
We kiss some more, and she straps me into her bed, and puts on her strap on, and tells me to suck it, I suck it for a while, and she asks me do i like her cock, and she is going to fuck me, so hard.
She gets up on top of me and starts screwing me, with as much frenzy as we could muster, and I climax, with a scream……
She takes off the strapon and the cuffs, and puts the strap on, onto me.
she rides me like, a horse and i take her with my huge stiff dildo/cock, and she starts moaning and screaming, with every ounce of her womanly body.
From that night on we make our girls night a weekly ritual!!

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