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One More Lesbian Fantasy

Some months back I was in Delhi and I went to a beauty clinic. I wanted a facial. The girl took me to a separate cubicle and asked me to take off my blouse and the saree. After I took off my blouse, she unhooked my bra and made me lie down with a towel covering my top. This was rather strange; they never unhook the bra in other clinics. After doing my face, the girl was doing my throat and the area below. She also did my neck and back (making me sit up). In the process, my bra was a little displaced. Then her hands went to the sides and were touching my armpit hair. She offered to wax my armpit and whole body, but I refused. Then I realized her hands were going down and moving over the top part of my breasts & cleavage and at times casually touching my nipples. I was feeling good and wanted to find out what more was possible. I asked her if body massage was done. She said yes but by some other lady. After she finished facial, she went out and another lady wearing a kaftan came in. She was in her fifties, was very tall and had a nice figure. She looked very nice in her salt & pepper hair. The lady made me stand up and my towel & bra both fell off. She said never mind and kept my bra away. She very casually untied my petticoat strings and took it off and I had no panty inside. I was thunder struck; I could never imagine that a customer could be made to undress like this in an Indian beauty clinic. She was now looking at my body, at my breasts, at my belly, at my pubic hair. She made me turn and watched my backside. She lightly touched my belly, my butts, and my thighs, placed her hands horizontally below my breasts and said? Nice body, no fat? She now took a fresh towel, spread it on the cot and helped me lie down on my stomach and covered me with another towel. She said that it was against the rules to massage in the nude but she wanted to see what my body looked like. She proceeded with a routine massage with my body mostly covered, but she had expert hands and her massage was really comfortable. She said her name was Salma and she belonged to a Muslim family from a village near Lucknow and was trained by her Mother, who was a masseuse with the royal families. She said that when she was sixteen her mother took her to the royal palaces and taught her how to give massage. The ladies of the palace had an elaborate bathing arrangement and most ladies took massage two/ three times a week. The royal ladies were fully naked in the bathing area where they spent many hours. Their maids were also naked at times. The massage was a long process and was done by Sandal wood oil or Almond oil. She said every thing was very natural; there was no use of wax for hair removal. She said in this clinic massage is never so good but she could give me such a massage at my home. I told her that I was not from Delhi and was staying in a hotel. I asked her to come to my hotel in the evening.

She came to my hotel room at 8.00 P.M. I was relaxing with a drink and was wearing a pair of denim shorts and a sleeveless tee shirt. Salma was still in her kaftan. She sat down by my side and asked me if I would like her to prepare a bath for me; it is very relaxing. I agreed and she went into the bathroom. In the mean time I finished my drink and poured a second one. She came out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel and took me to the bathtub. There was a nice aroma of sandal wood oil and the bath was ready with warm water. She told me that I have to be fully undressed and I nodded. She took off my shorts, t-shirt and looked at me. My pubic hair was being seen through my lace panties; some hair came out from the sides. She took off my bra and panties and again looked at my whole body with admiring eyes. She held me around the waist and made me get into the tub. She made me sit down in the hot water and slide my whole body in water. She folded a towel in the form of a pillow and placed it on the rim of the tub for my head to rest comfortably. I was feeling very relaxed and with the effect of whisky I was feeling sleepy. With my closed eyes I could feel that she was adding hot water from time to time to keep the temperature comfortable. I don’t know how long I lied in the water like this. I suddenly felt that she was draining the water out. I opened my eyes and saw that she was getting ready to soap me. She very affectionately soaped my neck, arms, under arm (it was quite hairy as I did not shave for about two weeks), my belly, my legs, thighs and finally, my breasts and my hairy pussy. She touched my private parts but showed no eagerness for sex. I was also feeling shy to tell her that I was interested in sex. Her towel was fixed with safety pin and was always in position. I could only see that her armpit was hairy with a few streaks of gray. At fifties she had very smooth skin; she was very fair in her body, not so much in the face. She was telling me stories of royal families – the maids or the masseuse undressed the ladies, only when ordered. The maids or the masseuse were some times asked to take off clothes if they could get wet or soaked with oil. The ladies took a lot of care of their bodies. They made sure the body was uniformly smooth all over. They took pains to remove the stain or mark on the waist due to the string of the dresses. Before and after the childbirth lot of care was taken to keep the skin smooth and to avoid stretch marks. Some times the royal men took their bath in the harem. At that time, nobody except one or two special maids was allowed in the bathing area. Some times, only the life was present. On one occasion, Salma was called in to give massage to a man. His wife was present. The man was wearing a robe and the lady was naked. Both of them were in their forties but very good looking. Salma never massaged the lady before; her mother was her regular masseuse. She was called, as her mother was absent. The lady had a glowing pink skin and lot of body hair. The man was resting inclined on a low divan; the lady was sitting by his side and was playing with his beard. As Salma walked in both of them stood up. The lady made him turn his back towards Salma and took of his robe; he had a well-built figure. He lied down on a mattress and the lady covered him with a towel. By that time, Salma had a glance of his naked hairy body and his private parts. It was the first time Salma saw a naked man. Her body was shaking in tension. The lady asked Salma to start massage and Salma did. As she was cooling down, the man wanted to remove the towel. Salma did not know what to do and looked at the lady. She came there and herself removed the towel. Salma now had the full view of the male organ, which was getting bigger. She was very uneasy and was perspiring. The lady, to her great relief, sat close to the man and started massaging his pubic area. Salma carried on with massage in other parts. As the man was getting hotter he wanted Salma to come closer. But the lady came to her rescue and asked Salma to massage her back. The lady carried on with the man’s penis and started fondling & caressing it. The man was getting more & more excited and started fondling the lady’s breasts. The lady appeared to be embarrassed and asked Salma to go away. Salma immediately escaped.

As Salma was telling me the story, she was continuing to soap my body. She shampooed my armpit hair and the pubic hair. She made me stand and soaped me from the backside. She soaped my back, my neck & shoulders, my thighs, butts, even the arsehole. She finally rinsed my body with hand shower and toweled me dry. We went back to the bedroom and I lied on the bed totally relaxed. The massage was very relaxing and totally uninhibited. She went to every corner of my body; she did my arsehole very well, rubbed my pubic hair well. But still there was no sex; she never put her fingers inside my cunt.

As I was getting eager for sex, I realized that Salma would not proceed unless I give her green signal. I noticed that Salma was sweating even in the air-conditioned room. I told her that she should take a little rest and jokingly told her that she had my permission to take off the towel. She smiled and sat down on a sofa. After a pause, she got up and took off the towel. She was a real beauty with glowing skin, nicely shaped breasts with strong nipples, a large spread of hairy triangle, which was salt & pepper! Her buttocks were well rounded, her thighs long and conical, her tummy not exactly flat but very well proportioned. I felt that if I was to have sex with her it was necessary to get her into the mood. So, I offered her a drink, which she gladly accepted. I got up and made two stiff drinks. She took the drink eagerly and gulped half of it quickly. I went close to her and wiped her sweating body with a towel. I took the opportunity to touch her body as much as possible. After wiping her face, neck and shoulders I went down to her breasts, belly, waist, thighs, armpits and in the process brought my hands in contact with her body as much as possible. I made her stand up and wiped her back and the butts. In the mean time, her drink was finished and I made her a stiffer drink, which she relished. When I felt that she was sufficiently tipsy I started asking about her sexual experience. She told me stories of the men in her life? Her first kiss, her loss of virginity, her husband, and the man who kept her as a mistress and many other stories. I again realized that either she never had any womanly sex, or she was still a little shy to open up. I told her that as a masseuse, she must have come close to many women’s naked body. Didn’t she ever felt attracted to another woman? She got up and came very close to me; she looked at my eyes and said, as a masseuse, I do what my customer tells me to do. To many women I have given genital massage, which some time developed into sex between the two. But honestly speaking, I never really enjoyed sex with a woman. No really attractive lady asked for sex from me. I know that I am attractive to men, even now. But possibly not attractive to women. Having heard this, I asked her; to me you are very sexy. But am I attractive enough for you?? That finally made it and both of us immediately started a very passionate kiss. We had sex for nothing less than two hours. She had a very skilful tongue, which worked wonders with my nipples, arsehole and pussy. I was ecstatic and screamed in joy as she was in my arsehole and pussy. Both of us came twice and it was one of the most enjoyable sexual experiences I ever had. We both felt hungry. So we showered together and started getting dressed. Selma’s kaftan was a little wet and I gave her my jeans and blouse. My bra was a little big for her and she had no panty. Both of us dressed with nothing underneath. We had dinner at the coffee shop. After dinner we went to the disco and drank again. Then we danced holding each other very close. As our bodies touched we got heated again. We came out of the disco and went into the ladies? Toilet. Once inside, we hungrily kissed each other? The toilet was empty. As we heard the door opening we separated. We finally went back to my room and had a night of real wild sex. After we came a few times we fell asleep in each other’s arms, stark naked. We got up in the morning and sex again.

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