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Poor Cindy

Cindy walked into the room calmly. As previously agreed she would undergo a physical exam.
We can’t have any sick runaways, hospitals attract attention.” Harriet explained. “Please remove all your clothes and lie on the examination table.”
Cindy obeyed as she was completely naked and layed on the table. Harriet then began to rub on her breast softly and then squeezing them. ” I’m checking for lumps sweetie don’t get alarmed.” The groping lasted for 5 minutes or so. Cindy couldn’t help but to feel aroused. “Tell me where it hurts,” Harriet said as she began pushing down on chest slowly moving lower. She finally got down to Cindy’s vagina. The teenage pussy was soft and pink Harriet could hardly contain herself..She put on a pair of latex gloves and returned to the vagina. She the rubbed the clit and slowly moved one finger in.
“Ooouu,” Cindy screamed.
“Did that hurt you? Well tell me Cindy how many men have you had sexual intercourse with?”
“Well none. My stepdaddy tried to do me one time, but I got away and now I’m here. The thought of him inserting that thing he showed me inside of me was just horrific. It was so huge, I think I’d of gone to the hospital for him tearing me open.” Cindy responded.
The exam was shortly over and Cindy was sent to her room. She opened the door and realized how much her room resembled a motel room. It contained only a bed, television and v.c.r. Cindy was curious as she searched the dresser. To her amazement she found 4 video tapes. She popped one in the v.c.r. Immediately she heard moaning as a result of pleasure. On the screen she saw two young girls going at it. The blonde was strapped on an operating table, legs wide open completely naked . The red head was dressed like a nurse inserting a vibrator rapidly into the blonde’s pussy. “This should make you feel better,” the red head coeed to the blonde.
Cindy knew she shouldn’t be disrespecting the home by watching this. But she just couldn’t help but to feel aroused as she watched the screen and her pussy began to throb.
“Who would tell? Who would even know she thought as she locked the door. After all she wasn’t home anymore, no one would tell her what to do.
Cindy began to rip off all her clothing . She layed on her bed with her legs wide open as and began rubbing on her throbbing pussy. She couldn’t stand being horny for a long time. She rub slowly and felt up her breasts..
“OOH, I’m so sorry.” A young girl walked out of the restroom naked.
“I’m Melissa..I thought this was my new room. You must be Cindy.” Melissa said as she extended her hand.
Cindy was so embarrassed she couldn’t even find anything to cover up.
“Look you don’t have to embarrassed, everyone does that. As a matter of fact I was fixing to do the same myself. Can I watch with you?”
Cindy felt very awkward about the situation but couldn’t help to recognize Melissa as an extremely friendly person. Melissa sat next to Cindy. She began to rub herself and for about two minutes the girls were silent. Then Melissa stopped.
“This isn’t working for me.” She said ” You are so fucking sexy… maybe uuhh,, maybe I should play with you instead.” Cindy stared at the screen in awe.. the red head was eating the blonde’s pussy. It looked so good. Cindy was really hot.
“You want to touch me?” Cindy asked.
“Yes” Melissa whispered moving closer to Cindy. Without warning she plunged her lips on Cindy and kissed her forcefully.
“I eat really good pussy” Melissa told Cindy as she got on top of her.
” I think you would love to have your pussy licked” Melissa pursued.
Cindy layed flat on the bed as Melissa kissed her with so much passion. She smelled so good , just like a girl unlike her drunk step dad. Melissa slowly moved lower and began to suck on Cindy’s pink nipples . She licked and sucked very passionately as was so aroused by the new girl in the house. She then moved lower and lower until reaching her pussy. She wanted Cindy to spread her legs wide open. Then Melissa explored her pussy as she began to eat her out. She inserted her tongue and moved forcefully around in motion. Cindy’s hips moved in response. Oh the feeling was so good. Melissa was right, she was excellent at eating pussy. Cindy was lost in the ecstasy of the whole situation and was almost willing to do anything.
Melissa had her turn around and she then began to caress her ass cheeks. She licked her fingers and planned to stick one inside of Cindy, but first concentrated on making passion marks on the girl’s ass. Cindy was so fucking sexy, with a nice shape, big tits and a gorgeous ass. Melissa was going to love having her around.
Melissa slowly fingerered Cindy doggystyle , prepaing for the right moment to introduce her fingers to the asshole. But just as the moment presented itself there was a knock on the door.
” Put your clothes on , I’ll hide.” Melissa said.
“Unlock this door,” Harriet said on the other side of the door.
Cindy ran to the door and unlocked it. She was caught by surprise as she received a slap on the face. She held her cheek as she was lectured.
“Don’t ever lock your door. Am I clear?
Cindy nodded her head.
“You know it smells like pussy in this room.” Harriet said as she got closer to Cindy sniffing her tits and lower to her pussy. She then smiled and grabbed Cindy.
Cindy was alarmed as the heavy set red head women in her 40s forced her lips on Cindy. The kiss lasted for about a minute and Harriet then said ” I know you’ll like it here Cindy. And I’m sure the other girls will like you too. Right Melissa?”
Melissa came out of the closet pleading “I’m so sor-” She too received a slap on the face.
“Let’s go you little slut,” Harriet commanded as she grabbed Melissa’s wrist.
Cindy was a bit stunned but not scared .After all she got was a slap and Melissa would get the same.
” That was a great perfomance,” Harriet complimented in the basement . She handcuffed Melissa then hooked her to the door. She stood there completely naked .
“Kiss me big Ma” Melissa begged, “Make me feel good since I was a good girl for you . You know what I want. ”
Harriet slapped Melissa across the face than kissed her. She then positioned herself behind Melissa and grabbed and squeezed her as cheeks. She grabbed the tv remote control and played the tape that was recently recorded of Melissa and Cindy.Melissa stood there very excited as she felt Harriet moving around her , preparing herself. Harriet was now wearing a strap on and began to play with Melissa’s asshole. Without warning she placed the strap on in her ass and began pumping…

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