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Emma Lou Portnoy mumbled to herself as she spread the oil cloth on the picnic table next to the cornfield. It’s too hot a day to be having a picnic with these brat kids of mine, she thought. Emmaline was 18, Jug was 16, and the twins Minnie and Manny were 11. She dumped the hot dogs, the buns and the condiments (ketchup, mustard, onions and peas) on the table.
“Damn dogs look like dicks,” said Manny.
“Fuck, Manny, they’re a lot bigger than your sorry excuse for a prick,” his mother responded.
Manny pulled out his own weenie and compared it to one of those in the package. His mother was right. His prong was shorter than Oscar Meyer’s. Emma Lou lit the charcoal on the grill, and returned to the table. “God dammit, Manny, quit playing with your food,” she yelled as she noted that Manny was ramming one of the hot dogs into Minnie’s young twat. Manny pulled the beef stick out of her and started licking it.
“Next time you stick a dog in my cunt at least put mustard on it,” Minnie whined.
“Fuck you,” said Manny.
“Don’t you wish,” responded Minnie petulantly.
Some whining and whelping behind her made Emma look around to see where the strange vocalizations were coming from. She soon saw the cause of the disturbance.
“Jug, if you want to pork Emmaline, then do it later. I want you to go up to the car and get the bean cakes.” Damn kids.
Jug pulled his pumped up penis from Emmaline’s crotch, and went up to the car, not bothering to put his pants back on. He stroked his rod vigorously as he walked by the small group at the table.

At last the hot dogs were ready, and everyone sat down to eat.
“Emmaline, Jug, don’t you think you should put your clothes back on to eat?” barked Emma Lou.
“Fuck, mom, everyone here has seen tits, cunts, dicks and assholes, so what’s the difference. Whyn’t you take off your clothes so we can all admire your super saggers?”
“Seems to me you said you liked my tits last time we fucked, Jug,” she shot back. “Any way let’s eat our dogs and bean cakes, and then lie in the shade.”
“Mom, can we play hide the hot dog?” Minnie asked.
“Shit no, Minnie, the last time we did that you got one so far up your puss that I thought we’d never get it out. ‘Sides we haven’t got enough for that tomfoolery. Stick some peas in your little basket if you must get into stuffing yourself.”
Emma Lou wished she could come up with some new games to play that weren’t related to her family’s pricks and pussies.
Manny’s hot dog was still uneaten. He was to busy masturbating himself. Emma Lou reached over and grabbed his little cock, and in a few brusque strokes brought him off.
“There, now you are through playing, Manny. Eat your lunch.”

After lunch they all lay down under a big oak tree and tried to nap. Emma Lou was making the effort, but was suddenly disturbed by something crawling around her lower body. She lay there wondering what it was. Ah, those must be fingers, she mused. Looking up she saw that Manny had crawled up into her dress, and was busily foraging in her pubic jungle.
“Manny, I want to sleep,” she whimpered. The fingers grew closer to her cave.
“Ah well, what the hell, she murmured and let Manny amuse himself. Damn kid is pretty good at making your temperature rise, she thought. She looked over at Emmaline, and noticed that she was licking Minnie’s bare little box. Jug was sitting up against the tree taking all this in while pulling on a nicely engorged cock.

Minnie was giving out little girlish shrieks as her body vibrated to Emmaline’s rapid tongue strokes.
Emma Lou called out “Careful Emmaline, she’s probably too young to cum. don’t get her little clit rubbed all raw.”
Emma Lou felt a sudden shuffling below as Manny pulled up her skirt and was trying to stuff his penis into her. She sighed and lay back as Manny’s little body humped her. He makes the cutest little sounds when he tries to fuck me, she thought. Some day he’s going to be all that I can handle. She started a pleasant daydream of Manny being full grown and fucking the daylights out of her. It’s too bad her husband ran off. Jug so liked having him for a jacking buddy. Oh, well, Jug and Manny can wank together, I guess.

Her daydream was interrupted by something moist plopping on her face. She opened one eye and peered up at a giant dick stretched over her head. Cum strands were dangling from it, and one blob of it was on her nose and upper lip.
“Shit, Jug, I knew that was you. When you cream, you sure cream big,” she said admiringly as she used a finger to push the cum into her mouth.
More screeching. Everyone looked over at Emmaline and Minnie. Minnie’s butt was humping up into the air as Emmaline’s face buried itself deeper and deeper into Minnie’s twatlet. The screeching became orgasmic cries, and Minnie thrust a few more times and collapsed in a small heap. Emmaline now laid back and quickly brought herself off. Emmy Lou watched all of this and found that her own arousal was getting out of control. That miniature dick of Manny can really perform, she thought. And then she and Manny let out shrill cries and were transported into their own orgasmic space.

“Enough playing, children, we’ve got to get home now. Looks like rain coming up,” said Emmy Lou. Everyone slowly put their clothes on, picked up the picnic paraphernalia and hiked to the car.
“Ma, can I play with Jug’s dick on the way home?” Minnie asked.
“Shush, Minnie, life’s not just playing all the time. Read one of your fuck books on the way home, and improve your mind,” replied Emma Lou.

Emma Lou’s car wound onto the highway and drove off with Emmaline’s bare breasts hanging out the back window.

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